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Those who were looking forward to a smaller version of BMW’s M6 Gran Coupe can stop holding their breath: the automaker is declining to produce the M4 Gran Coupe. reports BMW’s M sales boss Jörg Bartels confirmed the decision not to proceed during the Australian launch of the new 3 and 4 series last week:

That is a negative. It was definitely considered, but there is no plan to build an M4 Gran Coupe. Part of the reason is expected production volume, but also the 4 Series Gran Coupe is built in a different factory to both the 3 Series (sedan) and 4 Series (coupe), so there is a lot of challenges there.

The M badge is set to grace both 3 and 4 series in their respective sedan and coupe configurations, as well as the M4 Convertible, while the 3 Series Gran Turismo — like the 5 Series version — will do without.

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20 Comments on “BMW: No M Badge For 4 Series Gran Coupe...”

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    Wow. In a market getting increasingly crowded with manufacturers and models, BMW is pulling a GM and expanding theirs. I need some kind of BMW decoder ring to help me determine what kind of BMW to buy to project my outwardly-trendy-hip aura, while protecting the insecure-follow the crowd-cautious, trust-fund inner-self.

    How is the typical BMW customer to cope? Maybe there’s an app for that.

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    I thought the whole point of the 4 series was to be the stylish 2 door coupe? So now there’s a 3 series 4 door and a 4 series 4 door…

    I don’t get it.

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    Eventually Audi and Merc will push them to do an M variant for every car model in the range.

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      BMW MX5?

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        Yes, there is a BMW //M X5. I attended an //M Power Tour event a few years ago. Among the //M loveliness there was this hulking truck. The presenter was clear on two things. The first was that BMW built it because most of the M owners also had a truck, and many of them had a sport truck beginning with a “P”. “We saw no reason to have our customers spend that money on someone else’s product”. The second thing was that the M X5 had to hit the M3 performance stats, which is really amazing when you look at the hugeness of the truck.
        Niche marketing, yes, but at least someone said “If we HAVE to slap an //M on a truck, it has to be a very very fast one”.

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    BMW autos are becoming so redundant. It’s like they fired the design team and hired a bunch of students to copy and paste the same BMW flavor for the past ten years. The average person. I mean 99% of the population has a hard time differentiating between models. BMW = Boring motor works.

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    as much as i dislike modern BMWs I like the M4 coupe

    its pretty close to the diesel manual 4wd wagon isnt it?

    the 3GT and 5GT are abominations but the hit the right note with the 4

    3,500lb 6 spd man or 8 spd auto and with a decent selection of motors

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    Mike N.

    That’s a shame, the 4GC is easily the best looking from the 3/4 Series, and the lift back would have been a welcome dose of utility to an M3. Then again, I’d get an M3 over an M4.

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      The 4GC is to my mind much less successful in terms of looks than the 6GC, which is nicer than the 2-door 6. The 4GC, everytime I look at it, says W Impala – the window outline is just not right. And if you want a proper liftback, there’s always the 3GT.

      Styling matters are subjective I know, but really – the best looking of the lot are the 3 saloon and touring, just as they’ve always been.

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    I don’t understand why people get their panties in a bunch over BMWs product line. Sure it’s confusing and extremely watered-down but it certainly doesn’t seem to be hurting profit margins.

    The fact of the matter is; the boys in Munich can bolt 4 wheels to a meatloaf and slap an M-badge on it for all I care, just as long as they still make products like the M3, M4, M5 and (soon to be) M2. Sure they make the 2 Series Active Tourer thing and the X6 but they also still make several other great cars. That’s more than I can say for Infiniti/Nissan, Lexus/Toyota, VW/Audi ect…

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      You answered your own quandry.

      “I don’t understand why people get their panties in a bunch over BMWs product line”

      “it’s confusing and extremely watered-down”

      Bingo. Nobody cares about what their profit margins are doing, except shareholders (who probably have Mercs anyway).

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        I care about their profit margins. If producing niche market autos with wacky nomenclature brings in the cash? Good for them (and us). That just allows BMW AG to invest money into their M-division which consistently builds great, albeit overpriced, vehicles.

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    Noooooo! My lifelong dream of buying an M4 Gran Coupe xDrive 35is is ruined.

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    Darn, and I was just looking for a fun rwd hatchback sedan that could take me back to the years I drove Ford Sierras…well, I’llhave to keep the CRV for a few years more I guess…

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    BMW’s Jörg Bartels: “No M Badge for you!” It figures that a German car maker would have its own special badge Nazi.

    I just read the August Consumer Reports. All anyone really “needs” is an M235i, don’t you understand?

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    Holy crap! There’s a product niche BMW won’t fill?!?

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    As much as I’d like to pile on with the BMW hate for creating yet another variation of the 3…er…4 series, I can’t. Because it’s a very good looking car and they will sell a ton of them.

    Viva la choice!

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