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Randy Pobst came to the Where The Elite Meet To Cheat 24 Hours of LeMons to drive Speedycop’s MR2-chassis’d Lancia Scorpion, but we couldn’t resist seeing what would happen if we put him behind the wheel of the Goldbrickers MGB-GT. In the rain. The result was startling.
Pobst immediately knocked 13 seconds off the team’s previous best lap, which was set in the dry (this is on a track layout on which most LeMons cars are running laps in the 1:25 region), and started eating up the E30s and RX-7s. What lesson should LeMons teams take away from this? Improving the driver helps a lot more than improving the car. Unfortunately for the MG team, the brake lights crapped out soon after Randy’s stint, and the car spent the next hour with the team battling Joe Lucas, Prince of Darkness.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Wow look at the size of that crowd in the stands.

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      Apparently the fans all came dressed as empty chairs.

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      To get to the stands from the infield paddock, the spectators had to drive a couple of miles, choosing the correct unmarked gates, find an unmarked entrance, then wander a warren of unmarked passages for another mile or so before struggling into the seats… in the rain. Instead, few hundred spectators just looked through the fences from the paddock. One of many issues with CMS.

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        dvp cars

        …..sounds uncannily like the real Le Mans, circa 1968…..I’m not being sarcastic, it really was like that. I know, I was there, the only Le Mans ever held in September. (student riots made the traditional June date impossible). And I walked, not drove, the miles necessary to get from one vantage point to another…..however, hearing the (Ligier?) 427 Corvettes(DNF), and the winning GT40, wail by at 3AM in the Hunaudieres cafe, made the trudge unforgettable.

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      As I mentioned on the LeMons site, that looks a lot like an IRL race from the grandstands.

      Racing series based primarily on enthusiasts tend to look a lot like that. Even my Saturday night dirt track (on a non-special-event night) looks pretty sparse in the grandstand. The pit stands, on the other hand, are packed.

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    British Leyland..are they worth watching in the rain? I’d love to see a Probst-driven Citroen SM wound up for 24 hours of LeMons – same era as the MG – worlds apart.

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    Replace the Lucas brake light switch with one from a late 60s VW. Same threads, same contacts, just works WAY better and at lower pressure. Runs about $7 at NAPA. You can thank me later.

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    Improving the driver helps a lot more than improving the car.

    So it makes more sense to hire a bunch of ringers than to spend money on a fast car and even more money bribing the judges. Look through the LeMons results, pick a car that’s been successful and reliable, if not the fastest, and hire professional race car drivers with a proven record of success. With all the cheating that goes on in LeMons racing, I’m surprised that nobody’s thought of this before, particularly for the Charlotte race.

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      Jack Baruth

      The driver budget for LeMons team that used six well-respected touring-car drivers (think Pobst, Auberlen, Povoledo) would be in the $30,000 range. To be fair, at least a third of that would be travel.

      All you need to win LeMons is:

      * a reliable car
      * four guys to drive reasonable laps and not break it
      * two guys to make pace when it’s required

      That’s how I won in 2007 and if my co-drivers hadn’t broken the car in Altamont 2008 we would have won that as well, since I brought us up 26 places in two hours in the V8olvo.

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      dvp cars

      …..I know next to nothing about LeMons rules (assuming such things exist), but I shudder to think of the draconian penalties handed down by Murilee’s Supreme Court on any team caught with one ringer, let alone a whole team-full. Hundred lap penalties and public floggings are easily possible, by what little I’ve read of their demented justice system.

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        dvp cars

        ….are the results in yet? The national networks don’t seem to be covering the race, and even the specialty channels are in perpetual rerun mode (Man Cave Madness, Engine Swaps For Ladies, etc). I’d watch your race over yet another “Leno Drifts Trabant” special any day. I’m pulling for that Grand Marquis (Brougham?) contraption, but, even if it wins, your corrupt Supreme Court’s blatant prejudice against cars with faux convertible roofs (especially Dr. Cary Middlecoff Editions) will probably see it reclassified to midfield or worse.

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      A cheaper way to do it would be to use good regional level racers in, say, spec miata or american iron. Or just spend a year in those series and learn what you can. Seat time is the best way to improve time. I’ve only done a dozen or so track days but I’m far and away a better driver than anyone who gets does the first one. The guy with a couple years of scca racing experience drove my car and absolutely terrified me. Natural talent is great but few have it and I’d expect at 24hrs of Lemons, experience will win you races.

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    Some people really miss the point here because they have never experienced a LeMons race. Try to build a race-worthy car for under $500 bucks and use what skills your team has (driving, tuning, etc) to be as competitive as possible. The great equalizer is that most mid range SCCA ringers hoon the crap out their regular cars but you can’t do that with a LeMons crapcan. We have well over 600 man hours in our car and will not let a certified racer within 10 feet of it because it would never last if someone banged gears and clipped apex bankings with it. Our car has been very reliable and quite frankly it gives us great pride to know that we weekend (every 4 months)racers raced against Probst and our best driver ran about an equal lap.
    To us its much more fun to know that we competed (quite well) and even outdrove and outlasted some “ringer teams”. This is the equivalent of showing up at Tony Stewarts home dirt track and coming in one place ahead of him. That, my friends, is a win any way you slice it!

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    This was our 7th LeMons race- and second race with the 1975 LTD Landau. When we started racing LeMOns back in 2008, we had almost no racing experience- a couple of autocrosses, and some spirited on-road driving. I turned fast lap time in the LTD this race- a car that weighs 4200 lbs, has a miserable, low compression smog 400M, highway gears, and $30 620 treadwear Michelins. I think my best time was about a 1:25.9 lap. The top cars were turning about 1:13 fast laps, so even with all of our experience, you still need a reasonably competitive car to win on laps.

    There are _other_ prizes, though…

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    Not only can the man drive, he can play a bitchin game of Simon Says too:

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