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Despite looking very much like a sedan, BMW unveiled their 6 Series “Gran Coupe” at the Geneva Auto Show, as it engages in yet another asinine tit-for-tat response to competing product from Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Engines included a gasoline or diesel inline six (with turbocharging) and a twin turbocharged V8. An 8-speed automatic transmission along with a start-stop system, is standard, and drivers can hit an ECO PRO button if they suddenly feel compelled to save the planet. Sales are expected to begin this summer – we’re not sure why, but they are.

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13 Comments on “Geneva 2012: BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe Corners The “Looks Kind Of Like A 5…Maybe A 7…Sort Of” Market Segment...”

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    Here’s a list of all the tit-for-tat, with a few unanswered salvos:

    Audi A1
    BMW (MINI)
    Merc ??

    Audi A3
    BMW 1-Series
    Merc A/B-Class

    Audi A4
    BMW 3-Series
    Merc C-Class

    Audi A5
    BMW 4-Series
    Merc C-Class Coupe

    Audi A6
    BMW 5-Series
    Merc E-Class

    Audi A6 Allroad
    BMW ??
    Merc ??

    Audi ??
    BMW 6-Series
    Merc E-Class Coupe

    Audi ??
    BMW 5-Series GT
    Merc R-Class

    Audi A7
    BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe
    Merc CLS-Class

    Audi A8
    BMW 7-Series
    Merc S-Class

    Audi (Bentley)
    BMW ??
    Merc CL-Class

    Audi Q3
    BMW X1
    Merc ??

    Audi Q5
    BMW X3
    Merc GLK

    Audi ??
    BMW X5
    Merc ML

    Audi Q7
    BMW ??
    Merc GL

    Audi ??
    BMW ??
    Merc G

    Audi TT
    BMW Z4
    Merc SLK

    Audi (Bentley)
    BMW ??
    Merc SL

    Audi R8/(Lamborghini)
    BMW ??
    Merc SLS

    Audi TDI/e-tron
    BMW d/EfficientDynamics/i
    Merc Bluetech

    Audi S/RS
    BMW M/Alpina
    Merc AMG

    Audi ??
    BMW ??
    Merc UNIMOG

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      While I wouldn’t normally compare them head-to-head, I’d say that BMW has Rolls-Royce to Audi’s Bentley. Don’t think that RR matches up nicely with your Merc CL/S. Instead, I’d say it lined up with Maybach better, but we know how that ended.

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    It follows the fine post-bangle-butt tradition of making them look like a Nissan Altima. Certainly not like any BMW did, or should, look.

    Oh well, they’ll sell enough to justify its existence. Nissan will move on with its designs.

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    Its a good thing BMW is supposedly splitting the 3 series into a 3 series 4-door and a 4 series 2-door. All of their coupes will soon be even-numbered and sedans odd-numbered. So now when you’re looking for the legendary original ultimate sports coupe you just order an M3…err…I mean M4? Well at least if you’re looking for a big 2 door you can just get the even numbered 6 series gran coupe…wait what??

    What the hell was the point of creating a 4 series?

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    Like Audi’s A6/A7 trick this looks like an attempt to split the segment into conservative vs more styling conscious customers. Seems like a niche of niche but its a very competitive (and profitable) one so it’s probably worth the effort.

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    A coupe is a car with a short-coupled body and two doors. Period.

    The car shown is a sedan, not a coupe. It always irritates me when marketers do violence to the language.

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    Late to Audi’s show. And what’s Ann Coulter doing there?

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    Those bridesmaid’s dresses are almost as horrible as the car.

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    Not so much a coupe as a less dull looking 5 series.

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    Is this that new K9 they’ve been testing on Korean highways?

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    The 7 series now has two coupes.

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