Geneva 2012: Chevrolet Cruze Manual Diesel Station Wagon, What Everyone SHOULD Be Driving

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
geneva 2012 chevrolet cruze manual diesel station wagon what everyone should be

This is the Chevrolet Cruze Manual Diesel Wagon. This is what all of us North Americans should be driving. Everyone in Europe drives a manual, diesel wagon, and if we brought them to North America, everyone would drive them. Because they’re more efficient than a hybrid, and more practical than a wasteful, ugly, boring CUV. Just one problem; if everyone drove them,wagon lovers would no longer be able to lord their supposed superiority over the masses – maybe they’d start buying Honda CR-V’s, since they can only define their worth via consumption of consumer goods.

In all seriousness, the Cruze Wagon does look like a nice car, and I’d like to see it come over to North America. In addition to Our Lord Christ The 1.7L And 2.0L Diesel Engines, there’s also a few gasoline options, among them the 1.4T found in the Cruze sedan. The diesel versions do get a start-stop system, a neat addition to an already efficient powerplant. Interestingly, the wagon is only 3.1 inches longer than the sedan.

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  • Danwat1234 Danwat1234 on Mar 12, 2012

    Bringing the diesel version of this to the USA would be great but it wouldn't necessarily bring up the MPGs that much in the EPA test cycle. The reason I think is because of the emissions requirements, especially of California and so the technology and devices needed to keep emissions low would lower efficiency and increase vehicle price. For instance, the 2012 VW Passat TDI is rated at 43hwy, but the Cruze gas car is 42hwy and the Prius gen3 gas hybrid car is 50MPG hwy.

  • Danwat1234 Danwat1234 on Jun 03, 2012

    I hope it comes standard with auto start/stop and electrical energy recuperation.