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Fresh off a PR campaign to rename every new vehicle in their line-up, Infiniti has shown their new model with the updated Q-numeric model designation: the 2014 Infiniti Q50.

On the surface, the new Infiniti Q50 now shares some more DNA from its brothers and sisters, grabbing the corporate design language and putting it to good use. The front-end lower valance is somewhat similar to new Lexus models, but that isn’t really a bad thing.

Power will again come from the Nissan-Renault 3.7L V6, generating 328hp, that sees ubiquitous use through all of the company’s vehicles. A manual transmission will no longer be an option, with the model offered solely with a 7-speed slushbox powering the rear wheels.

The big news: the Q50 will be available with the same hybrid system currently available in the M35h, good for 354hp, driving either the rear wheels or all four corners. This system relies on the older 3.5L V6 (still used in the Infiniti JX35).

Inside, the gadgetry has received a serious upgrade. Gone is the keyboard-like buttons below the single screen infotainment system. Instead, two screens sitting one atop the other provide the mission control interface for the majority of the tech functions.

Price? Not available. But, if I were a betting man, I’d hunt down the current G37’s MSRP and add 5-7%.

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23 Comments on “NAIAS 2013: Infiniti Reveals New Q50 – Same V6 As G37, Now With Optional Battery Power...”

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    Funny, the one thing they needed to fix was the overly harsh VQ engine.

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    Ian Anderson

    Stick shift drivers (myself included) start crying in 3… 2… 1…

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      Why? Speaking as someone that owned the first generation G35 sedan (the best looking one IMHO) with a 6MT, I only bought it because cars like the Ford Mustang, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Scion FR-S and, let’s not kid ourselves, the whatever this thing is called now is no lightweight, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger were not on the market. Why spend $40,000 on an (ugly now) depreciating asset (I know, because I bought mine used after it fell off a cliff), when the same performance and handling can be had for $25,000 or less. The same goes for a BMW vs. any of the cars I mentioned above.

      Plus the clutch sucked in the G35. I’m sad to see any car lose the manual option, but I’m not too sad about this. Now if Nissan brings back the 240SX and doesn’t offer stick I will be an angry customer.

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      It’s probably for the best to use automatic transmissions in cars with so many touch screens unless you want to work the gearshift and touch screens with the same hand…

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    ‘Bout time they revamped the info system and center dash/console! The one in my wife’s 2008 G37s looks exactly like the ones sitting on the lot today.

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    The new Infiniti Altima…

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    Best execution of their current design language yet. Now the question is, is there anything coming in under this, and will it be RWD?

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    The pairing of AWD with a hybrid engine is a significant announcement. The only other car on the market with that combination is the LS600hL, the rest being crossovers.

    Memo to Lexus, this is how you should have done the IS redesign.

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      I don’t know, I’m trying to stay awake looking at the pictures of the interior. I’d rather spend time in the IS. I’ll have to wait and see how I warm to the exterior styling of either refresh. I still think the original G35 coupe is the best looking in the family (especially without the ironing board spoiler). It has aged better than the others and is still a good looking car (exterior wise) 9 years later.

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    Too bad there were no powertrain updates (besides the hybrid). It’s not that the VQ is uncompetitive in its class, but I was hoping they’d gift us with a tune friendly overbuilt turbo V6 that could gobble up the boost. Without any changes there this is just “meh” for me.

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    Yawn. Hope this thing drives well because it sure is nothing to look at. One thing I’ll hand Infiniti is that they handled the misbegotten Lexus spindle grill better than Lexus does. But what’s going on with that awkward, pointless scallop on the sail panel?

    Is it me, or have Japanese carmakers (except Mazda) lost their way in a search for a design language of their own (instead of cribbing from the Europeans). The kabuki fright mask of the Lexus grill, the incoherent scallops and scoops that do nothing for looks or function on both Lexus and Infiniti models, coupled with the convoluted generic sheetmetal everywhere else that has neither grace nor sleekness nor anything worth remembering at all?

    And don’t get me started on alpha-numeric model designations. Use them in the rest of the world, but America is a big enough market for cars sold here to have actual names, not a mash-up of letters and numbers that customers are supposed to remember AND associate with an actual vehicle. (Lincoln, Cadillac, are you listening? At least Ford and Chevy haven’t gone that route. Yet. Bless you, Chrysler/Dodge, for not going there.)

