What's Wrong With This Picture: The Facelift Vanishing Point Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Just as certain celebrities reach a critical mass of surgical alterations, where a new nose or chin can go completely unnoticed, the 2011 update to the Audi TT barely registers. And like any aging celeb, it looks remarkably good… until you put it next to a photo of an original. Compared to Peter Schreyer’s timeless bauhaus lines, the TT is showing the wear and tear of Hollywood living, with its heavy eyeliner and tacked-on curves. Not that we’d turn down a date, mind you…

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Uncle Mellow Uncle Mellow on Apr 08, 2010

    Never liked the original TT. You couldn't tell which was the front and which was the back. It was just a re-bodied Mk4 Golf , and I had trouble walking past Mk4 Golfs without stopping to admire their lines and detailing.

  • GeneralMalaise GeneralMalaise on Apr 08, 2010

    I like the front end on the 2011 car, but TT's are hairdressers' cars... always have been, always will be. I almost bought a late-model turbo version, but came to my senses and bought a new 350Z.

  • Dr Mindbender I like the look of the new little hot hatch GV they showed in Orange...it will be interesting to see if they start making larger hybrid drivetrains on their own or find a partner. I looked at Teslas in 2018...EVs don't meet my needs until solid state and prolific recharge in the open desert of SW USA is a reality. Even Porsche expanded their hybrid tech to the flagship, and Kia is all about aping Porsche, perhaps we'll see a T-hybrid in the Genesis lineup???? I always wondered when using a battery to pre-spin a turbocharger would actually work. In general tho, I find the Genesis design language to be quite awful, but I also think the Cayenne is a thing of magnificent beauty...so that balances out I guess. The focus on luxury over performance is where I think they go wrong...but again, Porsche...so I guess my lenses are quite tinted.
  • Slavuta So, Trump was hyperbolic... big deal.
  • Slavuta The question was, "does it make sense for Elon...?" I don't know why people jumped into conclusions in this comment section. My answer is this - if he does it, it makes sense to him. He knows better than any of us here. May be with his donations he can become an ambassador to an important state or secretary of energy, or chief of NASA. This is how America works. Donate $1m - ambassador to Poland, $3m - japan, $5M - Germany, etc. $20,000 could buy you Kenya or something
  • CanadaCraig We should be able to give comments a 'dislike' or 'thumbs down'. We're not 6 years old. I'm sure we cope if someone doesn't 'like' our comment.
  • Dartdude He knows that a Trump economy is a great opportunity to sell more cars (EV,ICE). Compare both terms and Trumps is the winner by a long shot.