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2015 honda cr-vAuto sales in the United States grew nearly 11% in December 2014, a fitting ending to a year of impressive growth for the overall auto industry. The biggest leaps forward in December were achieved by three volume brands: Chrysler, Kia, and Ram. Scion and Cadillac continued to spiral. Volkswagen reported a modest increase for the third consecutive year in comparison with what was a disappointing fourth-quarter in 2013.

• Ford led all brands in U.S. sales in 2014

• GM is the top-selling manufacturer with its four brands

• Maserati’s 171% year-over-year improvement led all automakers in 2014

• Jeep and Ram combined for 303,190 more sales in 2014 than in 2013

The market supported more than 16 million sales for the first time 2007 with strength rising most particularly in the SUV/crossover sector, but also from top-selling cars. Toyota’s Camry, the best-selling car in America, climbed to 428,606 sales. The Nissan Altima set an annual sales record. The Honda Accord reached a seven-year high.

As usual, premium makes fared well in the month of December most especially. BMW ended the year 9347 sales ahead of Mercedes-Benz. Lexus, with its smaller but expanding lineup, was was 19,002 sales back of Mercedes-Benz.

Automaker Dec.  2014 Dec.  2013 % Change 2014 2013  % Change
 17,809 15,751 13.1% 167,843 165,436 1.5%
Alfa Romeo
 67 91
 19,238 17,013 13.1% 182,011 158,061 15.2%
 41,526 37,389 11.1% 339,738 309,280 9.8%
 20,357 15,379 32.4% 228,963 205,509 11.4%
 16,150 18,165 -11.1% 170,750 182,543 -6.5%
 184,938 153,493 20.5% 2,033,442 1,947,125 4.4%
 30,930 20,270  52.6% 308,785 302,492 2.1%
 46,578 47,689  -2.3% 574,155 596,343 -3.7%
 3,784 3,745  1.0% 46,121 43,236 6.7%
Ford  209,679  208,608 0.5%  2,376,841 2,403,542  -1.1%
 53,038 43,120 23.0% 501,853 450,901 11.3%
 119,472 119,504 -0.01%  1,373,029 1,359,876 1.0%
 64,507  63,005 2.4%  725,718 720,783 0.7%
 12,007 13,232 -9.3% 117,330 116,455 0.8%
 1,683 1,544  9.0% 15,773 16,952 -7.0%
 63,274 53,275  18.8% 692,348 490,454 41.2%
 45,587 33,631  35.6% 580,234 535,179 8.4%
Land Rover
 5,754 5,764  -0.2% 51,465 50,010 2.9%
 39,879 34,757 14.7% 311,389 273,847 13.7%
 9,690 7,984 21.4% 94,474 81,694 15.6%
 1,412 1,053  34.1% 12,943 4,768 171%
 24,808  22,964 8.0% 305,801 283,946 7.7%
 34,009 33,007  3.0%  330,391  312,534  5.7% 
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
 3,288 2,828  16.3%  25,745  21,816  18.0% 
Total Mercedes-Benz
 37,297  35,835 4.1% 356,136 334,350 6.5%
 6,615 6,592 0.3% 56,112 66,502 -15.6%
 6,545 6,423  1.9% 77,643 62,227 24.8%
 105,311 96,526 9.1% 1,269,565 1,131,965 12.2%
 3,275 3,246  0.9% 47,007 42,323 11.1%
 48,628 36,028  35.0% 469,139 367,843 27.5%
 3,817 4,323 -11.7% 58,009 68,321 -15.1%
 973 855 13.8% 10,453 9,264 12.8%
 49,923 40,172 24.3% 513,693 424,683 21.0%
 —  —  —  —  5,946  -100%
 171,361 151,763 12.9%  2,004,373  1,893,874 5.8%
 34,058 34,015 0.1% 366,970 407,704 -10.0%
 4,920 4,888  0.7% 56,366 61,233 -7.9%
 48,141 43,981 9.5% 395,850 375,782 5.3%
Chrysler Group/FCA US
 193,261 161,007  20.0% 2,090,639 1,800,368  16.1%
38,270 36,690 4.3% 366,589  343,614 6.7%
Ford Motor Company
 219,369  216,592 1.3%  2,471,315  2,485,236 -0.6%
General Motors
 274,483 230,157 19.3% 2,935,008 2,786,078 5.3%
Honda Motor Company
137,281 135,255 1.5% 1,540,872 1,525,312 1.0%
 110,094  96,636  13.9%  1,305,952  1,255,962  4.0%
Jaguar-Land Rover
7,437 7,308  1.8% 67,238 66,962 0.4%
Nissan Motor Company
 117,318 109,758 6.9% 1,386,895 1,248,420 11.1%
Toyota Motor Corporation
 215,057 190,843 12.7% 2,373,771 2,236,042 6.2%
Volkswagen Group *
 56,983  54,716  4.1%  598,991  615,736  -2.7%
Industry Total

* Volkswagen Group includes sales figures for Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Volkswagen brands

** Industry total includes Automotive News sales estimates for ultra-low-volume automakers and their 2200-unit (December) Tesla sales estimate.

