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Though the man who steered Infiniti toward its current Q-bound direction has since left for Cadillac, the premium brand is still on track to expanding its lineup on the way towards becoming a full-time player in the luxury game.

Autoblog reports the brand will boost its current offerings by 60 percent within the next five years, expanding to eight coupes/sedans and five crossovers/SUVs for a total of 13 models. While no specifics were revealed by Infiniti Americas vice president Michael Bartsch at this time, he did proclaim an EV is still on the way, as well as a QX30 crossover based upon the Q30 concept.

Further, Infiniti has plans to beef up its IPL division by distributing the firepower among the range. Currently, only the Q60 coupe and convertible are wearing the IPL badge, though the QX30 could be up next for performance-enhancing.

Until then, the brand is bringing the Q50 and Q50 Hybrid to showrooms, and is collaborating with Daimler AG to build 2-liter turbo-fours that are currently Euro-market only.

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22 Comments on “Infiniti Expanding Lineup 60 Percent Within Five Years...”

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    I like Infiniti FAR MORE than acura.

    They have the strongest V6’s I’ve ever used with the best engine notes.

    Maxima is a far better car than the TL.

    If they can pull off a “4-door GT-R” it’ll be a game changer.

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      +1 on those V6s

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        I’m… I’m… so confused. An endorsement from BTSR is… does that mean my 6MT Maxima is worse than I’d feared!? :\'(

        I don’t know about best engine notes, but the Nissan V6s are certainly leagues beyond Honda’s. (As discussed in Jack’s last random thoughts on V6s in midsize sedans.)

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      Most reviews say that the .GT-R is only enjoyable when flooring it from a stop. Otherwise is it has too many quirks and makes too much noise. Infinity has allot of work to do in the NVH department.

      And AMG derived 350 horsepower turbo-4 looks likened is in the making too!

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      Agree with you generally RE: V6’s, save for the 4.0 they use in the Pathfinder/Frontier. It’s very agricultural and gruff, and provides neither great power nor much fuel economy.

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    “adding eight coupes/sedans and five crossovers/SUVs to the eight-vehicle lineup”

    This makes it sound like 8 (existing) + 13 (new) = 21 models.

    I think you need a “to replace the eight-vehicle lineup” in there somewhere.

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    Also, IPL needs a rethink. That’s not an enticing set of letters.

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      That and giving every model nearly indistinquishable “Q” names. I shouldn’t have to think so hard to picture a Q50 or QX60 when the name is mentioned.

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        Agree. Q = largest sedan only, forever.

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          The old line up was easy and made sense:

          Q- Flagship

          M- Large performance sedan

          G- Small performance sedan/coupe

          The SUV/CUVs were always a mess, but a smart solution would be to place an X after each of the above and let the nomenclature follow that. And while we’re at it, I think the I and J class cars were great, and I’d love to see a modern take of the 90’s J30 sedan.

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    The names remain a total disaster. If you’re at all familiar with Mercedes, you know what a GLK, ML, and GL are. Hell, even though BMW has gone absolutely insane with minor product variants, the X1, X3, X4, X5, and X6 hierarchy makes basic sense.

    It used to be the same with Infiniti. The EX was the compact CUV, the FX was the mid-size sporty poor man’s Cayenne, the JX was the big three row GL/MDX competitor, and the QX was the old dog Lexus GX/LX competitor.

    If you say to me QX60, QX70, QX80, QX90, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know which one is bigger or smaller, which one costs more or less. It’s a DISASTER.

    The cars are nearly as bad. They are keeping the G around even longer as the Q40, along with the Q50, the Q60 which is also the old coupe, and then the Q70 which is still the old M just with the new name.

    Their new double screen system is also lousy, the e-steering system is awful, and paint and trim are STILL falling off their interiors after a few years. Yes they are better than Acura, but is that really a complement?

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      Which model is it that has the paint and trim issues? Neither of the ones I have/had showed any of this. My I30 was 10 years old when I bought it, and it was very solid inside and out. I did find a screw on the rear floorboard one time, but never knew where it came from. Nothing else fell off! Oh and I did replace the plastic clip thing which held the center console lid closed, as it had worn down from (apparently lots of) use by the previous owner. Two screws and $10.

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        Maybe he’s referring to the paint that flakes off the last-body-style (rev-up/VQ35HR) G35 steering wheels? I know the G37 fixed that stuff (supposedly).

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        The rubberized trim was peeling off of G35/37 steering wheels as recently as 2011 or 12. There’s also MANY cases of wood trim in various Infiniti models, G, M, FX, you name it, falling off the doors and dashboards. Just search on Google images for it, you’ll find plenty of them.

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          I thought the G and M had the same steering wheel, but now I’m guessing they don’t. When I was looking at M’s for a while before I purchased, I didn’t come across any complaints of falling wood, or any for sale with wood problems (aside from a couple where people had rubbed jewelry or etc on the wood and scratched it like a fool).

          The wood in there is of a considerably higher/nicer quality than was in my GS430.

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