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Play it again, Holden. (

Oh, the sad saga of the Pontaic G8. GM finally built a vehicle worthy of Pontiac’s sporty pretensions, only to can the whole brand months later, leaving the G8 orphaned. Which was crummy for enthusiasts, but ultimately a good thing for GM’s business as G8s were assembled in Australia and shipped over to the US, bleeding profit margin all the way. Then came news that a G8-alike would be built in North America, but would only be marketed to police fleet buyers as a Caprice. “Insult to injury!” shrieked the slighted fans of V8 RWD sedans. What they didn’t realize was that GM was still in injury mode. For the real insult, we turn now to the [via Jalopnik], which reports that consumers can still buy new Pontiac G8s. In Australia. Sort of.

According to CP:

Holden introduced a special edition of its high performance SS-V sedan, which came with the twin-vent bonnet and sportier front bumper and grille used on the now defunct Pontiac G8 export program…

Holden introduced the special models in November 2009 when it gave the SS-V sedan, wagon and ute the Pontiac styling treatment, in a bid to clear some parts from the axed Pontiac export program.

But the limited run of Commodores has proved so popular that Holden has decided to continue building them indefinitely, according to a recent briefing to dealers.

The Carsales Network understands that customers will have the choice of the regular SS-V look, or the Pontiac look — but the Pontiac look will still attract a $1000 price premium…. Even though the limited edition SS-V models did not wear Pontiac badges, some dealers have begun ordering the Pontiac and G8 ‘jewelry’ for customers.

Sigh. Are there that many Pontiac grilles and bumpers sitting around at the Holden plants, or did a parts-clearing operation morph into yet another way for Holden to package the Zeta platform?

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16 Comments on “The Pontiac G8 Lives (In Australia)...”

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    Wait, Australian’s are willing to pay more to have a Holden look like a defunct American brand famous for bland modern designs???
    Irony, thy name is Pontiac.

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      Greg Locock

      Isn’t the point more likely taht they’ll pay $1000 to have acar that doesn’t look like every other repmobile on the road? Even if it spoils what is actually quite a pretty car, at least it is different looking.

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    Pontaic G8?
    Are there that many Pontiac grilles and bumpers sitting around at the Holden plants, or did a parts-clearing operation morph into yet another way for Holden to package the Zeta platform?
    Since the cars were manufactured there… I guess they can still make the parts.

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    I’m more upset by the fleet-only Caprice than this.
    At least the G8 ST (almost) exists now.  I’m glad the Australians like the look.

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    Replacing Holden badging with Chevrolet bowties has been very popular in Australia since Holden adopted the LS1 engine, possibly longer.  So much so that Holden offers them to owners through dealerships, the same badging they stick on their cars for the Middle East and other markets.  When I was in Sydney I saw plenty of Holdens running around with “Chev badging”.  It looked good too, better than the Chevys we get here.

    A few years ago Holden also started offering Pontiac badging through dealers as well.  Now they’re offering the whole Pontiac look straight from the factory.  I am a regular on a Holden forum and the look is well, controversial but apparently they are selling to people who really want to be unique.  Not any different than people who go through the trouble of buying all the Holden body parts and putting them on their GTOs and G8s here. 

    Still, I would have loved to have an LS3 Pontiac G8 Sportwagon.  I really wish Pontiac woudl have survived long enough to complete the G8 trifecta they had planned.  And maybe even add that Coupe 60 concept too. 

    It’s a shame.

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    Did you hear Holden is going to come out with a car that is a bit cantankerous, drives nicely when it wants, but not early in the morning, and smokes? they’re going to call it the Holden Caulfield.

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    Well, at least they got the ramp in the right place.
    The G8 is headed down (under).

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    Is it just me, or have we “exported” so much auto Americana (large, powerful RWD cars) that we don’t have any left?  Pitiful.

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    @ reclusive: It’s just you.
    Just kidding!!!

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    What could and should have been:

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    I don’t think I’ll ever accept how building the Zeta-Camaro and fleet-only Caprice PPV makes good business sense, but building a Zeta sedan in North America for Chevy, Buick, or Cadillac is financial suicide.
    Or, how 20MPG EpsilonII cars are fine for the stricter future CAFE standards, but a 20MPG Zeta sedan absolutely can’t exist with the new standards.

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    Dr. Nguyen Van Falk

    Why won’t Cadillac use a buffed up zeta for their flagship?  The G8 (Commodore) can already throw down with a BWM 5 series.  Throw in a detuned and refined Z06 motor and some sharp angled skin and you have a Caddy that has a chance.
    And give it a name for god’s sake.  Not some spoonful of alphabits cereal.  Name the thing.

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    Why doesn’t GM take the current Pontiac G8, stick a Chevy logo on it and call it an Impala. While they’re at it, they can throw in the Camaro’s V6. The Impala NEEDS to be updated.
    A Wagon version would be nice.
    A Caprice variant would be interesting too.

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    @Dr. Nguyen Van Falk
    holden has already made this car it was essentially a commodore with a zo6 engine. it also had a flashy body kit active suspension and a few other new parts. unfortunately they only made 427 of them and they have all been sold.

    and just to disappoint you they named it the w427

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