Cadillac ATS Sales Down, Down, Down, Down Some More?

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain
cadillac ats sales down down down down some more

The Cadillac ATS’s launch in the fourth-quarter of 2012 was the most important for the Cadillac brand since whatever Cadillac’s previous most important launch was.

But very early on, Cadillac simply wasn’t selling as many as they wanted to. Sales weren’t terribly low – Cadillac averaged 3,200 U.S. ATS sales in calendar year 2013, but incentivization kicked in early. After peaking at 3,887 units in December 2013, sales have decreased on a year-over-year basis in 14 of 15 months, including in each of the last eleven months.

Only a two-unit, 0.07% uptick in April 2014 interrupted what would otherwise be a streak of decreases stretching back to the beginning of last year.

So here’s the question: with April sales results set to be released tomorrow, will the Cadillac ATS’s sales stats display a full year of year-over-year monthly declines?

Here’s what needs to happen for Cadillac to avoid that outcome: Cadillac sold 2737 ATS sedans in April 2014 and therefore needs to top that figure in April 2015.

Cadillac has only topped that figure once since last April, and only barely, with 2,804 August sales.

Moreover, sales in March totalled just 2,039 units, and the market for new vehicles is likely to be somewhat smaller in April than it was in March.

The ATS’s year-over-year declines have been particularly harsh of late: 34% in November, 37% in December, 8% in January, 16% in February, and 32% in March. Year-to-date, ATS sales are down 20%, a loss of 1,494 units. Joining the ATS in the Cadillac slowdown is the CTS, sales of which tumbled 39.5% in the first-quarter.

Granted, the U.S. passenger car market isn’t in rude health. Sales of cars are slightly south of flat over the last three months and expanded less than 2% in 2014, a year in which the overall industry made 6% gains. ATS sales fell 22% in 2014, the nameplate’s second full year.

Yet despite negative growth in the car market, BMW car volume is up 28% ( 3-Series/4-Series sales are up 27%); car sales at Mercedes-Benz are up 2% (C-Class sales are up 23%). Acura, Audi, Infiniti, and Lexus have posted 6%, 8%, 10%, and 4% improvements, respectively.

Coupes and V models will expand the appeal of the ATS range, but they don’t cure the ATS’s key faults. The small rear seat and CUE system continue.

Timothy Cain is the founder of, which obsesses over the free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures. Follow on Twitter @goodcarbadcar.

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  • Dagr382 Dagr382 on May 09, 2015

    ATS sales down down down down, US trade deficit up up up up..... :+D

  • Atlguy00 Atlguy00 on Aug 04, 2015

    I was one of the first suckers to own an ATS. I've never regretted buying a car so much in my life. I've owned 5 Cadillacs, and still own and love my DTS. But I also like small and sporty cars, so when Cadillac introduced the ATS I traded in my Mazda MX-5 Miata. I didn't care about the cramped back seat as I'll never use it. I liked the style and performance. Then, I slowly discovered its abysmal engineering and build quality. Mine was towed in with 49 miles on it. The shifter cable came off and the car was stuck in neutral. Ok. I forgave them. Then, the heater started acting up. The actuator doors never would fully closed and tapped incessantly. Cadillac didn't have a fix. Next, the seats were uncomfortable. It takes living with the car to realize you have butt cramps in 45 mins of traffic. They had hardly any padding. But wait! Not only that but the seats cushions actually would shift and move during cornering! They would move about an inch at a time! Both front seats Again, no fix. That was very scary to not be planted firmly when driving a 45k sports car. Then, when summer came the air conditioner molded. I'm not kidding. And don't get me started about CUE. It's maddening. I hated that car. I sold it with only 5,000 miles on it. I'll never buy another Cadillac.

  • Teddyc73 A resounding NO. This has "Democrat" "Socialism" "liberalism" "Progressivism" and "Communism" written all over it.
  • Jeffrey An all electric entry level vehicle is needed and as a second car I'm interested. Though I will wait for it to be manufactured in the states with US components eligible for the EV credit.
  • Bob65688581 Small by American standards, this car is just right for Europe, and probably China, although I don't really know, there. Upscale small cars don't exist in the US because Americans associate size and luxury, so it will have a tough time in the States... but again Europe is used to such cars. Audi has been making "small, upscale" since forever. As usual, Americans will miss an opportunity. I'll buy one, though!Contrary to your text, the EX30 has nothing whatsoever to do with the XC40 or C40, being built on a dedicated chassis.
  • Tassos Chinese owned Vollvo-Geely must have the best PR department of all automakers. A TINY maker with only 0.5-0.8% market share in the US, it is in the news every day.I have lost count how many different models Volvo has, and it is shocking how FEW of each miserable one it sells in the US market.Approximately, it sells as many units (TOTAL) as is the total number of loser models it offers.
  • ToolGuy Seems pretty reasonable to me. (Sorry)