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Rolls-Royce made it official Wednesday: The automaker is entering the premium SUV game with its own SUV, or, rather, “high-bodied car.”

The upcoming SUV is expected to demonstrate the “exceptional presence, elegance and purpose” found in the premium marque’s other offerings, combining the “pioneering, adventurous spirit of Charles Rolls” with “Sir Henry Royce’s dedication to engineering and innovation” in so doing.

Led by design boss Giles Taylor, the “high-bodied car” will feature an all-new aluminum architecture, and is meant to meet its customers’ “highly mobile, contemporary lifestyle expectations,” no matter the terrain.

Aside from Rolls-Royce’s promise to take its time “developing and perfecting this new concept in luxury,” however, a date of arrival is unknown; speculation points to 2018 as the earliest the SUV would arrive in showrooms.

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28 Comments on “Rolls-Royce Enters Premium SUV Game In All But Name...”

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    Rolls Royce Silverado Cloud? Got it

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    SO does high bodied car mean Outback sedan?

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    At the price this car will go for, that rear window had better roll down!

    Aww… who am I kidding? I’ll never own one, not even used.

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    Rolls Royce 2-door hatchback. It’s like they’re bringing the early ’70s back to life.

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    Eh, who cares. They are a low volume manufacturer. I have no doubt people that are high bodied will buy them. Surprised it’s taken this long. Although 2018 is a lifetime away.

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    It’s a low volume brand, and the chances of seeing one on any given day in middle America are quite low, but that is one nice car.

    It doesn’t have to look like a truck or a minivan or yet another mommy wagon to give you higher visibility and more upright seating.

    I hope that the description for the power still is, “Enough”.

    May it spawn thousands of copies and imitators. Lincoln and Acura would do well to crib things.

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    schmitt trigger

    High bodied?
    Is that the reason they showed it in a dry ice cloud? To disguise exactly what the ground clearance is?

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    While this vehicle may feature an “all-new aluminum architecture”, I doubt that BMW is going to spend the kind of money an all-new platform costs just so that Rolls Royce can compete with VW’s upcoming Bentley SUV/CUV, but then when the Germans get into a contest about who has the biggest BSD, they can do silly things (see also: Phaeton in America).

    My guess is that this architecture will be shared with some kind of full size SUV product from BMW, an X7 perhaps.

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    Is it just me or do those 1996 impala rims and 2006 300 paint scheme NOT do this car justice.

    Nice car, but those two things need to be lost, that has to be the most common color scheme painted on the 300s, and the rims look aftermarket.

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      The paint job is pure Caddy deVille; they carried that paint scheme pretty much for 3 decades at least, my own parents once owning a ’79 model. The wheels? It’s getting so you can’t tell one set of Donk wheels from another; they’re all hideous.

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    Rolls doesn’t copy. They have had two tone paint jobs long before any Deville. No you can tell a set of Rolls wheels. The RR in the wheel center doesn’t move.

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      “The RR in the wheel center doesn’t move.”

      I never knew that, thanks!

      “All our wheels feature our unique self-righting wheel centres that always display the Rolls-Royce monogram the right way up. It’s typical of the attention we give to the smallest details that make our cars so special.”-Rolls Royce

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      I didn’t say Rolls copied Cadillac; I said that paint scheme is older than the Chrysler 300 that HUMMER said they copied. The silver bonnet and roof on black body scheme is almost as old as Rolls itself. “The Yellow Rolls Royce” movie shows the general schema has run at least since the ’30s, even if that specific car was yellow instead of silver.

      And while I never knew that about Rolls’ wheel centers, it’s also something you wouldn’t notice until you’re close enough to the car to see that. From a distance, all donk wheels look alike to me–far too much wheel and not nearly enough tire for a good ride.

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        Technically I didn’t say they copied it, I just said the paint scheme is what I would expect to see on a beater in the ghetto.

        Regardless of where it was originally used, it’s lived passed its prime… imo….

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    The “high bodied car” and “no matter the terrain” phrases mean AWD, don’t they? That ought to put a dent in Subaru’s business in the snow belt! As far as the picture is concerned, that would be so easy to chop down and put a pickup bed on. It might look better than a ’74 El Camino!

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    Generally, I consider SUV-segment as .. ‘unnecessery’ ..

    You must admit, that Bentley or RRoyce were allways big, heavy, opulent cars, so if they would built one it would fit in their portfolio ..

    But there is problem when tradicional ‘light-sports-car’ company is building them .. thats what we call $ellout..!
    Por$che is now a producer of ‘ugly’ SUV’s and even uglier Panamejra(I thing Macan , Cayyene and Panamejra are sth like 80% or even more of total Por$che sales ).. and the real Porches: 911, Boxster , Cayman .. will soon be cut off ass ‘not proffitable enough’…

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    So.. basically it’s a car.

    (A car with ground-clearance from 30-40 years ago, before mainstream car designers started aping ‘kustom’.)

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