BMW: No M Badge For 4 Series Gran Coupe

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
bmw no m badge for 4 series gran coupe

Those who were looking forward to a smaller version of BMW’s M6 Gran Coupe can stop holding their breath: the automaker is declining to produce the M4 Gran Coupe. reports BMW’s M sales boss Jörg Bartels confirmed the decision not to proceed during the Australian launch of the new 3 and 4 series last week:

That is a negative. It was definitely considered, but there is no plan to build an M4 Gran Coupe. Part of the reason is expected production volume, but also the 4 Series Gran Coupe is built in a different factory to both the 3 Series (sedan) and 4 Series (coupe), so there is a lot of challenges there.

The M badge is set to grace both 3 and 4 series in their respective sedan and coupe configurations, as well as the M4 Convertible, while the 3 Series Gran Turismo — like the 5 Series version — will do without.

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  • Zykotec Zykotec on Jul 07, 2014

    Darn, and I was just looking for a fun rwd hatchback sedan that could take me back to the years I drove Ford Sierras...well, I'llhave to keep the CRV for a few years more I guess...

  • BklynPete BklynPete on Jul 07, 2014

    BMW’s Jörg Bartels: "No M Badge for you!" It figures that a German car maker would have its own special badge Nazi. I just read the August Consumer Reports. All anyone really "needs" is an M235i, don't you understand?

  • Photog02 Photog02 on Jul 07, 2014

    Holy crap! There's a product niche BMW won't fill?!?

  • IHateCars IHateCars on Jul 08, 2014

    As much as I'd like to pile on with the BMW hate for creating yet another variation of the series, I can't. Because it's a very good looking car and they will sell a ton of them. Viva la choice!