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Were you hoping to buy an American-made Subaru XV Crosstrek? You can breathe now.

Reuters reports Subaru has cancelled plans to relocate production of the CUV to a facility in Lafayette, Ind., opting to keep production at home in Gunma prefecture.

The original plan — based on the automaker’s policy of assembling vehicles in the markets where they’re sold — called for 65,000 XV Crosstrek models to leave the line in Indiana every year. Capacity constraints at said plant, along with the high sales price for the vehicle — $21,595 for the base 2-liter, $25,995 for the hybrid model — conspired to alter those plans.

The decision follows similar actions from other Japanese automakers, citing a weakening yen as the main driver.

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30 Comments on “Subaru Cancels Plans For US-Made XV Crosstrek...”

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    John R

    I thought that was spelt “Gunma”. Unless all my years spent watching Initial D has steered me wrong…

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    Yeah, ride-height. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

    And amphibian color values.

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    I actually was expecting U.S. production.

    Colombia doesn’t have any trade agreement with japan and this makes this model quite expensive over here (aprox. USD$35000 for the base model).

    As we do have a trade agreement with the U.S. I was hoping U.S. production could lower the price of the XV and buy myself one.

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    This tells me that 2 things aren’t happening: higher performance 86/BRZ, WRX hatch/wagon… assuming Forester stays in Gunma as well. No capacity.

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    no big loss.

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    The best news from this story is the better looking wheels on the XV in the above paragraph. Those mostly black snowflake wheels just never did it for me.

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    Steve Biro

    I’m pretty sure the Crosstrek in the photo is a hybrid model. Those wheels come standard on the hybrid. Strangely enough, I alway prefered the dark wheels on the regular Crosstrek. But honestly, I think the dearth of power and torque would keep me from buying a Crosstrek at all. I’m not insisting on WRX-like performance. But how about something that can keep up with my 2010 Impreza Outback Sport 2.5 with manual transmission? How about a turbocharged 1.6-liter boxer with 180 horsepwer and 200 foot-pounds of torque? Geez, Hyundai gets something like that out of the 1.6-liter inline four in its Sonata Eco and adds a seven- speed dual-clutch transmission to boot. Come on, Subaru! Your customer base is more varied than two two groups you cater to now: granola eaters and boy racers.

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      “I think the dearth of power and torque would keep me from buying a Crosstrek at all”

      I test drove an Imprezza hatch with 2.0/5MT and came to the same conclusion. The WRX is a bit too boy racer, and no longer available as a hatch, so it doesn’t quite work for me. If they had an Imprezza hatch with the NA 2.5/6MT priced between the base Imprezza and the WRX, I would probably be driving one now.

      I highly doubt the real world difference in fuel consumption between a 2.5 and 2.0 would be that significant, and if you’re fussed about fuel consumption simple things like keeping your tires properly inflated and driving smoothly will likely result in much bigger improvements than running a feeble engine that is too small for the car…

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    Damn! I was hoping to match that exact color above with a Canada Goose Show Mantra… That’s about my take on subie & clientele.

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    Subaru will need to invest in more US manufacturing capacity if they continue to romp up the sales charts as they are now. If not now, then sometime in the not to distant future.

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    Crosstrek, further proof that Subaru is doing AMCs shtick from the late 70s to mid 80s only successfully.

    Stick the WRXs turbo mill in the Crosstrek and you’d have the rebirth of the Eagle SX4!

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    I’ll take my WRXV Crosstrek in Blue, please.

    Damn, that would be a fun, practical car!

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    Was I hoping to buy an American-made Subaru XV Crosstrek?

    Not really, but I was hoping they’d put something other than that underwhelming 148-hp block of uninspiredness in this thing.

    When it comes to powertrains, sometimes Subaru really doesn’t seem to try that hard…

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      I hugely admire Subaru for identifying and developing a clientele to whom car guy gripes like yours are completely irrelevant.

      Now they just need to aggressively divest themselves of their remaining boy racer focus to free up resources for demographics that matter.

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        petezeiss: A Passion for Mediocrity.

        Sometimes I get the feeling you only come here for the opportunity to give grief to people who actually give a sh!t about something.

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          Not entirely accurate. I’m passionate about ergonomics, visibility, reliability and those beautiful pastel colors from the ’50s.

          Oh, and low notes. I only like music with good low notes. Caught Rod Stewart’s Maggie May on the commute the other day and erupted in accolades to the guitarist for that nice, woody sounding solo of predominantly low notes. No shrieky-whiney for this guy, no.

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