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Audi’s new A8 and a prototype of its upcoming “four-door coupe” cousin, the A7, get caught looking mighty similar by Auto Motor und Sport’s Erlkönig spy photographers. And though it’s unfair to judge prototypes too harshly, the Nürburgring footage at AM und S reveals an A7 that leans in the sweepers and looks confused in kinks. With the rumors of an S7 and RS7 sporting the R8’s V8 and V10 respectively floating around, one hopes that Audi gets the chassis sorted quick smart. The A7 has to offer something besides worse rear headroom.

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15 Comments on “One Of These Audis Is Not Like The Other…...”

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    Interesting. Unlike the ones in my neighborhood all the brow lights are working on these two….

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    Saw a new, beautiful 535i on the road the other day-still had the temp tags on. When I passed, I noticed one of the DRLs was off. Love that German build quality

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      I don’t think there are any electronics made in Germany anymore. More likely it’s Chinese build quality you’re admiring there…

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      if it’s a german car that’s assembled in germany, it’s kinda difficult to blame someone else for electrical gremlins?

      even if the problem parts were sourced from overseas, the final QC is the job of the manufacturer. to blame a vague yet easily scapegoated third party is simply an abrogation of one’s own responsibility. but then it’s just easier to rely on heuristics and forgo logic.

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      Did the BMW just drive through a bend or make a turn by chance? Because what you thought were DRLs is just nearfield illumination for inner city driving. If you make a slow right, the right extra lamp goes on.

      Benzes also do this.

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    That paintjob makes it look like the love-child of a ’69 Bug and an Ewok.

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    apart from the now discredited SUV craze and the customized van craze of the 70s, the current four-door coupe fashion comes close in terms of impracticality and the elevation of aesthetics and image over everything else. automakers are taking perfectly good sedans and then chopping their roofs, making the cars less comfortable, but then charging extra money. YET, people are paying big money for these compromised sedans.

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      Brian E

      Isn’t a sedan just a wagon or hatchback that’s been compromised for styling purposes? If we didn’t care about styling, who would drive a sedan?

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      Can’t say I’d by an A7 Sportback over an A8 sedan; both cars are way too big for what I need or want. But I would choose an A5 sportback over both an A4 Sedan or A5 Coupe.

      To me, buying a sedan would be a compromise since 99% of the time no one ever sits in the back seat of my car. I prefer the flexibility of a hatch rather than a traditional trunk with it’s limited opening fixed ledge.

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      The A7 is really a four-door coupe version of the A6 rather than of the A8 (just like the A5 is the coupe version of the A4).

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      …just like they did for decades when buying 2 door coupes. Aesthetics matter. The four door coupes offer nice looks for people that only very seldom transport more than 1 passenger. And still enable you to throw your bag in the back seat and hang your jacket without effort. Why is that so difficult to understand?

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    Those side by side photos make me think of the Audi designs before the upside down trapezoid became the Audi theme. I really liked the way the Audi 80 and 90 front looked. I guess that billboard front makes passing the pedestrian safety requirements easier, but still. Now I know how the Europeans must have felt when the Federal bumper standards required 5 mph bumpers. The resulting flood of imported cars with black accordion rubber was pretty dismal.

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    Uncle Mellow

    “The A7 has to offer something besides worse rear headroom.”
    Rear headroom is a small sacrifice to pay for style.

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