By on December 4, 2009

Photoshop? What's that?

Can you tell Alfa-Romeo had to change the name of its 147-replacing Giulietta at the last minute? And yes, this is an official image.

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20 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Hasty Name Change Edition...”

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    Nothing wrong with this pictures: it is a beautiful car with a nice girl name. Contain yourself, sailors.

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    Didn’t we do this story about a week ago?

    But yeah, you could name it CamaroChevelleSuburban and I’d still buy it. 

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    I for one am thrilled to see Alfa use “Giulietta” again – a melodious, wonderfully traditional name for a very beautiful car. Now if I could please have one.

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    No handle on the back door?

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    It’s evident only near the “G”. It’s mostly seamless.

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    That’s a pretty blatant chop.

    Great looking car, though.  I’d be all over it.

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    Wow, it might be the first ugly Alfa in (at least recent) history … looks like a Lancia humped the last generation of Alfa…

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    Usually I’m not into weird, but it is, after all, an Italian car, and it is, after all, an Alfa.   I’d almost be tempted…

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    Who cares for the name. It’s an Alfa, it’s a small-medium compact, it has great engines, a great ride, makes a great sound…Ummm could be called the Alfa Romeo Sebring, and I’d still dream of having one!

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      Sebring is a hallowed name in the world of sports car racing.  The fact that a nauseating Chrysler product sullies its storied name is no reason an Alfa (more likely an Audi, Porsche, or Puegeot) should not take its name and wear it with pride.

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      Right you are Mr. Mpresley! I beg your apologies. Guess I was thinking more of the car than of the track.

      I do stand corrected.

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    The only thing wrong with this picture is the same thing wrong with any MiTo picture.   I can’t buy one.  If someone would make it possible to (legally) buy, register and insure one of these in Texas, I’d buy one right now, today.  It’s a shame.  But, I’ve been pining for a MiTo already, so this isn’t really something i’m not used to dealing with on a daily basis.

    There’s not much in the NA market at this point in time that I have much interest in, but I’d pay for this.  I need a gray market car dealer, or Fiat to just start throwing these on some boats and dragging them over.  2011 Mito QV please.  Can I preorder?

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    The nameplate looks like a bad Photoshop job.

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      Exactly.  If that was done in-house, someone should be fired.  This is an important new product and to have something less than pixel perfect looks like a GM product release.

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    Would someone with Photoshop skills please graft a Brera front end on this otherwise nice-looking car?  I think such a combo would make BMW reconsider its next 3-series.

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    Alfa has a fine tradition of offering up an ugly sedan every few years.  The 1750 Berlina, and most recently the Milano/75.    The new Giulietta breaks with that tradition.  Que bella macchina!

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    I’m in a crowd of one here, I don’t like the styling at all in fact I think it’s downright fugly. Especially the front end, it just looks weird to me. This may sell as a niche market vehicle if imported but IMO the styling will stop it dead in its tracks from any semi mainstream sales.

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    It’s an Alfa – styling can be, umm, controversial.

    I like it, but I don’t think anyone could reasonably argue with someone who hates it. Styling is always subjective…

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