Cadillac Cancels Halo Sedan, Omega Platform Forges Ahead

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
cadillac cancels halo sedan omega platform forges ahead

A bit of bittersweet news for the GM crowd: the General is hard at work on a new platform for large RWD cars, dubbed “Omega”, and a Cadillac variant of that car is well underway. But a potential flagship sedan, ala the Ciel concept car, won’t make it.

Automotive News reports that the largest Cadillac was considered too expensive and too close to the Omega vehicle, which will compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and other large luxury sedans. Styling cues from the Ciel will reportedly make it into the Omega sedan, and Cadillac is said to be looking at more niche vehicles as well.

Without knowing any of the internal factors that went into this decision, it’s disappointing to hear the news. Furthermore, one would think that a truly distinct vehicle like a four-door convertible would be a huge hit with the subset one percenters who must have the latest, greatest and flashiest ride. There would be nothing else like it on the road.

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  • Redliner Redliner on Jul 01, 2013

    As long as the domestic "luxury" brands compete on value and by having more features than the competition at a lower price, they will always be second tier. They need to be able to compete on their own merits. It's like Kia ten years ago. They where good for the price, but not really that good. Now they cost the same as everything else and are perceived to be roughly on equal footing with the competition.

  • AMC_CJ AMC_CJ on Jul 01, 2013

    The car I really want is a mid 60's Imperial..... nobody is ever going to build such a thing anymore. I want something big, wide, low. Nothing bloated. I don't want a computer screen in it, or 20-position heated or cooled seats. I just want a big powerful car, that has real metal laid out across the interior, real chrome, and is over engineered and over-built to withstand anything I can throw at it. Power window, locks, fine. A/C of course, but nothing else but fine materials, craftsman ship, etc. And I want it to FLOAT down the road.

  • Michael500 Michael500 on Jul 01, 2013

    What sucks is that the prototype looked so cool:

    • Lie2me Lie2me on Jul 01, 2013

      Yeah, that's it, the car no one ever wants to see again

  • Gorentacarmedubai Gorentacarmedubai on Jul 02, 2013

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