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Courtesy of Stingray Forums and Jalopnik, we have our first look at the Corvette Z06 Convertible – an automatic one to boot.

The Z06 convertible is the next logical step beyond the C6 427 convertible – but does that mean that the equity built up around the Z06 nameplate is tarnished? In the eyes of some people, it will be. But as far as the bottom line goes, Chevrolet is going to sell these – with two pedals, not three – in sufficient quantities to justify their R&D costs. And no amount of protest can change the realities of market demand.

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37 Comments on “New York 2014: 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible...”

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    I never wanted a Blue Corvette, before today

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      In all honesty you still shouldn’t want one . Especially if its a C7, C5 , C4 , C3 or any of their pretentious derivatives . Double that if its a Flexible Flyer convertible !

      Unless of course your name is Joe the Plummer …. recently retired … and recently divorced .. with a full on mullet and a severe case of the Mid Life Crisis going on … desperate for attention .. especially from the female persuasion … and convinced that a Corvette of any kind will help your cause [ Note ; It will not .. anymore than a Porsche will as a matter of fact ]

      You really want a Vette ? Get either a C2 or a C6 . The one [ C2 ] will garner you respect because it is such a classic . The C6 because it still is the best Vette to date and the one genuine enthusiasts … not poseurs know is the only modern one to buy .

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    The styling is a bit too busy for my taste. Cleaner is almost always better. Numerous Bangle BMWs are an exception to that, especially some of the Z4s. No brickbats, please!

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    i think the styling is railing against the simplicity of the C5/C6 which most people think was getting to conservative

    however, this thing looks like a refugee from Transformers

    the auto will be lame but typically will benefit from a firmware flash

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    Guy in my neighborhood has a black C6 Gran Sport and a black C7 and they were parked next to each other the other day and honestly the C6 looks better. The C7 is just too busy looking, too much going on, the interior is good though. That stick-on rear wing just looks terrible too. I think the, ’63 Split Window, C6 Gran Sport and the 1996 Grand Sport and Collector’s Edition were the best looking Corvettes ever made.

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      Yes, I think history is going to look very kindly on the C6.

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      I like the C7 but I’d like to see something done to the back. The wide body C6 Corvettes are some of the best looking sports cars on the road (that aren’t $150,000+). They remind me of a modern interpretation of a P-51 Mustang. Bubble canopy and all.

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        I love me some 91-96 C4, the rounded convex tail really helps the lines.

        I’m one of those crazy people who will stick up for the rubber bumper C3s, but there must be a spoiler on the back because just like the Camaro and Firebird of similar vintage, the super sloped back end kinda looks weird without it.

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      I think the C6 is going to continue to be a great car in the aftermarket for years, but it seems one of the big selling points of the C7 is almost a “Not your Father’s Corvette” vibe; I’d argue you don’t have to ‘justify’ pulling up to certain restaurants and bars in your ‘Vette anymore.

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    By getting the convertible, you eliminate some of the busy looking vents…any reservations about the exterior simply become irrelevant (at least to me – an actual buyer) when you experience that beautiful interior and superb drivetrain. I’ll admit that I’m not head over heels with the exterior, but the rest is awesome!! Delivery can’t come quick enough…

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    The Heisenberg Cartel

    Somewhere out there, Jack Baruth is screaming and crying!

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    New full size and heavy duty pickup rollout is a disaster.

    Colorado/Canyon is already dead, a year before it has been launched.

    Full sized SUVs are an increasingly shrinking segment of the market.

    Sonic, Cruze, and Malibu aren’t even appealing to rental fleets.

    The Spark is a remnant of a partnership with Daewoo that should have been severed years ago…

    The Traverse is a “close second” to every other car/crossover in its class.

    Cadillac has alienated the elderly and youth markets with cars that have confusing names and schizophrenic options packages that blend old fart comfort with white knuckle performance–that no one can enjoy.

    …they still make Buicks? Apparently they’re big in China. Everyone who knows anything knows that being big in China is a huge thing to car sales in the US.

    GM is on the forefront of a media crap tornado where they essentially murdered people to save a few pennies, while taking money from the taxpayers.

    What better time to show off a halo car that won’t pay the bills?

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    I have a 2012 Z06 Centennial Editon with the 3LZ package that I have loved since I got it new in the fall of 2011. It replaced my 2008 Z06 that got totalled by a hillbilly broadsiding me at an intersection. I had a 2006 convertible before that. I also have been a sales manager at a Chevy dealership for the past 24 years and may be perceived as a bit biased :p I think the exterior on both have their merits but actually prefer the exterior of the C6 to the C7, however the interior of the new car makes mine look like a 2007 Cobalt.

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    oh and no Z06 should have an automatic transmission

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    Rabble, rabble, rabble… If people can get high-end performance cars with an automatic people won’t know how a-special I am because I like manuals. Rabble, rabble, rabble…

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    never a huge fan of corvettes (if/when i can afford a sports car, was leaning toward a boxster or cayman) but the new c7 has definitely entered discussion whereas no previous version ever did for me. i’m 39, so maybe i’m the “transformers generation” chevy/gm’s trying to capture — well it’s working.

    the old ones are cool to look at neighborhood car shows and cruising around in a older vette might be neat. but the c7 is the only modern version that i think looks great. and apparently actually has driving/handling dynamics and an interior that keep up with a solid engine. if the next few years show it’s also relatively reliable and cheap to maintain, i think they’ll definitely win some folks over from the germans. if that means offering an auto, so be it… tons of PDKs boxster/caymans sold

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      +1 The majority of Porsche sales are PDK equipped vehicles (which is just a more acceptable term for automatic). Why would GM deny themselves these sales? To avoid offending some internet auto purists?

      If you want a hard core racer then GM has a Z/28 for you.

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    Carlson Fan

    Now that the snow and salt is off Minnesota roads I have seen a lot of these in the last week or two. Personally I think they look awesome. I wouldn’t call the styling too busy. You can still easily recognize it as a Vette but it looks nothing like the generation before it. I’d say they pretty much nailed it styling wise with this one.

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    GM has ///M’d the Z06 badge. Next up, Tahoe Z06.

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    I saw one of the new Corvettes in just that color blue today. And I have to say, it is the first Corvette since the Split Window Coupes that I think is HOT! It really looked great. Hopefully my Corvette nut uncle will buy one so I can play with it a bit. The guy is a retired Air Force pilot who is into Beetles and Corvettes – go figure.

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    Corvette should be good-lookig!
    ..weak-point of this new car is it’s ‘messy’ design ..

    C5 was handsome, ‘clean-designed’ car ,
    C6(‘ferrari inspired’:) not so much , and here’s the same story with C7 .. (Camaro[even a littlebit overwritten] looks ‘purpouseful\'(muscular) and cool), so why they wasted opportunity for this new generation (especialy that it drives very well..)

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