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Subtract two doors and a back seat from the Kia Soul and add a 250 horsepower and all-wheel drive and you have the Kia Track’ster concept. The initial sketches of the Track’ster were pretty underwhelming, but this car looks much better in photographs. A one inch longer wheelbase and a Brembo brake system with 14 inch rotors up front, 13.6 inches in the back and a combination of 6 and 4 piston brake calipers (front and rear) add to the Track’ster’s spec sheet. Instead of the rear seats, there’s a compartment for spare tires and safety gear like helmets.

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25 Comments on “Kia Track’ster Gets 250 Horsepower, AWD: 2012 Chicago Auto Show...”

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    If you had asked me as recently as last month if there would ever be a Kia that I’d lust after, I’d have died of laughter. Today I am drooling, not laughing. Cool/odd looking car, 250 hp, AND all wheel drive? Yes please.

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    Wow. So, like, if the Big H is now Huyndai, then Kia is the big A(cura) now? At the same show that produced that silly Civicacura?

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    W-A-I-T a minute…is this Kia pretending to be Dodge and Chevy, teasing me again with a make-believe pillarless hardtop? I’ll believe this when I see it, especially if those back windows roll down, but something tells me there will be a B pillar with fixed-glass like the Camaro and Challenger.

    Well, it had my interest for awhile…

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    Fiat Abarth/Mini killer! Nice!

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    I love it! I’m quickly becoming an H/K booster, can’t call myself a fan of anything (not after reading Misery), and this is goofy enough for me to like. I make no bones about my inability to pilot anything around a track – I haven’t the interest nor the coordination, but this looks fun.

    Of course I like the normal Soul as well.

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    Speed Spaniel

    Very nice! What a cool and non-dumpy looking little car with decent HP. Chances are the production version would never look like this and the Korean origin means I would never drive it. But MINI take note though – this is how you do up a small car.

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    This is real? Like they might sell it?

    If this comes to fruition under 30k, my FR-S dreams just got thrown out the window.

    Edit: Ok, just read the *other* article which is half-about this car. Totally not a confusing way to present this information at all.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    IF they build it now I’m just waiting for a price announcement because the right price might make people say… “Scion/Subaru BRZ? Never heard of it.”

    Although I predict vestigial back seats to try to beat the insurance regulators.

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    I’ve posted this to Nissan Cube and Nissan Juke Facebook pages, but I’ll say it again here: This is all the reason Nissan should need to go ahead and drop a massaged 1.6-liter Juke turbo and six-speed transmission into a Cube and call it the Cube NISMO edition or whatever they want to call it. Give the Cube the Juke-R treatment, basically.

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    This, along with the Nissan Juke have potential to become serious contenders on the WRC circuit. I would love to see some more manufacturers to mix things up!

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    Dang! AWD and boy-racer looks to boot? Sign me up.

    I stand by my statement that the Korean brands are now what the Japanese brands were in the late-’80s. (And the Japanese brands now represent late-’80s GM)

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    I actually kind of like this one. I wouldn’t buy it because I need 4 doors, but it looks much more aggressive.

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    Felis Concolor

    The return of the mutant minisport? Woo/yay/houpla!

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    Renault 5 Turbo, 1980:

    I like it.

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    Holy crap, some Renault R5 in the looks there…

    I’ve always been curious about the Soul, but THIS. This I LOVE.

    A track oriented car out of the box, AWD, 250 HP (translation manageable) and it looks like THAT.

    Sign me up!

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    Where’s the hamsters?

    Gotta have the hamsters.

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    Can anyone say “Hey! I’m its ugly Mini Cooper knock off!”?

    If they’re making a 250hp AWD car I’d like some decent aerodynamics with it.

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      While the Mini is cool, what’s ugly are some of the spin-offs of the Mini.

      And I’d hardly say it’s a “knockoff” of the Mini considering the front, rear and greenhouse looks nothing like a Mini.

      Now, maybe the Suzuki Swift, Dodge Hornet or a no. of others – unless you’d like to claim them all as being a Mini knockoff as well.

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        Agreed, the initial Cooper was fine, but the knock-offs were a bit ugly and frankly pointless.

        The barn-door wagon Mini was sorta neat, but I never cared for 4wd wagon spin-offs of recent FWDs.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    This reminds me of an AMC prototype from the late 60’s of an AMX with a Gremlin rear.


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    This is what Mini could have been if they weren’t making chick cars.

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