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Ahead of the Geneva Auto Show, we have our first look at the Opel/Vauxhall Mokka, which is known here as the Buick Encore. The Euro twins get a stop-start system across the board, and two extra engine options. A naturally aspirated 1.6L gasoline engine making 113 horsepower, or a 1.7L diesel making 128 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque. Looks better dressed down, no?

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13 Comments on “Opel Mokka Gives An Encore Performance...”

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    Looks better dressed down, no?


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    Da Coyote

    Fugly, IMHO.

    Not that any of my cars look much better. It appears that most of the car companies hire grads from the “School of Awful Design”.

    One of the things I do when stopped at a long light is to appraise the cars passing by and pretend that I could take any one I see back to my high school days. Turns out very very few of the modern cars would even rate an “arghhhhh” from my male buddies. The modern “vette” or Mustang? Yup. The Italian unreliable, overpriced beauties? Yup. With some exceptions, not much else.

    Begone, uglies. Return to the days of good style.


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    Twitter: phauser

    It’s not as head-turning as the Buick, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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    Too bad GM gave up on the Wankel engine. If they hadn’t, we could be looking at the Opel Mokka-RE.

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    I’m a great fan of soft suspensions with lots of travel, but this car even I would lower by at least three inches. Moreover, you can see on the official Hi-Res Buick Encore pictures that it wears 18-inch wheels. This is a tiny CUV built on a small-car platform, but the proportions are so ghastly even those monster rims look pathetically undersized. Hideous. (And based on the top-heavy proportions and the massive dubs, it’ll probably ride & handle like a shopping trolley full of bricks.)

    Oh yeah, and “Mokka” actually means mocha. (The Suzuki Cappuccino’s fat brother.) Do people get paid for this?

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    I would’ve called it an Opel Mochachino and offer it in Flaming Orange. No supermodels allowed.

    I like this look more than the Encore, but still not in love with it.

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    Darling your ugly no matter how mama dresses ya!

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    Not so plugly, although the Buick is nicer. That said, both are too small, too pricey for their size.

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    Well, I guess if I could get it in RWD, turbo-diesel, with a 6-speed MT that delivered 50MPG and would be available for under US$15k, I could call it pretty. But I can’t, and it won’t, so I don’t. No.

    Curiously, this particular episode in badge engineering reminds me of the Mitsubishi RVR/Expo/LRV circa 20 years ago. Could this be a second of Mitsubishi’s 20 year old ideas GM is bringing to market in the near future?

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    It does look a lot better than the Encore to me, but that’s not really saying much.

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    car follower

    When will this vehicle go on sale? I’m looking at a Hyundai Tucson….eliminated a Juke instantly. Everyone is telling my wife to take a look at that hot selling Kia Soul. I put the PT Cruiser,HHR and Element out of business. And after 3 years Kia updated that Soul instead letting it die on the vine.

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