Timothy Cain is the founder of, which obsesses over the free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures.


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46 Comments on “U.S. Auto Sales Results: December And Calendar Year 2014...”

  • avatar

    GM FTW
    FCA for most improved of the classic “big three” I know, I know, FCA Italian and all that

    • 0 avatar

      FCA most improved – you can say that again! I seem to recall that, when Fiat took over Chrysler in 2009, they were selling a bit over 900,000 units per year, that number was falling, and the business was losing money hand over fist. To get from there to almost 2.1 million units 5 years later is an extraordinary achievement.

      GM continues to disappoint. Looking at WardsAuto data, it seems that from 1976 (46.5% share) through 2013 (17.5%), their trend line has been the loss of around 0.75% of the total market p.a.

      If the numbers in this article are consistent between 2013 and 2014, it seems they dropped a further 0.1% in total share. So, a slower drop than the long-term trend, but still a drop.

  • avatar

    Sorry, but this article needs many edits before it’s ready!

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    Great year for FCA, and I believe 2015 will be even better. Did we find out if Jeep hit 1 Million worldwide? Allpar hasn’t reported anything yet.

    • 0 avatar

      I still think that separating Ram from Dodge was a mistake, and these sales results reinforce that belief. Combine Ram sales with Dodge sales, and FCA has a brand with over 1 million sales just in the U.S.

      It would rank fifth in sales behind Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

      • 0 avatar

        Marchionne is fond of niches. With the industry trend of brands having a common “face,” I believe that he was trying to avoid the Dodge Caliber problem (i.e. having cars that were obliged to share styling cues with trucks.)

        I’m inclined to agree with you that it was a mistake. Even GM has figured out that consumers will accept cars and trucks that share marques while offering different design language without creating branding conflicts. If anything, the performance-youth message of the Dodge cars would complement the branding story of the trucks, not clash with it.

      • 0 avatar

        Wouldn’t that make it sixth?

      • 0 avatar

        There had been a rumour that the Dodge name/brand was going to get killed off. Splitting Ram from Dodge made sense in relation to that rumour.
        Another reason for the Ram/Dodge split was Ram was to become the pickup and commercial vehicle badge. We’ve already seen Fiat vans get blended into the Ram portfolio. I am willing to bet that Iveco trucks will be the next product line showing up in North America wearing a Ram badge.
        I’ve also heard that CAFE was another reason. Keep the poor mpg trucks out of the car mix.

        • 0 avatar

          Dodge is being shifted from high volume brand to niche American performance brand (think Pontiac). The Chrysler brand will take over as the high volume brand for FCA.

    • 0 avatar

      In 1996 an independent Chrysler sold 2.4 million vehicles domestically, and nearly 3 million worldwide. The vehicle mix is different, but FCA is still making up for the disastrous merger in 1998.

  • avatar

    Subaru’s climb is pretty remarkable in my opinion. Huge year over year gains. Especially, since they seem to have abandoned a lot of the characteristics I always thought made them popular among their customers. Their wagons are now plastic clad SUVs. Manual transmissions getting nixed, flagship sedan that might as well be a Taurus. No hatch for the WRX!!!!

    I guess this goes to show you that car enthusiasts are the worst focus group in the industry as to what will sell.

    • 0 avatar

      Most ‘car enthusiasts’ want these obtuse vehicles and would totally buy them when they’re $8,000 on Craigslist.

    • 0 avatar

      “They seem to have abandoned a lot of the characteristics I always thought made them popular among their customers.”

      A different way to word the same thought: “They seem to have abandoned a lot of the characteristics that caused the bulk of buyers to shun them.”

      (Specifically: crossovers without crossover seating height, manual transmissions and pushbutton 4WD systems no one knew how to use, and styling most people saw as an eyesore.)

    • 0 avatar

      Enthusiasts make up only perhaps 1% of the new car-buying public. Catering to them will nearly always result in disappointment.

  • avatar

    FCA killed it this year. There is no reason to believe 2015 wont be any different; I think the Jeep Renegade will sell very well. I wouldn’t be surprised if FCA came within hitting distance of outselling Toyota.

  • avatar
    S2k Chris

    As the resident Acura homer, let me point out that the “terrible lame duck” Acura brand sold 168k cars in a transition year (ILX undergoing emergency refresh, TLX not out until Aug/September) and the vaunted uber brand Audi, with a product line about 2-3x as deep, only sold 15k more cars. With the TLX and redesigned ILX, it will be interesting to see how they perform in the market where they only sell 4.25 vehicles (no one expects real volume from the RLX) versus the full line makers.

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    Volvo and Mitsubishi started in the same position, but went in different directions.

    The maligned Mirage seems to have found a niche.

    Hey Volvo: people aren’t paying a premium for safety any more; you’ve gotta either change your schtick, or your prices.

    • 0 avatar

      Volvo can’t change their prices while building in Sweden, so they best get on the schtick.

