BMW Confirms 2 Series Gran Coupe For 2020

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
bmw confirms 2 series gran coupe for 2020

Having already provided Gran Coupe (fastback sedan) versions of the 4 and 6 Series, BMW is planning on doing the same for the “entry level” 2 Series. However, it doesn’t appear as though it will be based on the rear-drive 2 Series we’ve come to appreciate as the one of the best driving cars currently residing in the company’s stable.

Instead, BMW claims the 2 Series Gran Coupe will be based on the same front-wheel drive UKL modular platform that underpins most of the brand’s smallest models. That means the four-door Gran Coupe will probably have more in common with the X1, X2, 2 Series Active Tourer, and China’s 1 Series Sedan than it does with the standard 2 Series.

From BMW:

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will once again create fresh impulses in this class. It builds on the latest BMW front-wheel drive architecture and shares a multitude of technological developments with the new BMW 1 Series, which will also be presented during the course of 2019.

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe has been conceived as a global offering that constitutes an attractive enrichment, especially for markets in which car buyers show a strong affinity for notchbacks. As an exclusive alternative to the classic saloon, the four-door coupe addresses all target groups that prefer a sophisticated design and a self-assured look in the compact segment as well.

From what we’re hearing, the 2 Series Gran Coupe sounds less like a way to deliver a four-door version of its enthusiastic 2 Series Coupe and more like an attempt to make the crossover-adjacent 2 Series Active Tourer less nerdy. While we only have a singular shadowy teaser image to go off, it’s a safe assumption that the Gran Coupe will be more carlike than the European people carrier.

BMW hasn’t confirmed specs, though we anticipate a 2.0-liter turbo-four and front-wheel drive as standard. Engine options with more punch and all-wheel drive should be on offer, too. The manufacturer plans to debut a production version of the 2 Series Gran Coupe in November, with worldwide sales commencing next spring.

[Image: BMW]

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  • Healthy skeptic Healthy skeptic on Mar 21, 2019

    The green in the photo is one sexy color. Not to worry, though. By the time they produce it, it will only be offered in shades of gray. Like virtually every other car for the past 15-20 years.

  • Roberto Esponja Roberto Esponja on Mar 21, 2019

    This company is going full absurd in the number of models. My neighbors across the street have an X1 and an X3, both white. You have to really look to tell that they're both different vehicles. Ridiculous...

    • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Mar 21, 2019

      Germans are smart - it is easy to design these things - just scale basic design up or down by 10% - computer will do it for you - just ask.

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  • Daniel J I wish auto journos would do more comparisons. They do some but many are just from notes from a previous review compared to a new review. I see where journos go out to a location and test drive and review a vehicle on location but that does absolutely nothing for me without any comparison to similar cars. I also wish more journos spent more time on seat comfort. I guess that doesn't matter much when many journos seem to be smaller folks where comfort isn't as important. Ergonomics are usually just glossed over unless there is something very specific about the ergonomics that tick the journo off. I honestly get more from most youtube reviews than I ever do about reviews written on a page.
  • Namesakeone It's not just automotive. All print media is treading water. Time Magazine has gone from weekly to biweekly. Playboy no longer exists as a print magazine. There are lots of other examples. How to fix it? Let me be (among) the first to say that I have no idea.
  • Teddyc73 Was anyone really clamoring to buy one?
  • MaintenanceCosts This looks really surprisingly different from the Blazer EV. It's more boring, but it's also more Honda, and for that reason alone it will be taken a lot more seriously in US markets.