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A little light reading for the weekend? Someone went and scanned a German language version of the all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class brochure. Bertel’s preoccupied at Nissan right now, so other folks with knowledge of German will have to help with the translation.

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53 Comments on “Mercedes-Benz S-Class Brochure Leaked...”

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    I see they borrowed the two-spoke steering wheel from a 2006 Civic…nice!

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      I saw that, not a fan of that steering wheel in a car of this caliber. Looks like it’s missing a spoke.

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        Kyree S. Williams

        In all honesty, the steering wheel on the current S-Classe looks is a two-spoke, with two more spokes as afterthoughts at the bottom. I think it adds to the spaceship-like cabin of this new S-Classe, and it looks nice to me…especially since that silver piece at the bottom makes the hub look like it’s floating…

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      The wheel in the C63 looks just like the one in a 2007 Civic Si.

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        now they can say these big oel tanker can steer as nimble as a little civic Si

        do they make it more different look than the E or C klasse?

        used to be is just like baking a loaf of bread, u add more yeast and it will look bigger.

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    The rear looks almost British to me, think mid 90s Bentley. Overall I’m not impressed, ugly wheels, giant grille, the sloping beyond the B-pillar is trying too hard (the whole face resembles a pick-up truck). Interiors not too bad, the rear seats resemble what Maybach was offering, except I believe Maybach offered a LWB compared to this. I think in their styling it would sell much better if they tried to emulate the classic lines of the W126 (the most produced S-class of all time) as opposed to make it attractive to semi-retarded Left Coast Iphone addicts and Wall Street bailout billionaires (maybe this styling appeals to and intended for Eastern audiences?).

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      Reminds me of the late 1990’s Bentley Arnage as well, good eye!!

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      The rear looks like an anorexic hipster with bad posture. In requisite skinny jeans. Note to MB: trunks are cool. As are voluptuous rear ends. Just ask the rappers who are no small part of the audience for the highest margin S’.

      I’m sure it will be a wonderful car. The outgoing S is still the pick of the litter for pure opulence, and I have no doubt this Maybach class bridging wondercruiser will be even more spectacular. But, in logjammed LA, in today’s soft labor market; I’d take a three year lease on an Avalon Hybrid plus an unemployed screenwriter driver, over a three year one on of these alone.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      And of course the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph had a similar rear end to the Bentley Arnage…they might have even been the same…

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    The rear looks like one of the Bentley’s – I HATE IT.

    I can’t tell you how PISSED OFF I am that they gave into the goddamned critics and took off the swollen fender haunches. I LOVED THOSE. They made the car look like a KING COBRA. Now it looks like everything else.

    Yeah the interior is nicer, but what about these seats is better than the multicontour seats I had in my 2007???

    Sorry Mercedes – You’ve lost a customer. When my XJ-L goes back, I’ll get something better looking.

    My friend best friend Crystal has an S600 Twin Turbo V-12 which you can see in my latest video. That car is awesome – although her gas mileage is twice as bad as my 07’s V8. I should make a video driving it.

    I also made a video voicing my anger at Mercedes for changing this car like this. Almost 100,000 views.

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      The fenders are the most controversial part of the current S-Class, and totally contrary from what has defined this model line for decades.

      Can’t say I’m going to miss them.

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      The problems of the rich, making a video about S class styling to express your outrage.

      Cannot grasp the mindset, and don’t want to, either. Never did understand your comments and dramatic CAPS use.

      Go to London for the weekend, get a soapbox and lecture the multitudes on Sunday afternoon in Hyde Park. You’ll feel better after a heckling session with the crowd. The same blazing-eyed fanatics enjoy it so much, they keep coming back each week to try to get the sheeple to understand the point. Which, for some unknown reason, they just don’t seem to get.

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      Compaq Deskpro

      The back works for me, but not on this car. The way the lines taper inwards suggests smallness, so this would work very well on a C-class. For me, it’s only mediocre, not rage inducing.

      I’m 100% on board with the front, it looks serious and coherent, LED mascara is tasteful, and it still has the hood ornament. Over all, this car looks good.

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      Keep the XJ. You won’t find anything better looking.

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    I have a PERFECT IDEA for a viral video. I’m gonna borrow one of these S-classes with the “PERFUME AIR” (a vial which allows you to atomize your favorite fragrance and make the car smell like it) and I’m going to use LIQUIFIED MARIJUANA in it.

    I just have to figure out how to avoid a jail sentence.

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    As a millenial, Mercedes wants to sell me a CLA, but *this* is what I want. Love the nautical blue exterior and white/blue interior option.

    This car better be great, though. Mercedes’ reputation lives and dies by the S-Class.

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      With a CLA starting at $29,900 – and probably depreciating by about 30% in 2 years or so, I feel Mercedes is cheapening their image. S550’s around here are $39,000 on Hillside Avenue. When I see that I feel sick to my stomach. They didn’t change much from 07 till 2013 so with a few aftermarket modifications, your 07 BECOMES a “2012”.

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    Each time Mercedes and BMW update their flagship S-Class and 7-Series, respectively, the Audi A8 looks better and better.

