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Mercedes-AMG 2014

Is the raw power of the Mercedes-AMG lineup too much, but you still covet the name? The Teutonic marque has something just for you.

An effort to make the sub-brand more accessible to the masses, Mercedes-Benz is introducing the AMG Sport line, which will slot between the restrained main collection and the more brutal AMG portfolio. Mercedes-AMG chair Tobias Moers explains:

The new Sport models represent a convincing proposition for our customers: genuine sports car technology becomes accessible, appealing to an even broader-ranging clientele worldwide. For all our dynamic growth, we remain true to our brand claim of “Driving Performance.”

All AMG Sport models will have AWD standard, and will come with more powerful engines and special braking and chassis components, all with the goal of bringing the AMG driving experience to the driver who isn’t ready to go all in. The first two models are set to make their debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

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30 Comments on “Mercedes Bringing AMG To The Masses With New Line...”

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    God, I want to stick baseball cards in that SUV’s spokes.

    But I’m sure modern materials science has something that would last longer and be louder.

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    Mercedes, despite booming sales (due in large part to going “down market” with products like the CLA250 and GLA250) is crap unless one gets into the E Class or S Class territory (some make a case for the C Class, and nice interior aside, it’s an overpriced, dog-dragging-its-arse-on-carpet ugly car).

    I test drove the new Hyundai Sonata two days ago. It was the base model with the popular equipment package, and the dealer was willing to sell it for 18,080 which included destination, plus tax.

    It was VASTLY SUPERIOR in every way, excepting acceleration, than the 35k to 40k POS Mercedes CLA250.

    The Sonata was vastly better built, had better materials, a far smoother ride, was much quieter, had way better gauges, and a much more solid chassis than the POS MB CLA250.

    For those who obsess over power, going the Mopar/Chevy/Ford route is now a way better option than anything AMG offered up in the dregs of the cheap & not cheerful CLA/GLA vehicles.

    Mercedes is now similar to two car companies; one is putting is putting forth a valiant effort at retaining traditional Benz attributes while improving reliability (C, E & S), while the other is absolutely wh*ring itself down to the level of $10 tricks to flip volume, while demolishing the badge.

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      ‘Mercedes is now similar to two car companies; one is putting is putting forth a valiant effort at retaining traditional Benz attributes while improving reliability (C, E & S), while the other is absolutely wh*ring itself down to the level of $10 tricks to flip volume, while demolishing the badge.’ – I think we all know which ‘company’ will win this battle .. :)

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      I haven’t done your A/B, but got both a Kia Optima and a Sonata recently as rentals. They steal from Honda for the electronics, the Germans for ergonomics, and overall are a good copy of the best of other makers. Suspension and NVH isn’t yet up to the Germans, but I’m going with 3/5 series or E class to compare. The Engines and trans are quite good for “a cheap car”…and overall, for the price point, are winners….just need a bit more soundproofing.

      If the CLA isn’t up to this median point, then things are bad for MB

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        Per Lady Caddy of New Yorky, the cars don’t matter anymore. As long as the “Brand” is cool…. And she’s the one living in the midst of those who are given all the money stolen and debased from the rest of us, so she ought to know……..

        So, the relevant question is not whether the car has boring stuff like camshafts or NVH or acceleration, but rather if the AMG lifestyle is a cool brand to some half literate who just got a $5mill bonus check, signed by Yellen personally?

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      DeadWeight has got to be busy, what with keeping up the ghost of BTRS’s ideological rants…

      While MB is certainly charging a Premium for entry-level luxury (and is getting rewarded handsomely for pushing the concept) I have a hard time agreeing with most of the rest of your statement. The reason why MB is selling so many CLA’s is that there is an entire generation of buyers who are finally getting access to credit after a decade, and they are more brand focused than ever.

      I’m seeing a lot more k900’s than I expected, but the driver is (so far) universally Asiatic. There’s no easy way to put this, but if you are White, and you want to pose and flaunt, the Star is still the preeminent choice.

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    This is all we effing need, giving “genuine sports car technology” to the tattoo class.

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    AMG profit line

    All the muscle without the strength

    Shareholders love this stuff.

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    Everyone else has a fake performance brand, so why not Benz too?

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    ‘Twas only a matter of time.

    Why buy those $200 sunglasses when you can buy the $8 knock off’s at the flea market?

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    I test drove the GLK 350, and in all regards except handling, I loved the thing. Nice linear power, good trans, flat folding back seat, etc., etc.). But it’s suspension was a bit too pillow-like.

    I suspect an AMG Sport version would suit me perfectly, but really, the regular vehicle with a $1,500 sport handling package would be perfectly adequate.

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    Sorry Sir, this club does not allow Ed Hardy shirts nor AMG Sport in the parking lot.

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    Yes! Yes! Diilute your performance pedigree by turning it into a marketing!

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    Jeff S

    Nothing like a knock off of a knock off. Maybe Mercedes could have a store at the outlet mall with cheaper imitations of their less expensive lineup but made in Thailand.

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    AMG, or any other special trim, ceases to have any relevance when it is available to the masses. “Maybach” will become a new trim replacing “AMG” and “AMG” will become the “Custom” of the faux Mercedes vehicle world.

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