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For an extra $550, Mercedes-Benz owners will now be able to enjoy the latest in LED lighting technology, now that a customed LED-illuminated Mercedes logo is available as an option. The logo will stay lit for 40 seconds while the car is unlocked and for five seconds while the doors are open. US regulations prohibit it being illuminated while the vehicle is in motion. Expect this to be very popular with C250 owners, much like the infamous “Bentley grille” was with base-trim Chrysler 300 models in the middle of the last decade.

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40 Comments on “Is That An Illuminated Mercedes Logo, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?...”

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    This is very chintzy, but I’m a fan of lighted emblems, and door sills. (eg. the G55, or S80 Inscription). It’s the opera light for the 21st century!

    An A7, unlocked at night (in a dark color)… rings front and back aglow. Mmm tasty.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      The Audi logo does lend itself to being illuminated, more so than the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star. And it would be downright tacky on a BMW.

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        There is an Audi commercial where a man walks up to a concept A3 of some sort, and does like a swipe motion near the door. A light shoots down the side of the car and the whole thing lights up. It put me in mind of that.

        I happened to be watching TV with a friend at the time, and we both said OOOOH when we saw that part.

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    Tacky, just plain tacky.

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    The Soul of Wit

    Why you-all gotta be pickin’ on us C-class owners?

    Kinda reminds me of the front-end of the original mid-80’s Mercury Sable, which had a lighted panel above the Grille. IIRC, wasn’t that lit all the time?

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    A standing hood ornament would be prefered.

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      The Soul of Wit

      Couldn’t current be run through the logo to heat it up to, like, 500 degrees and turn it into a branding iron so the pedestrians or large quadripeds I hit get an M-B star logo branded onto their bods? . .

      Yes. I know. Crude and socially unacceptable.

      But it makes only slightly less sense than the lighted logo.

      Add question: Couldn’t they make it light up when the car is unlocked by the key fob? At least then this option would have a useful purpose: You’d be able to identify/find your car in the Walmart parking lot….. :/

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    I love Mercedes for their cars that have the hood ornament/badge, the grill badge, and about half the owners who have front license plates with the tri-star logo. Just in case you didn’t know how their money situation.

    And by “money situation,” I mean their ability to procure $1,999 at signing and $379 a month.

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    The ultimate douche attribute. Let them have it. I don’t care. I am sure Daimler stock holders don’t mind.

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    Mercedes has completely lost me. I’m not interested in any Mercedes newer than a ’95 E-Class.

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    Now someone WILL come out with a line of after market lit logos for every brand of car. ‘If you liked Altezza – you’ll LOVE this!’

    As for the Mercedes:

    “The logo will stay lit for 40 seconds while the car is unlocked and for five seconds while the doors are open.”

    During the LED on period, the Benz should play (loudly) “Rico Suave” from a speaker mounted behind the lit logo.

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    All the honda ricers had glow emblems in the late nineties… Now on a Mercedes of all things

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    The perfect accessory to go with your 22″ spinners… Classy!

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    Now that the CLA exists, shouldn’t C-class owners get some slack?

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    Scion beat them to the punch.

    The 10th anniversary editions of all of thier cars have backlit emblems on the grille.

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      Tack one more year onto Scion’s introduction to the market – my 2012 xB Release Series 9.0 came with illuminating emblems both on the grille and on the hatch.

      Basically, they mooched their own idea for all of the “10” series.

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    Rappers should start stealing them, and hang them around their necks. That’s the new bling.

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      Yep as others indicated this will become HUGELY popular almost instantly – like clear tail lights and most other cheap add-ons which make your ride instantly look more upscale. The LED “eyelids” look just got one up-ed. BOOM! Pimp your ride material for sure.

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    Don’t be nasty to C-Class owners! Kind of hard to find a SMALL premium sedan anymore. The current C is the last of the breed since the 3 series and A4 are mid-sizers now. Some of us actually bought the car because we WANTED it (over an E), not because it was all we could afford.

    That said, I’ll keep my proper stand-up hood ornament, thank you. Who wants to light up dead bugs and road tar? Not me….

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    Beyond risible but why illegal when driving?

    How is it any more dangerous than trucker bling that sometimes runs around & over grills and bumpers and is on while driving?

    5,4,3… on the Koreans copying.

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    The ad copy should be:

    To boldly douche where no douche has douched before.

    This will be nice way to pull some free profit from the tacky Gotta Look Kardashian crowd who buys C-Classes and GLK-Classes, and will buy CLAs. The fake Benz class keeps expanding.

    By the way, this has already been available to wannabe douches as a douchetastic accessory for $480 without installation:

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    ” Expect this to be very popular with C250 owners”

    That has to be the most tedious attitudes present here on TTAC.

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    Generally speaking, I love that luxury car designers are doing more and more interesting things with lighting. But this is completely ridiculous.

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    Didn’t the JDM Honda CRX had glow emblem option for the rear?

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    How gauche. When lit does it summon The caped crusader or Ace and Gary? I prefer the more tasteful grill and emblem on an old Pagoda roof or the latest model SL which is quite retro.

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    As a Mercedes owner, this is just tacky and highly embarrassing.

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    Yikes…Looks like an “accessory” that you’d find on ebay for $29 and free shipping out of China. I’d suspect that’s the market that MB was thinking of when they considered offering this option.

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    Am I the only one who thinks these emblems, lighted or not, are getting too big? The Mercedes emblem would look better a third that size. Cadilac is truly grotesque these days. VW is huge, and so are a bunch of others. Frankly, I don’t like an emblem on my polo shirt, much less one that can be read 100 feet away.

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    Tacky. It looks like it’s actually three lights forming the logo. Once one of them goes out, this car will match all the Audis driving around with only one headlight’s worth of LEDs.

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