By on September 13, 2009

Eagle-eyed TTAC commentator CommanderFish saw this placeholder for a possible Caliber sedan on a Dodgy website. Heaven forfend?

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21 Comments on “Dodge Caliber Sedan?...”

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    Isn’t it just a simple misstake? They label the Caliber as a “Sedan”? You gotta call it something…

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    spare us

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    The 2010 facelift has already been previewed, so I doubt that the body style is going to change much from what it is now.

    My guess is that they’re going to call it a “sedan” in the hopes that the rest of us won’t call it a “wagon.” Since Wagon = Kiss O’ Death in the minds of the American public, the way to fix it is to, uh, call it something else. Many websites already refer to it as a wagon, and that can’t be a good thing in the minds of management.

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    Chrysler is still in business? Who knew.

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    You see, gentlemen, this is a unique page from this:

    That’s the Caliber we all know (and most hate), but hey, it has new wheels! :P

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    If this is indeed not a mistake, I guess we’ve come full circle.

    Rambler used to simply graft a roof extension onto sedans to make a wagon, and not very subtly, at that. It would be ironic to see the opposite.

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    I’d look better than the Sebring, no matter what.

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    Sajeev, I still think you would look better than a Sebring no matter what, as well. :P

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    It’s not April the 1st.

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    even talk of calibers can cause a strange warp in the space-time continuum.


    A Sebring is a diamond compared to a caliber. I mean, a sebring is pretty inoffensive looking, no matter how badly it may drive (I’ve never had the displeasure). The site of a caliber makes me fear for our collective future. It’s just wrong. If the profile of a caliber were actually a bridge over a small stream that was constructed in, say, around 1809 BC, it would look ok. But as a car, it is truly an abomination.

    And in case you were seeking reassurance about your appearance relative to a Sebring, rather than–as I have guessed–saying that a caliber would look better than a sebring–rest assured, you look way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way… … … better than a caliber, no matter what. and if it’s true that you do look better than a sebring, and I am prepared to put a couple of dollars on that bet, then add a few more “ways” to your appearance relative to that of a caliber.

    Oh, god, the Trabant and the B9 Tribeca are both a thing of beauty compared to the caliber.

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    I think any mention of the caliber should be banned from this website.

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    @David Holzman
    I agree that the Sebring isn’t horrible, and I have about 200 miles behind the wheel of one as a rental.

    It would have been a perfectly good mid-size sedan in 1992, but it was a major mistake for a company that needed a triple, if not a home run, to stay out of bankruptcy.

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    Wow David Holzman, besides taking beautiful pictures and giving interedting commentary, you are downright funny!! An old economist is looking down somewhere and smiling! :$)

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    Oops, sorry for the double post, and btw, RF: Whatever happened to the button at the bottom of the comment box?

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    Despite the blogcommentariati, I wouldn’t mind Caliber, and certainly prefer it to Sebring. The biggest problem with the Caliber is its enormous keyfob. If Chrysler did something about it, it would be a pretty decent car.

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    There is already a Caliber sedan.

    It’s called the Mitsubishi Lancer.

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    I’d look better than the Sebring, no matter what.

    A Pontiac Aztec Sedan would look better than a Sebring!

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    Thanks! The economist looking down is probably my late father, Frank Holzman, who was one of the premier experts on the Soviet economy. I think the first car he ever drove was an army Jeep, while in Ukraine during WWII, under the tutelage of someone who’d been a race car driver, and scared the piss out of him by getting the thing on two wheels on corners, and saying, “the trouble with these jeeps is you can get them up on two wheels, but you’re never sure they’re going to come back down.” The first car he ever drove across the country was a 1950 Studebaker. Somehow or other, he managed to drive that thing from Denver to the WAshington State border in a day on what was probably the first of those trips, a distance of around 1,000 miles according to Mapquest. He had wanted to get to Seattle that day, which was an additional 250-300 miles, I think, but when the guy at the diner told him that the roads were not all that great, he started shaking like an aspen, and got a room for the night.

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    OH NO! i think i just threw up a little bit in my mouth =X

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    “Sassy?” What year is this?

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    The closest thing to the Caliber is the Matrix/Vibe, and they are also styled to give you the mini-sport utility look. Most vehicles in this class are intended to invoke images of “utility” more than “sport,” and I think the look works for this purpose. Wish the rest of the car did.

    I don’t expect a Jeep CJ to look like a sports car, so I wouldn’t expect the Caliber to look like your typical sports car either. If the Caliber’s functionality and mechanicals matched the ruggedness of the look, we would probably not be having this conversation. In the end, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Improve the mechanicals, lower the price a bit and improve the fuel mileage and those of us who can’t afford an Outback would probably buy it.

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