Delphi Confirmed ITS Technology Supplier For Cadillac

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Earlier this week, General Motors CEO Mary Barra announced that Cadillac would be the first of her company’s brands to receive V2V and V2I technologies, which would be introduced in the 2017 CTS and the unnamed F-segment flagship recently green-lighted.

Today, we know who will be supplying those technologies: supplier Delphi.

Just-Auto reports the supplier would be the first off the line in delivering intelligent transport systems, building upon the vision and radar systems already found in the marketplace. The supplier claims output of its ITS technology is “highly flexible,” and can be configured in numerous ways to suit the customer’s preferences.

As for when production will commence, Delphi says the first packages will leave the floor in 2016 for North American markets.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Bg Bg on Sep 12, 2014

    V2V, V2I...are those anything like Cadillac's V-4-6-8?

    • AtlPatrick AtlPatrick on Sep 15, 2014

      Had to Google 'em myself... "Vehicle to Vehicle" (automatic communications so that vehicles can drive/avoid each other) and "Vehicle to Infrasctructure" (communications to items on the road that report details to the cars, IE stoplights that radio when they are turning, or speed limit signs that broadcast the speed allowed).

  • Pig_Iron Pig_Iron on Sep 12, 2014

    No disrespect Delphi, but you are the absolute last supplier I would entrust automated driving to, and certainly not to my flag ship brand.

  • VenomV12 VenomV12 on Sep 12, 2014

    Delphi tech for V2V driving? Hell no.