Diesel Cruze Coming?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
diesel cruze coming

GM Inside News reports

Sources familiar with GM engineering were able to confirm to GMI that the diesel option is currently slated for the 2013 Cruze. The engineering sources also confirmed that the engine is a 2.0-liter with the RPO code of ‘LUZ.’ Power output or fuel economy figures are unclear at this time, however test mules of the Cruze diesel are operating now in metro Detroit.

In Australia the Holden Cruze CDX has a 2.0-liter diesel engine. In that application the car produces approximately 147 horsepower and 235 feet-pounds of torque. Converting from the Australian fuel economy figures, the Cruze CDX is rated at 34 miles per-gallon in combined driving. It is unclear if the same 2.0-liter diesel will be in the North American Cruze, but one is compelled to assume that will be the case.

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  • Turbobeetle Turbobeetle on Feb 20, 2011

    So what are the chances that this engine would end up in the new for 2014 Colorado? Seems like it might be a good match.

  • DenverMike DenverMike on Feb 20, 2011

    Jimal, Diesel passenger cars are exempt for now. My '06 Powerstroke diesel F-550 was exempt when I bought it new and now California is demanding an engine swap. Yes its emissions require zero maintenance but the EGR's excessive heat likes to kill head gaskets. Diesel passenger cars are free from persecution because of their relative small numbers but could be next on the list of things to do. Do you know what you are buying? The Federal Clean Air Act does. Diesel cars emit the same diesel fuel particulate matters as trucks that kill thousands of Americans a year, just in smaller doses.

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    • DenverMike DenverMike on Feb 20, 2011

      Hopefully what happens in California, stays in California but as we've seen with anything involving deaths and or health care like second-hand cigarette smoke, .08 DWI BAC., low VOC paints...

  • Canucknucklehead Canucknucklehead on Feb 20, 2011

    I will never understand all the hype about diesels. They cost much more to buy and if they ever need any kind of work out of warranty, you'd better have a whopping line of credit available. I run a fleet of delivery vehicles and over the years, I have been stung a few times by diesels, which are horribly complex and expensive to repair. The old adage is, "under five ton, gas, over diesel," and it still holds true. Give me a 5.4 Triton any day over a Powerjoke!

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    • Sam P Sam P on Feb 21, 2011

      " I have been stung a few times by diesels, which are horribly complex and expensive to repair." Which diesels? Most fleet pickups and vans I see around here are full sized Fords or Chevy/GMC with their respective diesel V8s.

  • Buckshot Buckshot on Feb 22, 2011

    Yeah, keep on bashing diesels. The Europeans must be insane to buy those huge numbers of "good for nothing" dieselcars LOL