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Yes Howie Long, Honda has managed to sell everything from lawnmowers and mopeds to cars and jets under the same brand name for decades, without ever damaging the value of the Honda brand. In fact, given that Acura is Honda’s only auto branding exercise thus far and it’s hardly the strongest brand in the world, the best branding advice for Honda seems to be stick with the Honda thing. Which might explain why this Everus concept from the Motor Company’s forthcoming China-only brand, Li Nian, is such an Acura-like disappointment [via Paul Tan].

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17 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: The Limits Of The Honda Motor Company Brand Edition...”

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    what’s wrong with this picture? well, it looks like a cadillac.

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    Amendment X

    They must think giving it a Chinese-sounding name will give it more street cred.

    It’s a shame what has happened to the Acura brand though, you’re right. It isn’t strong at all anymore and maybe Honda knows it. Anyone know if you can buy an Acura in China?

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      Amendment X,

      You cannot – at least not as far as I know from family and driving around there. When we bought our TSX, my wife told her parents and they asked what was Acura…We had to tell them it was a Euro-Accord, which was met with an even more vacant Skype-stare…then a realization that it was “just a Honda”.

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      You can not.

      Only in the Western Counties do they sell Acuras..

      U.S, Canuckistan Australia…

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      These poster don’t know what they are talking about.

      Of course you can buy Acura in China; you can even by Bugatti Veyron in China. Ivyinvestor’s in laws are as car-illiterate as any seniors in China or the US alike.

      In China, you can readily buy Acura TL, RL and MDX from dealers. If you want other models, you will have to import one from a foreign country yourself. The omission of the TSX/RDX, I guess, is to maintain a high end image.

      BTW, Acura is called “Ou Ge” in China.

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      In case you didnt know…

      “The brand was introduced to Mexico in 2004 and to China in 2006. Honda’s plans to introduce Acura to the Japanese market have been repeatedly delayed”

      They have REPEATEDLY admitted to having issues with brand marketing of their up level vehicles.

      Case in point.
      HONDA Accord Tourer for JAPAN / Europe = US TSX, which is why we the U.S are being dragged over hot coals for a Wagon, with the TSX label, a V6, a AUTOMATIC, instead of the 2.2ltr i-CTDI.

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      I live in China, and yes, you can buy Acuras in China.
      This article is a little old; they’re also selling the RDX.

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    I think it looks good with those headights. The only problem is that this is a NEW brand that will have to build brand equity. Honda makes excellent FWD V6 sedans. Not everybody wants a RWD sedan in a poor weather climate. Acura is engineered to a higher standard then Honda, and say what you want but Acura is still profitable. Acura’s have the 3.7, more tech, more luxury, and next generation SH-AWD.

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    FYI> Lexus is just a Toyota, Infiniti is just a Nissan, Audi is just a VW, Cadillac is just a Chevy.

    I would say that Acura is a understated “Premium” brand.

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    What is WRONG with Honda these days? Why are they re-skinning a Civic for China?

    I thought that their small size meant a better focus, but, boy, was I wrong. Instead of trying to fix what’s currently wrong (bloated Hondas, all of Acura) they are spending money on another brand? Who do they think they are, GM?

    Edit: says that the Civic is being sold through Dongfeng Honda, while Guangqi Honda (their other JV) has no C-segment competitor. I wonder how much of this was Guangqi’s idea v. Honda?

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    that emblem in the middle of the grill looks like a $ distorted perhaps by being under choppy waters.

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    Acura may be a disappointment to many in the styling department and the direction they are taking, but don’t they still make good quality cars? If you have an Acura, you have a car that isn’t going to give you any trouble and will hold it’s value. That means alot to many people. Also, here in parts of Canada, front wheel drive is preferable over rear wheel drive in the snow. I don’t care what people say about good snow tires etc. I live in a very hilly city that can have harsh winters. In a rear wheel drive car you aren’t going anywhere. That’s reality.

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      If you have an Acura, you have a car that… will hold it’s value.

      I was in the car business back when Lexus started making serious inroads, and can remember turning away Acura Legend trade-ins by the dozen. The owners thought they had a high-priced gem, but the market said Ugly Honda.

      Not sure if this still applies in 2010, but every time I drive past the local Acura lot I suspect it does.

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    I’m not going to get started on a disgusting rant about my anti-Acura feelings..

    But this isnt the company that Honda was pushing up market 10yrs ago.

    This is a genetic mutation of a disease thats spreading through every vehicle Honda sells and markets through every country PERIOD.

    1. There are a dozen issues with the MDX / ZDX discussion.

    2. Ya toss the EURO / JDM Accord / TSX into the mix and it gets even more troubling.

    3. Honda-Acura is one company where I thought self competition would be a moot point, but the TSX Wagon is going into a gun fight with a knife (MDX, ZDX, RDX).

    4. The company doesnt have a every level sports sedan. — I don’t mean that lumpy pile of shit aka current TSX. Damn car has the same frame and same motor as the TL, yet priced cheaper.

    5. Damn company doesn’t even have a entry coupe. Theyve tried with the ‘Teg, theyve tried with the RSX.

    6. I respect the alternative powertrain ideas and their concept to fight 2 battles with 1 vehicle, but they are being hit at all sides.

    7. A TL isn’t a sporty car, any more than the RL is a 5 series competitor.

    With 2 Accords under my belt, I know the ins and the outs of these cars. They were light weight, tossable and easy to screw up and fix.

    In one model generation.. ya went from easy to work with push able buttons.. to a virtual zoo of buttons dials and a damn nav screen.

    I am A DRIVER.

    I dont buy a CAR to sit back and mosy my way around.
    That.. isnt Honda and it sure as hell isnt Acura.

    The Issues that Nissan might have with Infiniti, Toyota might have with Lexus, Chevy with Caddy and or VW with Audi are totally different from those at Acura / Honda.

    Honda / Acura are still at the brand issue 101 phase of dealing with brand identity (forget the technological b.s.) — I buy a car to enjoy the drive, not to be coddled by some overpriced computer. They engineer the cars properly to make it harder to disern which vehicle comes from which platform (much like Toyota) unlike the Chevy.

    Audi (Audi has basically rebuilt everything they have in the past few years) and Infiniti (is now coming around to a more stylistic design theory) and Lexus (a very CODDLED Toyota) are almost acting on their own with the platforms given to them.

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    Li Nian…how d’ya pronounce that? Is it like ‘Le Neon’? Not so auspicious…

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    Just another squashed car with a sinister front styled by an Anime illustrator.

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