2015 Q1's 20 Best-Selling Vehicles In The United States

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain
2015 q1s 20 best selling vehicles in the united states

March 2015 auto sales in the United States didn’t decline as expected, further strengthening a first-quarter in which the industry reported a 5.6% year-over-year improvement.

In other words, Americans registered nearly 211,000 more new vehicles during the first three months of 2015 than during the same period one year ago. Passenger car volume is flat. SUVs and crossovers produced first-quarter growth of nearly 12%, thereby earning market share of 34%, up four percentage points compared with the first-quarter of 2014.

On this list of the 20 most popular vehicles in 2015’s first-quarter, utility vehicles rank seventh, tenth, 11th, 13th, 14th, and 16th. The same six nameplates ranked ninth, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, and 19th at this time a year ago.

Pickup trucks don’t generate nearly as much volume as the vast utility vehicle sector, but the main contenders continue to rule the roost on best seller lists. 2014 was the first year since 2003 that the F-Series, Silverado, and Ram ranked one, two, and three. 2015 begins the same way, although the gap between the Ram and Toyota Camry is even slimmer than it was at this time a year ago, down from 2623 sales to 1006.

The fourth-ranked Camry leads all passenger cars, having opened a 9777-unit lead over its nearest competitor through three months. Competitor? Wait a second, the second-best-selling car in America this year isn’t the Honda Accord, nor is it any competing midsize sedan. Toyota Corolla sales are up 17%, year-over-year, and the smaller Toyota leads the next-best-selling Nissan Altima by nearly 4000 units heading into April. The Accord, after a dreadful March in which sales plunged 23%, slid from eighth place at the end of February to ninth at the end of the first-quarter.

Rewind one year to the top 20 list from Q1 2014 and you’ll see the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Malibu. What’s changed? Sierra sales have grown in 2015, but the 7% rise to 45,173 units is insufficient. Malibu volume is down 12% to 42,401. The Nissan Sentra and Chrysler 200, on the other hand, have both reported significant year-over-year improvements in early 2015, with the 200’s 61% jump tops among the 20 best sellers and the Sentra’s 25% increase surpassed only by the 200, RAV4, Rogue, and Explorer.

RankAuto2015 Q12014 Q1% Change F-Series177,312173,3582.3% Silverado126,694107,75717.6% P/U101,51196,9064.8% Camry100,50594,2836.6% Corolla90,72877,73716.7% Altima86,87589,285-2.7% CR-V73,12767,6488.1% Fusion71,47077,578-7.9% Accord68,64579,188-13.3% Escape67,27271,305-5.7% RAV467,01053,06426.3% Civic66,72271,096-6.2% Equinox65,61356,07317.0% Rogue64,48650,44827.8% Cruze60,59265,185-7.0% Explorer58,70746,06827.4% Elantra56,74253,2376.6% Focus52,99451,9032.1% Sentra51,02640,78925.1% 20049,15230,48961.2%

Timothy Cain is the founder of GoodCarBadCar.net, which obsesses over the free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures.

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  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Apr 02, 2015

    Why Accord is down? I do not get it, my mind just blows thinking about it. Is it an April 1st joke or we are on the verge of another major crisis?

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    • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Apr 03, 2015

      Does it mean Accord as a brand become more premium and exclusive like Fusion. Most of new Fusions sold in Silicon valley and surrounding areas are hybrids and plugins which cost over $30K closer to $38K. Or may be Honda just lacks hybrids? Camry is now officially fighting Altima for the best selling cheap midsize car title. Ha-ha-ha. But seriously how low Camry has fallen over years by cost cutting, cheapening and insane incentives all in name of sales record, just like '92 Taurus did in 90s.

  • Zip89123 Zip89123 on Apr 03, 2015

    I see the CVT models are slowly moseying down the list.

  • SPPPP I have owned multiple Ford vehicles in the past, but I don't want anything they make now. Ford's product planning shows they don't want my business, so I guess the breakup is mutual.
  • Tassos First of all the Ampera is just the rebadged Bolt for EUrope.Second of all, the seller is dreaming if he thinks a used Bolt with 46k miles will sell for... $6k MORE than a BRAND NEW US BOLT (after the still valid $7,500 tax credit). I can buy a new one for barely more than $18k. What is the idiot smoking????
  • MaintenanceCosts I own a 2019 Bolt Premier that's identical to this one except for the mods and I still wouldn't buy this one. Wheels are ugly, tint is illegally dark in my state, and a badge conversion to Opel, which GM doesn't even own anymore, is just plain dumb.
  • Verbal It is more about profit margins than market demand. Ford could easily sell a substantial number of this car in North America, but the profit margins would be thin. Ford makes money hand over fist on F-series, Broncos, etc. No need to venture out of the pickup/SUV/CUV box. The suburbs of America are filled with driveway queen F-150 air haulers that are the new Country Squires. Ford likes it that way.
  • JMII What I don't get about this video is how did the tire get under the Soul? Its not like those things have massive ground clearance. I assume a tire would have smacked into the bumper and went flying in some other direction. This interaction seems to break the laws of physics... the car should have won this encounter not the tire 😱