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Honda FCEV 06

Honda’s successor to the FCX Clarity isn’t set to arrive on our shores until 2015, but those in LA bore witness to what its successor would look like through the eyes of the FCEV Concept.

The FCEV can ferry up to five passengers due to the totatlity of the drivetrain stored within what Honda calls “the engine room.”

As for power, hydrogen is used to create the electricity needed to drive the wheels forward. The automaker has improved this process since the FCX, managing 3 kW per liter of hydrogen consumed.

Honda expects the FCX’s successor to have a range of 300 miles, with only three minutes spent at the pump.

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8 Comments on “Los Angeles 2013: Honda FCEV Concept...”

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    SCE to AUX

    “…with only three minutes spent at the pump.”

    That’s nice; there are only 10 H2 filling stations in the US (with 9 of them in southern California).

    And that’s a hideous, ridiculous-looking concept – definitely an unworthy successor to the Clarity.

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      Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

      Gas stations could add a cracker/reformulator to supply H2 from gasoline or natural-gas feedstock fairly straightforwardly. Question is, is doing so and using fuel cells more cost-effective and efficient? 3kW per liter of H2 at what pressure? What’s the efficiency rating of that?

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    Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    What’s their cost per Watt? Anything more than 10 cents is not credible for automotive applications.

    A house could get by on 25kW service (about 100A 240V) and $25k for something that uses cheap natural gas (if available) might possibly be justifiable, especially if it provides combined heat and power (CHP).

    For a car? $100,000 for a 100kW fuel cell is laughable.

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    Oh goody, Honda finally stuck an impulse engine on the rear.
    I’m taking issue with the wheels, esp the rear. It looks like they run out of time or something and plucked the latest Civic wheels and stuck them on the rear. It doesn’t ‘Fit’…

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    Looks like George Jetson’s automotive wet dream.

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    johnny ringo

    This vehicle looks like it was styled by somebody who has watched “Star Wars” way too many times-it looks like an imperial storm trooper’s helmet on wheels. This thing is absolutely hideous.

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    My wife indulges me with my TTAC habit. She leaned over my shoulder and said that this concept reminds her of a folded and rolled dinner napkin.

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    1. No, this isn’t what it will look like
    2. Why not just scan the brochure and post that?
    3. Where’s the engine room?
    4. Electricity may eventually twist the wheels, but it’s the road that drives them forward.
    7. I must be in a bad mood.

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