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1970_Toyota_Corona_Commercial-Picture courtesy of Toyota USASince my first car was a 1969 Toyota Corona sedan, I always look for these cars in junkyards. I toy with the idea of getting another first-gen Corona sedan someday, into which I will swap a 1UZ-FE engine out of a Lexus LS400, so of course I check the internetz for old Corona ads. Here’s a good one!

Yes, the ’70 Corona sedan beats the mighty F-104-engined Green Monster LSR car in all categories, including a 98-yard drag race (in which the Corona gets about a 95-yard head start). As for trunk space and ease of parking… well, you’re better off with a Corona than a jet dragster any day!

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16 Comments on “Adventures In Marketing: 1970 Toyota Corona Beats Green Monster Jet Car In Drag Race...”

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    schmitt trigger

    Easier to Park!
    Better MPG!
    In addition, you don’t fry any motorcycle riders driving behind you!

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    The Green Monster, from wiki: “Art removed 60 blades out of approximately 1000 in the engine, removing broken blades and ones at 180 degrees, or the pair at +/-120 degrees to maintain balance.”

    Part of me cringes at what unforeseen effects that might have had on the engine but most of me applauds the man’s ingenuity and can-do!

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    Thanks for the Wiki link…instructive and Art makes Evil Knieval look like a piker (even with Evil’s broken bones).

    Here’s the longer quote.

    “The most famous “Green Monster” was powered by an ex-F-104 Starfighter General Electric J79 jet engine, producing 17,500 lbf (78 kN) static thrust with four-stage afterburner, which Arfons purchased from a scrap dealer for $600 and rebuilt himself, over the objections of General Electric and the government, and despite all manuals for the engine being classified top secret.
    The engine had been scrapped because of damage caused by ingesting a bolt. Art removed 60 blades out of approximately 1000 in the engine, removing broken blades and ones at 180 degrees, or the pair at +/-120 degrees to maintain balance. He tested it by tying it to trees in his garden, a procedure which drew complaints from his neighbors.”

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      Most people get the facts of the engine wrong. I work at the USAF facility where the J-79 was repaired until the USAf quit using it in early 90’s. The gov’t, especially the USAF, were concerned which variant of the engine Arfon’s got his hands on. At the time, the USAF was using the J-79-15 version. Arfons somehow got his hannds on a J-79-17 version. The -17 version was just starting to be installed in the fighters when Arfons made his world record attempts. Since there was no commercial version of the J-79 (like for airline use), the USAF really wanted to know how he got his hands on the -17 version. No one ever really explained that one.

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    I can see a lot of traditional British influence in that Corona. Looks like the Dolly Sprint.

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    A while back, based on a picture of one forum member mocking another’s terrible launches at the drag strip by running along side them at the starting line, I worked out the math and a world class sprinter should be able to beat a performance car driven a little below average or with a bad reaction time on regular street tires to the 60ft mark.

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    Felix Hoenikker

    “Seats 5” only if the three in the back seat are children or pygmies.

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    Volt 230

    That is why I bought one myself, but never got any chicks cause even the Mustang II kicked my ASS!

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    Volt 230

    The father of the Camry!!!

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    Nah, if you want to have a fighting chance against the Green Monster, you gotta go Datsun, baby! White Zombie, DC Rules!

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    Southern Perspective

    Mr. Martin, Thanks SO much for posting this.

    I remember when this ad was on TV; the first time I saw it I laughed so hard that my sides hurt.

    Great marketing; reminicent of some of the VW ads of the early 60s.

    Thanks again!

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    A neighbor’s daughter had a ’69 Corona, with the fabulous Toyo-Matic transmission, only a couple minor dents, and “patina”, mostly on the roof from dripping surfboards. Otherwise it was a solid So. Cal. cruiser. She was accepted at college and sold it for $500. If only I’d known Murilee wanted one!

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    There are still a few of these puttering around So. Cal.

    When fitted with the optional AC , the glove box door was removed & replaced with three round vents .

    I rather like the Coupe version but IIRC the ’69’s had the terrible 3RB engine made (apparently) of balsa wood .


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    i may have drove one of these corona briefly one summer, it was owned by my bro, nice little car. It may have a 2 spd toyo-glide tranny.
    correct me if wong.

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