    • 0 avatar

      You did notice Volvo was up 0.7% Dec 2014 over Dec 2013, eeh? And whole year Volvo comparisons from 2013 to 2014 are skewed because Volvo sold about a thousand cars a month to car rental companies in 2013 thru Sep 2013–after that they discontinued sales to rental companies–I don’t know why. But if you compare sales from 2013 to 2014 to individuals, Volvo sales are actually up a little bit. Not great, but not abysmal either. In April, Volvo will start selling the new XC90, with the new super efficient, and powerful, DriveE engines. By 2017, it will be the oldest model in the the Volvo line-up. And I’m hearing that there are a lot of pre-sales at Volvo dealerships on the new XC90.

      And worldwide, Volvo had a record–a record– 465,000 sales. Li Shufu needs to start working on saving Geely, whose sales were down 26% in Nov. Maybe Volvo will end up owning Geely. :-D

  • avatar

    “Scion and Cadillac continued to spiral,” but no mention of Mini, which fared worse than either of them. Apparently people don’t like the new giant, ugly, poorly built generation.

    • 0 avatar
      Timothy Cain

      Only reason Mini wasn’t asked to stand in front of the class for punishment as Scion and Cadillac were: Mini sales were up 4% in the final one-sixth of the year as the new, oft-delayed Hardtop finally began to take hold. That car’s slow arrival was the leading cause for the brand’s downturn, and that malady appears to be remedied for now.

  • avatar

    And I thought 90’s Camry sales of nearly a half a million was impressive, it’s even more impressive in 2014 when they sold nearly a half a million.

  • avatar

    Just like Toyota, buyers don’t care about hurtling machines of death. GM, sans Cadillac had a solid year.

    Fiastler just crushed it this year, Jeep’s renaissance is nothing short of amazing and buyers have made it clear they love the Ram.

    Ford’s fortunes are interesting, one of the few makers that lost share from 2013 to 2014 — the question is how will they do with the 2015 F-series here now and the end of the Econoline.

    Hats off to Lincoln, things have turned around and I would have to guess they’re grabbing share from Cadillac.

    It warms my heart to see Mazda doing well – of course like most of the B&B I love to say how I love their products, but strangely there isn’t one in my driveway.

    Subbie surge just sadly points out that bland sells better.

    Scion remains a dead brand walking. Just – kill – it – already.

    How on earth did smart grow 12%?!?!

    Volvo has big, big problems – which is a shame – I like their current line up. A number of my coworkers drive V60s – I would almost call it the unofficial vehicle of middle management. They’re nice – but at the price point they sell at a lot of options.

    Cadillac has problems – and they will likely only grown under current direction.

    The only stumbling blocks I see at Buick is the Verano and Regal are too close in size (I suspect this will get addressed). The issues with the Regal in general have been addressed, even Jack says the 2015 LaCrosse meets the hype, and the Encore is a success even if you hate the ugly little wart – it has created a whole new category that makers are rushing to jump into. If the rumors of the 1.6L 200HP mill turn true, the one issue will be addressed (well unless you don’t like the looks). I’ll say it again, the SS should have been a Buick Grand National.

    Lexus, BMW, M-B and Audi all with impressive growth.

    • 0 avatar
      Dave M.

      “Subbie surge just sadly points out that bland sells better.”

      Bland? Lucy, ‘splain. They have two turbo models, two sport/y cars, and nearly all AWD….

      • 0 avatar

        Subbie has lost almost all of it quirkiness that made the brand more interesting. They build vanilla from a design point that just looks like everything else. the AWD card is “meh” today as just about everyone offers AWD in their line ups – especially in the CUV and C and D segments.

    • 0 avatar

      APaGttH, I thought your observations were spot on.

  • avatar

    Say what you want about how Acura has nothing to offer but it is very close to passing Caddy, Infinity numbers are worse than I thought they would be.

  • avatar

    I am going to guess 2015 trends
    Volvo – down or maybe out
    Ford – up with new F150
    FCA – continues strong. Jeep will bring the star
    Chevy – trax helps moderate increase
    Scion – put the Supra in the lineup and your saved
    Infinity – more down
    VW – tanks

    • 0 avatar

      Theswedishtiger, I fixed your mistakes for ya :-)

      I am going to guess 2015 trends
      Volvo – down or maybe out
      Ford – sales continues to fall and warranties climb from typical over engineered, under achieved vehicles
      FCA – continues strong. Jeep will bring the star
      Chevy – multi billion dollar investment in Mexican manufacturing facilities attributes to lower production costs and helps offset wrongful death lawsuits brought on by the longest running cover up in automotive history.
      Scion – put the Supra in the lineup and your saved
      Infinity – more down
      VW – moderate sales increase

  • avatar

    How do I get a job like Johan de Nysschen? This is now the second luxury car line he is lording over that is experiencing dismal sales results. Infiniti was down 9% for the month. Cadillac down an even more alarming 11%. Lexus, BMW and Mercedes all sold more than DOUBLE what Cadillac did for the month. I am waiting for the Cadillac dealer mutiny movement to begin.

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