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Lamborghini’s newest foray into the premium truck/SUV market may still be for the production stop light to go green, but when it does, it will likely be priced in line with the Huracán.

According to, Lamborghini R&D board member Maurizio Reggiani says the Urus “is still not confirmed for the brand,” and is awaiting final approval from the top brass at Volkswagen AG. Once approved, however, the premium SUV will enter production at the end of 2017 at the earliest.

The statement flies in the face of proclamations of a confirmed 2017 production date by both brand CEO Stephan Winkelmann and Lamborghini Japan sales and marketing boss Eginardo Bertoli. Bertoli adds that the Urus “will be priced similarly to the Huracán, to maintain the brand’s position as premium” when it arrives in Japanese showrooms in 2018.

In the United States, the Huracán starts at $237,250 MSRP. At that price, the Urus would be the most expensive premium SUV available that doesn’t have six wheels or leather from the alleged nether regions of Moby Dick. That said, Reggiani says approval matters more than price at this time, which is likely a formality before the New Age Rambo Lambo roars out of Italy in a few years.

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18 Comments on “2018 Lamborghini Urus Will Share $240k Price Tag With Huracán...”

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    I’ll hold judgement till I see it perform.
    I’m not feeling the idea of a Lamborghini SUV.
    What Lamborghini should do is make their sports cars more practical.

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    Dubai paddy wagon.

    “You couldn’t possibly fit any prisoners in there!”


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    Make the front of the windshield even with the back, then drop it into an active volcano. Destroy all records of its existence.

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    I’m chuckling at the Porsche logo in the background. “Hey look, new Cayanne!”

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    The sad thing is, that it doesn’t really matter how good or bad this is, there will be queues around the block for it. Owning the most expensive version of a thing is and end in itself for its target audience.

    It’s also cheaper than a tiny flat in New York or London.

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    Look, it’s Son of ZDX!

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    Another $ellout ( after Por$che , Maserati .. etc ..,
    BTW: I don’t care so much about ‘pompatous’ R-Royce on Bentley building big SUV[their cars are big anyway]..) ..

    This thing will be practical like .. Avantador or baby-Lambo .. and slower, so what’s the point ?!? .. ohh, the ‘target group’ .. :)

    Nouvo-riche ignorants that are this ‘bad-taste-cars’ buyers should be ‘taxed very hard’..! ..
    (rich m–fu–rs with ‘more money than brain’ are influencing car design overall .. and that’s bad information for you.. :)

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    A urus sounds like a male body part, so the name isn’t great. I also don’t really feel Lambo needs an SUV. They don’t have a hard time selling anything they make! I’m sure that underneath there’s a Q5 in there somewhere.

    Also, I much prefer the LM002.

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    I’d like to say that this massively dilutes the brand and be a disaster, but they said the exact same thing about Porsche when they came out with a gussied-up VW SUV and a 4-door sedan, and those cars are now the backbone of Porsche’s profits.

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      I saw a Macan in the wild the other day. I really like the shape of the thing, much more than the Cayenne. The thing that really bugged me was how over styled the lighting elements are.

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      Agreed. I have zero problems with this idea. Lamborghini, now being a VW, must grow (must it? probably not being in now rests comfortably in that hge conglomorate, but that’s beside the point at this point). And, for good or bad, CUVs is what is growing the world over, so Lambo CUV it is.

      I must have missed the memo but what is a Huracán?

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    I take it the writer and editor(s) are not Spanish/Italian speakers, but the accent is on the final a, not the first one.

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    What’s really offensive is that $240K is for the version with the VW V6.

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    I think I like the LM002 a bit more, for starters it sounds like a machine instead of “Ur-anus”, second it looks far better, third it inspired the Hummer! The Uranus only inspires depression.

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    This looks like derivative styling from the new Miata, the ZDX, one of the newer Buicks with a similar front door design, and a moon buggy from a Commodore VIC-20 video game I played when I was a kid.

    Good luck to Lambo hocking this thing although I bet they sell every one they make.

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    All hail the new king of depreciation. Soon to be parked on Steve langs BHPH lot.

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