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Blame Canada! Infiniti Canada’s website blew the cover of the Infiniti Q50 before the big reveal at Detroit. Since I’ll probably be stuffing my face with free bacon when the press conference is happening, here’s a photo gallery to make up for the lack of instantaneous coverage.

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22 Comments on “Infiniti Q50 Revealed Early By Inattentive Canadians...”

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    This is the G37 replacement right? I still don’t have their ridiculous new naming scheme down.

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    I think it is the new M. Not sure what the 50 means either. Maybe they subtracted 6 from the 56.

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      No, this really is the replacement for the G-Series. The replacement for the M-Series will be the Q70, and it will just be renamed for the time-being, not redesigned. Infiniti’s basically gone and pulled an Audi/Volvo, whereby it uses the same letters for all SUVs and for all sedans/coupes, and the numbers aren’t relevant to engine size, but rather the size of the vehicle itself. It makes sense when you consider the fact that all of the alphanumeric model-names are being cannibalized by other automakers. There was so much equity in the G-Series name, but I’m sure customers are smart enough to figure it out.

      The people who are going to mad are my neighbors, who just bought a brand-new QX56, which this year will be renamed the QX80–so they just paid the better part of $100K for an SUV that will soon be six numbers and a letter off from Infiniti’s base model (the Q50) soon…

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        I guess Bimmer won the alphanumeric naming wars. As they did pretty much everything else, as far as who copies (or tries to copy) who. Midsize, something with % in it, large, something with 7 in it. Waiting for the Q30…

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    After seeing the new IS, this is downright inoffensive.

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    Random thought: If the smallest Infiniti is the Q50, what would something like the Q10 look like? The Nissan version of the iQ or Smart?
    How about the QX120?

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    G37? It’s looking a lot like the Lexus GS. Check out the chrome on the Hoffmeister kink and that grille is starting to look a little “spindley.”

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      Uhm, the Infiniti G37 sedan has chrome along its C-pillar and the Infiniti started using its more modest version of the “spindle” grill before Lexus; and besides, the oversized “Predator grill was 1st done by Holden and then Hyundai (for a concept), so it’s not like Lexus originated that look either.

      Not as bad as the IS, but like the IS, too many lines going in too many directions.

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    The best Infiniti ever?

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    To me it looks fussy, conservative, overwrought and derivative all at the same time. It looks like current Mxx styling grafted onto the current G’s body. I don’t like this at all. I was hoping for more from Infinity’s new direction.

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    Hmmm. Between this and the sneak pics of the next Corvette. The “coke bottle” side profile, AKA “hips” on both are giving me 60’s flashbacks.

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    I can’t tell from the pictures, but I hope the Q50 has grown in size from the G37. Like the current Cadillac CTS, Volvo S60 and Buick Regal, it isn’t exactly as long as other midsized sedans and actually flirts with being considered compact these days…

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      This is suppose to be their “compact” car (re: 3 series/A4/C-class competitor). If you want midsize you go for the M-series.

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      The G competes in the compact size even tho it is a bit of a “tweener” in size; Infiniti is offering “more bang for the $$” (more rear passenger room).

      The same applies to the 2G CTS, but the 3G CTS will grow to compete in the midsize segment as the ATS takes its place in the compact segment.

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    Nicest Lexus ever!

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    I like it, especially the interior. Clearly a better design than the new Lexus IS, which isn’t nearly as attractive IMO.

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    Like with the current M, there is simply too much going on with the exterior design. The combination of curves and creases just doesn’t come together into a cohesive design.

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    It looks like a Grumpy Cat. Way better than Lexus IS.

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    The interior is sorta okay, with the rounded upside-down U shape to the dash, encasing everything.

    However, can we STOP WITH HONEYCOMB GRILLES?! First on Lexus (or maybe the RS6) now here, I’m tired of it already.

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