U.S. Auto Sales Results: September 2014 YTD

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain

Automakers reported sales of more than 1.24 million new vehicles in September 2014, a 9.4% increase compared with the same month one year ago. Auto sales rose 5.5% over the course of 2014’s first three quarters, powered by big improvements at Jeep, Ram, Subaru, and Nissan.

Aside from Maserati’s massive leap in September – the brand once again outsold Jaguar – the month’s fastest-growing brand was Jeep, up 47%, or 17,767 units. Mini, Scion, Volkswagen (down 19% to fewer than 26,000 sales), Infiniti, and Jaguar stood out for their declines. Countryman sales shot up 60%; every other Mini was down sharply, including the core Hardtop model which fell to just 1118 units.

AutomakerSept. 2014Sept. 2013% Change2014 YTD2013 YTD% ChangeAcura 13,83211,64818.8%119,750120,830-0.9%Audi 14,91713,06514.2%130,983114,41114.5%BMW 25,58623,5688.6%236,591212,56511.3%Buick 17,46615,62311.8%170,764157,5038.4%Cadillac 13,82913,8280.0%127,837133,414-4.2%Chevrolet 153,873127,87520.4%1,542,8661,493,3293.3%Chrysler 28,78125,251 14.0%223,066237,746-6.2%Dodge 44,02048,576-9.4%443,957461,834-3.9%Fiat 3,3603,157 6.4%35,50132,7428.4%Ford 172,261 177,999 -3.2% 1,809,927 1,827,820 -1.0%GMC 38,26929,95927.7%366,421333,21310.0%Honda 104,39193,91511.2%1,040,8551,038,1820.3%Hyundai 56,01055,1021.6% 557,458 548,218 1.7%Infiniti 7,837 9,040-13.3%84,88080,9194.9%Jaguar 1,1421,313-13.0% 11,83012,447-5.0%Jeep 55,23137,464 47.4%516,387355,38545.3%Kia 40,62838,0036.9%445,017416,3836.9%Land Rover 3,1063,387 -8.3% 38,424 35,3598.7%Lexus 21,85219,52211.9%220,683190,76015.7%Lincoln 7,2576,45312.5%67,78859,85213.3%Maserati 1,318379247.8%9,125 2,241307.2%Mazda 23,98022,4646.7%240,953220,4919.3%Mercedes-Benz 27,31524,697 10.6% 233,211 215,056 8.4% Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2,2082,152 2.6% 17,785 14,940 19.0%Total Mercedes-Benz 29,523 26,849 10.0% 250,996 229,996 9.1%Mini 4,2195,306-20.5%39,18849,635-21.0%Mitsubishi 5,5584,00138.9%58,36544,98129.8%Nissan 95,118 77,82822.2%978,392860,19713.7%Porsche 3,607 3,093 16.6%35,366 31,54912.1%Ram 38,49825,569 34.8%337,148269,296 25.2%Scion 4,1545,131-19.0%46,10354,090-14.8%Smart 74862519.7%8080693716.5%Subaru 41,51731,75530.7%375,485313,40719.8%Suzuki — ———5,946 -100%Toyota 141,273 139,8041.1% 1,528,002 1,453,3295.1%Volkswagen 25,99631,920-18.6%270,874314,833-14.0%Volvo 4,6674,18811.4%43,85148,193-9.0%————— ——BMW-Mini 29,80528,8743.2%275,779262,2005.2%Chrysler Group 169,890143,017 18.8%1,556,0591,357,00314.7%Daimler30,27127,47410.2%259,076236,9339.3%Ford Motor Company 179,518 184,452 -2.7% 1,877,7151,887,672 -0.5%General Motors 223,437187,19519.4%2,207,8882,117,4594.3%Honda Motor Company118,223105,56312.0%1,160,605 1,159,0120.1%Hyundai-Kia 96,638 93,105 3.8% 1,002,475 964,601 3.9%Jaguar-Land Rover 4,2484,700-9.6%50,254 47,8065.1%Nissan Motor Company 102,955 86,86818.5%1,063,272941,11613.0%Toyota Motor Corporation167,279 164,457 1.7%1,794,788 1,698,179 5.7%Volkswagen Group * 44,520 48,078 -7.4%437,223 460,793 -5.1%———————Industry Total **1,245,786 1,138,378 9.4% 12,436,855 11,790,337 5.5%

* Volkswagen Group includes sales figures for Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Volkswagen brands.

** Industry total includes Automotive News sales estimates for ultra-low-volume automakers and their 1300-unit (September) Tesla sales estimate.

Timothy Cain
Timothy Cain

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  • Darex Darex on Oct 01, 2014

    The situation at MINI is absolutely puzzling. The F56 is completely new, and virtually every review has been gushing with praise for it. I, myself, have a new F56, and am smitten. I had a 2005 MC, and this is a better car in every way. And yet, we now have this separate model numbers breakdown, and the F56 hardtop is failing to sell in large numbers. The only explanation, partial or otherwise, is that since late June, all 2015 MY F56s have been stuck at the ports due to an EPA-induced hold. They are only just now being released to the dealers and buyers. Can that explain this downward spiral? Maybe only partly. It's just plain odd.

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    • Vulpine Vulpine on Oct 02, 2014

      @Dan I would argue, Dan, that most of the Minis _I_ see on the roads are driven by males, not women.

  • Vulpine Vulpine on Oct 02, 2014

    Doesn't this report refute a popular argument that Fiat the brand was losing sales here in the US? While not spectacular, 8.4% growth is significantly better than both Chrysler and Dodge which both saw monthly and annual losses. Meanwhile, Maserati saw incredible growth at 307%--another Fiat company. Meanwhile, the Chrysler Group overall saw higher growth than any other automotive corporation. It looks to me like they Fixed It Appropriately, eh Tony?

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