Ram Is Dodge After All. Except When It Isn't.

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
ram is dodge after all except when it isn t

Does it seem like we were just discussing Chrysler’s brand confusion? Somehow the situation has gotten worse. Just as Chrysler dealers are starting to get their new Ram brand signage up, Ram CEO Fred Diaz Jr had to go and confuse everyone all over again about just what Ram means.

They’re still going to be saying they drive a Dodge Ram. We’re just going to be marketing it as a Ram without ‘Dodge’ in front. Once you explain to the consumer what you’re doing and why, they get it

Or not. Whatever. Ram trucks will continue to have Dodge VINs and will carry references to Dodge “somewhere” Diaz tells Automotive News [sub]. But don’t worry. According to Diaz, the Chrysler Group is “devising a plan that will give compelling missions for each brand.” You know, just in case things are still a little confusing.

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  • Timd38 Timd38 on Jan 18, 2010

    By using the Ram brand they can sell it to Nissan and Nissan will have a Ram pickup....

  • Pgcooldad Pgcooldad on Jan 18, 2010

    I suspect Mr Diaz will be pursuing other interests very soon.

  • Stingray Stingray on Jan 19, 2010
    Ram trucks will continue to have Dodge VINs and will carry references to Dodge “somewhere” Then they're still Dodges marketed as something else. They would have to get new VIN WMIs and register the VDS at SAE or DOT (don't know exactly who's responsible for that over there). Also registering brand etc..., which means costs and expenses I'm sure they can't take at this moment.

  • Cdotson Cdotson on Jan 19, 2010

    I see the confusion becoming a bigger headache in the future: 1) When registering a vehicle at the DMV (more of a concern for secondhand purchasers) is the Make/Model to be filled out as Dodge/Ram 1500 or as RAM/1500? Is either correct, and if so could it cause issues with tax valuation or even law enforcement problems? 2) When buying parts online, will the Ram be under Dodge, Dodge Trucks (as it often has been), or just Ram? Inquiring minds want to know.