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      Vance Torino


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        Also Fiat 500, which is sort of a Chrysler.

        Even better (since the original complaint was “alpha-numeric model designations”), the original Chrysler 300 was the C-300, then you had the 300B through 300L. This is why the late 1990s revival on the LH platform was the 300M. Then Chrysler had a 300C from 2005-2010, and now I believe it has a 300S.

        Also, I seem to have heard of a Chevy S10, C/K1500/2500, and a Ford Five Hundred in recent years. But that’s just me.

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    I can’t fathom the reasoning behind this All-Our-Cars-Are-Called-Q nonsense. It sounds like what happens when you leave a marketing team to its own devices without engineering some interesting new product for them to tell us about. It also sounds like it’s going to confuse the daylights out of Infiniti’s target market.

    I’m sorry to see the 6MT option dropped from this car. I know most everyone wants an automatic, and that’s fine, but I, at least, will cross this one off the list.

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      The reasoning is that the proliferation of alphanumeric designations across all luxury marques means that most or all of the useable combinations are already trademarked by someone, meaning that these companies are hemmed in when it comes to expanding their model range by virtue of not being able to call it anything, according to an interview I read with Infiniti’s president. That being said, I can’t recall anyone using D, K, N, O, P, U, or Y for a model designation.

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    The front end looks like it has downs syndrome with those droopy headlamps and flares on the hood.

    The rest of the car looks like a wrung out dishrag.

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    No stick shift? That’s it, there are officially no longer any luxury sports sedans available for enthusiasts. 5 years from now I would have looked at buying one of these new. Fuck you Infiniti, burn in hell.

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      Yikes….try decaf.

      There’s still the Acura TL SH-AWD(?) that comes in a 6 speed. Styling aside, it’s still a very sporty pseudo-lux sedan. And if Acura doesn’t screw up the refresh next year (not holding my breath), they could make it pretty again like the 3rd gen TL.

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    I assume the new Q60 (G35/37 coupé) will still offer the 6MT model, but sad to see it go on the G35/37 saloon. More Lexusification, I guess. The new Infiniti naming system is still silly and confusing, by the way.

    The new model looks very generic, and from the front looks too much like an IS to me. The older model, dating from 2003, and its exterior skin evolution through the 2007 (saloon)/2008 (coupé) new generation, felt more distinctive from the generic competition and the original version still looks good, as johnny_5.0 said.

    Is the new G/Q50 also going to get the 1.8 DI turbo from Mercedes with the 8-speed? I’ve seen reports of that, which would be odd, since the 3.7 V6 would have a 7-speed.

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    I think the Q50 looks pretty good and is significanlty better looking than the Lexus IS (the Predator grille on the IS is way overdone). Interior styling is probably a draw between the Lexus and the Infiniti.

    I am most interested in the Q60 (coupe and convertible). I think they will have more in common with the Essence and e-Merge Infiniti concepts. I guess they will debut the coupe at the New York Auto Show.

    I’m not crazy about the new Infiniti naming system, but I can understand the marketing rationale behind it. Theoretically an alphanumeric naming structure puts more emphasis on the brand than the model, building up brand equity. For example, people will say “I have a BMW” rather than say “I have a Z4 Sdrive 28i”. People perusing TTAC may understand the Z4 reference, but the common man on the street probably does not.

    Infiniti is going the Volvo / Audi route. Infiniti probably has some rights to G, M,EX, FX and Q and QX designations, but if they want to expand the line up, there aren’t many letters left that aren’t already taken by others. They had to go with the double digit model reference (Qxx) since a single digit reference would have them confused with the Audi Q crossovers.

    Just waiting for the coupe.

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    30-mile fetch

    The Infiniti Q..G..whatever has never been a good looking car, so this doesn’t really disappoint.

    But that center dash stack with the vertical vents looks exactly like a freaking Hyundai Sonata. Not exactly the car I want to be reminded of when I buy entry-level luxury.

    If the Lexus IS has nothing else going for it, at least the dashboard isn’t a carbon copy of a current budget family sedan.

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    As an Infiniti owner I’m bummed at no new powertrains, but just more of the same; however, I (unlike most) enjoy the 3.7L V6 and the noise that comes out of it.

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