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[INSERT JUVENILE QUIP ABOUT THIS CAR’S NAME AND HOW MUCH IT SOUNDS LIKE ANATOMY]. Just kidding. We’re not that silly. Here’s a look at the Fiat Viaggio aka the Dodge Dart for China.

The made-in-China sedan will come with one of two 1.4L turbocharged Fiat engines, with 120 or 150 horsepower. A 5-speed manual or a dual-clutch automatic will be offered, with production starting in July. The Viaggio is set for a Q3 2012 launch.


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24 Comments on “2012 Beijing Auto Show: Fiat Viaggio...”

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    You doubt our class, our sophistocation, our manners ? We don’t make crude remarks about VOLVO’s name, do we ?

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    Despite the odd name, it’s a rather nice-looking little car. I think this and the Dart wears the new current styling themes better than all the lookalike midsizers that are coming out this fall…

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    Rebaging the Dart makes sense. The Bravo is getting a bit long in the tooth, and Fiat has always underperformed in the small family car segment for some reason, so why throw away more money on an all-new model when their American operations already have one ready to go? Not sure how well it will go down in China though, Fiat’s still largely unknown there and I don’t know how well Guangzhou Fiat has been performing.

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    Viaggio to me sounds like Piaggio, the other transportation brand of the Agnelli family…

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    Generically Attractive!

    Thought it was a past generation Chevrolet… Oy!

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    Viaggio in Italiano simply means tour, journey or travel.

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    Looks like any number of other cars.

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    That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the name. It’s almost the name of the plane. I guess I’m getting OLD if I didn’t immediately associate it with anatomy……
    OK, what does Piaggio men in Italiano?

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    Speed Spaniel

    It seems like the ass on that thing really sticks up in the air, like you could almost carry a basket on it or something……..

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    The word anatomy takes on such a demure meaning here. My nether region doth tingle when I contemplate the gentlemanly intentions. I think I have the vapours- the blood rushes to my head.

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    Dirk Stigler

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks a lot like the Focus sedan?

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    On the one hand, it looks less like a Mitsubishi Lancer knock-off than the Dart does. OTOH, it looks like a Chinese Corolla clone with elephantiasis of the schnoz. Whatever Fiatsler can and cannot do, one must admire how they’ve used retouched photos, carefully chosen angles, and friendly reporters to make the unenlightened public think the Dart is anything other than ordinary to the extreme. Even the ‘Tigershark’ engines are the same old Mitsubishi-Hyundai joint venture duds that have made cars like the Caliber, Compass, and Sebring the least loved in Chrysler’s history. If Fiatsler engineered like they marketed, they’d rule the world.

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    Chicago Dude

    Perhaps it is all coincidence, but on my walk to work today I noticed that a few dozen Chryslers (all with Michigan manufacturer plates) were parked all along the block of LaSalle St that houses the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. There was a FOX news truck around the corner too.

    Wonder if they have a USA!USA!USA! announcement timed to go along with the Beijing show.

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    Huh? my first thought was that it sounded like a Las Vegas casino. Now the Skoda Felicia has an NSFW alternative name.

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    Make sure you don’t get Sylphy in your Viaggio.

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