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      It does look better than its comrades, but I feel like the visual difference between A4, A6, and A8 has been blurred too much, sort of like 3/5/7.

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        Isn’t that part of the appeal?

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        Audi has become very sensitive to that criticism – thankfully. The new design language, which should debut on the new Q7 this autumn, promises to make a much clearer distinction between models.

        Oddly, I find the current D4 A8 to be the least attractive model in Audi’s lineup – at least as far as the exterior goes. The interior is brilliant (but that new Merc really kicks things up a notch, they deserve that much), but the exterior of the D4 is really frumpy and doesn’t have a terribly cohesive look, IMO. The cut lines, especially at the front, look amateurish, and the LED design gives the car a very saggy, droopy appearance.

        I’m never one to say that a previous generation car looks better than the new one (Jetta V versus Jetta IV notwithstanding…), but the D3 A8 looked much sleeker and sharper than the current one.

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    Ugg. Frankly I’m tired of the plethora of Benz models that seem to be restyled every 6 months. Unfortunately I live in a neighorhood whose streets are festooned with the newest Mercedes, BMWs and Land Rovers. When that’s all you see, and everyone is upgrading to the newest design (to keep up with the Jones) and they all start to look the same. I’m even getting tired of seeing the Evoke. My point? None really, just ranting. Oh, and give those stylist at Mercedes a day off.

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    Dan R

    Fat, bloated and over styled.
    The rear head restraint cushion looks like it was taken from an ’80s Buick.

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    Someone call Ford, their Econoline steering wheel went missing.

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    If you had only sent the exterior pics and hadn’t told me this was the S-Class, I’d wonder if it was the CLA-Class, the C-Class, or the E-Class. The Sonderklasse looks like it has lost its stateliness.

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    That’s my main complaint, it’s not that it looks terrible, I just can’t imagine a president riding in this thing. It looks too generic and not nearly as special as all the other S-Classes preceding it. Maybe it will look much more imposing in person, but from these photos, I’m doubting it.

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    Off topic, I’ve noticed a big change in how automakers approach PDF brochures since 2007. GM was way ahead of everyone else in providing easy access to online brochures in 2007. Today, almost everyone has caught up. There’s still a few stragglers such as Infiniti or Tesla Motors, which makes it more difficult than, say, Rolls Royce or Bentley, in getting information.

    I used to be a brochure-whore, visiting car dealerships to grab the latest brochure and build up a collection in time to purge it all after a few years. How the dealership treated me during my data gathering would go a long way as to whether I would bother with a test drive.

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    A perfectly orchestrated launch. Some media get a test drive with Dr. Z, some get the first leaked pictures, some get the leaked brochure.

    Some excerpts of the brochure:

    “the flagship of innovation”:

    – intersection assistant, distronic plus (acc w/ traffic jam auto crawling & steering!)
    – road surface scan (camera detects road condition, adjusts suspension)

    Seen before:
    – 360° camera (like in the GL/GLK or some 2008+ Nissans)
    – seats featuring “hot relaxing massage”
    – 2 spoke steering wheel, 12 buttons
    – perfume dispenser (like in the 2006 Citroen C4)
    – Burmester audio (like in the 2010 Panamera)
    – LED headlights (like in the 2013 Seat Leon)
    – first class rear seating (like the ottoman seating package in the LS600h)

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    I think its probably best to reserve judgment until you see the thing in the flesh. I remember thinking that the current S was overwrought compared to what back then seemed like a crisp and clean prior design. Today the previous generation looks simply antediluvian. The S is a big car and size and scale may give life to what looks rather derivative viewed in two dimensions. I hope there is a “proper” steering wheel in the AMG version though! Also on the (sure to be unrequited) wish list…a short body version. BMW and Audi give you the choice to have a non-limo version…you would think the price premium car would do likewise. Oh yeah, the 6.2 liter normally aspirated V8 would be better too!

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    Everyone is passing judgement on this car and collectively making a recurring mistake with the latest designs from major OEM’s:
    Don’t judge it till you see it out in natural daylight moving about its business.

    This car might just roll around with that stately “IT” factor. And these are images of the non-AMG sport appearance package. Even the current S class doesn’t look nearly as nice when lacking the sport appearance kit.

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    Ugly steering wheel. Ugly car.

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    This is going to kill everything. The current S already kills everything, this is just going to make it worse, plus it is going to go after Bentley and Rolls.

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    Why would the flagship of a premium brand want to mimic a Bentley? A bit insecure me thinks…

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    Saw this at 2am on the freeway in OC/LA. It’s definitely not big. Looked like a Bentley crossed with a C.

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    I like them multifunktionslenkrads. I got a aftermarket one from Pep Boys and just velcroed it to the dash of my pickup. Same exact look. 40 bucks. Merc wants 100 grand for it, or so. I saved like…a lot.

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    Certainly is highly reflective, if overly Lomo-fied.

    How much can it tow?

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    I was going to buy one or two of these but then Consumer Reports said the Camry was more reliable.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Like I said, this is going to put the competitors on notice. And I guess Mercedes-Benz is honoring TTAC and picking up where the Panthers left off on two-spoke steering wheels…

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