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Datsun’s newest vehicle, unveiled in Jakarta today, is a stretched version of the Go, dubbed the Go+. While this will elict a shrug of the shoulders for most of you, it’s an astute move by Datsun.

Indonesia’s auto market is dominated by small minivans. Toyota has an iron grip on the market with the Avanza, a rear-drive, rather basic vehicle. GM is trying to unseat Toyota with the Spin, a front-drive minivan with more modern bones. The Go+, which can seat 7 (perhaps in some degree of discomfort), is Nissan’s attempt to capture a slice of what many think is the next big car market.

With this knowledge in mind, TTAC predicted that the next Datsun would likely be an MPV, and it turned out we were correct. That and 37, 504 Indonesian rupiah will get you a Big Mac combo in Jakarta.

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13 Comments on “We Called It: Next Datsun Is An MPV...”

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    Is it really that hard to make a small car look decent?

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      Yes it is. You don’t have a lot of room to work with, so you get stuck with bland or horribly overstyled/cartoonish.

      Personally I don’t find this car to look that bad, especially considering what it’s mission is.

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        I don’t know, I feel like designers these days don’t know when to stop. It’s like they just keep adding creases and contours and what not. I understand that you have a smaller canvas to work with but do designers have to be stuck on the same concepts over and over? Make a small car, put huge lights on it to emphasize you’re looking at a compact. Make the lights crazy shapes because that’s cool. A bunch of creases down the side make it look like it’s always in motion. Huge fake vents make it look sort and aggressive, even though it’s a compact mpv. Designers have degrees, can’t any of them adapt design to a smaller vehicle?

        Honda did a good job of keeping it simple with the first Fit.

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        Big Al from Oz

        Well, I’ve seen cartoonish large vehicles as well. Like a painting, the larger the canvas doesn’t mean the better the image.

        Look at humans, does larger equate to prettier? Or upsizing at McDonalds, does it make the meal better?

        A classic example of cartoonish large vehicle is the big rig look grilles on US pickups.

        Are they functional? How much better would the FE with a better designed front end? Why are they so large, do they compensate for a small piece of a guys anatomy?

        But, we have some dreadful midsize front ends as well, take the Global Colorado or even my BT50. These two vehicle have a face only a mother could love, just like the front end of US pickups.

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          Well to be honest there seems to be a dearth of talent or at least originality in the auto industry for design. I mean, look at Lexus, their strategy to stand out is just to look as hideous as possible with hopes no one else copies. Too bad for them Infiniti called their bluff and has adopted a cartoon version of their front end.

          In any event the point is that at least there are some successful designs on larger vehicles currently. It seems all compact vehicles fall victim to these awful design trends. There might be a couple of them that will age even remotely gracefully. I guess my tastes are a lot more conservative than what’s popular these days.

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    I have no issue with this. In fact, I’d buy a car like this. I would just unbolt the 3rd seat and have something awfully close to my 1G Scion xB, with a bit more cargo space.

    Maybe Nissan could replace the Cube with something like this.

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    People’s car with Nissan reliability. Bring it.

    But not in that color. What is that, Butternut Baby Poo?

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    Just call it the Versa Wagon! Oh yeah, wagon is now a four letter word…

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    Dan R

    When we going to lose these F1 front brake styling cues?
    So juvenile!

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      OMG… how did I not see that?!

      Dead to me now. ‘Cause that’s the first thing everyone would notice if I rolled up in one. Even before saying “Well, at least it’s the right color for a sh*tbox!”

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    Big Al from Oz

    When you have only 36 vehicles per 1 000 population and a country wanting to advance you will sell these kinds of vehicles.

    They have to be cheap, provide good utility first, then looks come second. But a better looking vehicle would probably be a better selling point.

    The Indonesian vehicle market has massive potential. Indonesia is a country with over 220 million people. Like I mentioned only 36 vehicles per 1 000 people is tiny when compared to its neighbour, Australia with about 740 vehicles per thousand people. How much more can our market expand?

    When and if the Indonesian vehicle market gets on it’s feet we will benefit the most. They will need minerals and more food as they gain a larger middle class. I hope the Indonesians get there.

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