U.S. Auto Sales Results: November 2014 YTD

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain

New vehicle buyers registered 1.3 million cars, SUVs, crossovers, vans, and pickup trucks in November 2014, a 57,000-unit improvement compared with November 2013.

No volume brand accelerated at a faster rate in November than Ram, which shot up 31%. Scion sales, on the other hand, plunged 21%. Land Rover, Cadillac, Smart, Infiniti, and Jaguar all posted double-digit losses, as well. Ford is America’s top-selling auto brand, both in November and the first eleven months of 2014. With a 10% decline in F-Series sales last month, however, Ford was down 2.6%. Total GM sales are up 4.1% this year and rose 6.5% in November, spreading the manufacturer’s lead by 39,484 units to nearly 409,000 units.

As for premium brands, Mercedes-Benz claimed a broad victory in November but trails BMW by 1830 sales heading into 2014’s final month. Lexus, the third-ranked premium automaker, is almost 25,000 sales back of Mercedes-Benz, but the first 22 NXs were sold in November. We also saw the arrival last month of the Chevrolet City Express and Alfa Romeo 4C, both of which produced their first 24 sales. The Toyota Camry was America’s best-selling car; the Honda CR-V led all utility vehicles.

AutomakerNovember 2014November 2013% Change2014 YTD2013 YTD% ChangeAcura 14,85714,5592.0%150,034149,6850.2%Alfa Romeo 24——24——Audi 16,65013,63622.0%162,773141,04815.4%BMW 31,01931,752-2.3%298,212271,8919.7%Buick 19,14315,07227.0%208,606190,1309.7%Cadillac 13,14816,172-18.7%154,600164,378-5.9%Chevrolet 149,673145,0893.2%1,848,5041,793,6323.1%Chrysler 27,24321,02429.6%277,855282,222-1.5%Dodge 42,10841,506 1.5%527,577548,654-3.8%Fiat 3,1113,075 1.2%42,33739,4917.2%Ford 178,221 182,978 -2.6% 2,167,162 2,194,934 -1.3%GMC 43,85435,72722.7%448,815407,78110.1%Honda 106,957101,9484.9%1,253,5571,240,3721.1%Hyundai 53,67256,005-4.2% 661,211657,7780.5%Infiniti 11,39813,152-13.3%105,323103,2232.0%Jaguar 1,2531,446 -13.3%14,09015,408-8.6%Jeep 57,48945,415 26.6%629,074437,17943.9%Kia 44,93645,411 -1.0%534,647501,5486.6%Land Rover 3,6444,601 -20.8%45,71144,2463.3%Lexus 27,47225,6117.3%271,510239,09013.6%Lincoln 8,1136,72720.6%84,78473,71015.0%Maserati 1,20388735.6%11,5313,715210%Mazda 21,24220,7542.4%280,993260,9827.7%Mercedes-Benz 34,57834,376 0.6% 296,382 279,501 6.0%Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2,5322,010 26.0% 22,457 18,988 18.3% Total Mercedes-Benz 37,11036,386 2.0% 318,839 298,489 6.8%Mini 5,0094,5759.5%49,49759,910-17.4%Mitsubishi 653460717.6% 71,09855,67127.7%Nissan 91,79093,376 -1.7% 1,164,2541,035,43912.4%Porsche 4,6993,966 18.5%43,73239,07711.9%Ram 40,86431,25530.7%420,511331,81526.7%Scion 3,9074,968-21.4%54,19263,998-15.3%Smart 815959-15.0%9,4808,40912.7%Subaru 45,27336,62123.6%463,770384,51120.6%Suzuki — — — — 5,946-100%Toyota 151,967147,465 3.1%1,833,0121,742,1115.2%Volkswagen 31,72530,7273.2%332,911373,689-10.9%Volvo 3,6234,233-14.4%51,44656,345-8.7%————— ——BMW-Mini 36,02836,327-0.8%347,709331,8014.8%Chrysler Group/FCA 170,839142,275 20.1%1,897,3781,639,36115.7%Daimler37,92537,3451.6%328,319306,8987.0%Ford Motor Company 186,334189,705-1.8% 2,251,9462,268,644-0.7%General Motors 225,818212,0606.5%2,660,5252,555,9214.1%Honda Motor Company121,814116,5074.6%1,403,591 1,390,0571.0%Hyundai-Kia 98,608 101,416 -2.8% 1,195,858 1,159,326 3.2%Jaguar-Land Rover 4,8976,047 -19.0%59,801 59,6540.2%Nissan Motor Company 103,188 106,528 -3.1% 1,269,577 1,138,662 11.5%Toyota Motor Corporation183,346 178,0443.0%2,158,714 2,045,199


Volkswagen Group * 53,387 48,652 9.7% 542,007 556,336 -2.6%———————Industry Total1,302,655 1,245,189 4.6% 15,023,111 14,243,037 5.5%

* Volkswagen Group includes sales figures for Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Volkswagen brands

** Industry total includes Automotive News sales estimates for ultra-low-volume automakers and their 2200-unit (November) Tesla sales estimate.

Timothy Cain is the founder of GoodCarBadCar.net, which obsesses over the free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures.

Timothy Cain
Timothy Cain

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  • Mr. Orange Mr. Orange on Dec 03, 2014

    Interesting this. The Mustang last month sold at twice the rate of the Camaro, 8,728 to 4,385. And that the Challenger was just 229 units from outselling the Camaro. Who would have guessed those years ago to how good the Challenger would be selling.

  • River River on Dec 03, 2014

    Nissan vs Honda.

  • Rob Woytuck I was saying if the average vehicle weight increases the capacity of the ferry will be affected. 18 wheelers go on ferries too. It not about individual weight its the cumulative effect. Same a for any other infrastructure. Probably even affects a multilevel car park if every car in it were electric.
  • Rob Woytuck I meant overall for a loaded ferry if every vehicle weighs more by volume. Not comparing the fact pickups or electric vehicles are on the ferry but rather the number of heavier vehicles total.
  • Analoggrotto Everything wrong with Tesla + (Everything Right with Hyundai * 100) = TTAC
  • Eric @ EBFlex.... Tough!
  • Scott The previous generation had a lower coefficient of drag, and got better fuel economy.