By on August 27, 2009

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19 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: eBay I Feel Fine Edition...”

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    Wow… 11,707 cars for sale… and not one Camaro. Not that it matters, all of the listings are overpriced at their Buy It Now price.

    I also like how 1 eBayer with 0 feedback himself left 3 positive remarks. Nice.

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    Obviously there is a perception gap in relation to feedback …

    “Bait and switch”
    “Dealer refused to sell for advertised price.”

    New GM is finding new ways to mistreat customers.

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    Did Mr Goodwrench go with the New GM? Or did they leave his ass in BK court? What a joke.

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    Richard Chen

    Link to inventory ->

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    Neither of the buyers who left negatives appear to be cranky problem eBayers. They have 100% positive records themselves and appear to play well with other sellers. So something is definitely wrong with this picture on the GM dealer end. Especially the deal for that C4500 truck. Good lord, it’s a 2008 model; you would think the dealer would be tickled pink to be able to unload that monstrosity for only a few grand under MSRP before rebate.

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    new caledonia

    Sold eight whole cars last month, did we? And two of the buyers weren’t happy?


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    3 of the 6 positive feedbacks for yourgmdealer come from a buyer (661henryglen) who has NO feedback of his own. He (661henryglen) bought $56,000 worth of new cars on Aug 20th and 21st. He just joined eBay on June 3rd 2009. “yourgmdealer” has been a member of eBay since Dec-31-07 with just 8 transactions, all in the last few days.

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    How IS feedback percentage calculated? According to the number of positive v. negative feedback, it should read 75% positive, not 66.7%

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    Well, good luck with that. I never buy from anyone with less than 99% positive (mine’s 100%).

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    Dangerous Dave


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    I think eBay only counts positive feedback from unique bidders. So the sucker who bought three cars and left positive feedback x3 would only count once.

    This post should have been titled “New GM Death Watch #1.” I can just see Robert Farago licking his lips… Should we start a betting pool on what yourgmdealer’s feedback rating will be when New GM files Chapter 7?

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    It seems to be amazing that all of us who read this page recognize the bone head moves made by the new GM ahead of time, and yet no one at GM knows.

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    GM and eBay………..

    One lies. The other swears to it.

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    I don’t think these people understand how ebay works. If you click on “Buy It Now” or “Make an Offer” you are making an offer to purchase the vehicle at a specified price. Although the selling dealer may confirm that the price is acceptable online, there is no binding agreement to sell you the vehicle until you and the dealer reach final agreement on satisfactory payment arrangements for the vehicle and for delivery. Each dealer may have its own payment terms applicable to the sale of the vehicle. The dealer should contact you if your price is accepted to make these, and potentially other, arrangements. If the dealer does not contact you, GM will follow up with you and facilitate that contact, but you should feel free to contact the dealer yourself to make these arrangements.

    Get it?

    To GM “Buy It Now” is just “making an offer”.

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    Comedian – that’s hilarious!! GM Is missing the best part of buying on Ebay, which is to avoid dealing with people in the first place. If I still have to sleaze it out with a dealer, then why bother?

    Plus you KNOW the dealer is going to be all over your Email and phone for 4 weeks afterwards once you’ve expressed interest.

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    I just want to beat my head against my desk.

    Again, more tales of egregious dealer practices overwhelms and destroys any chance for this alternative method of buying a car to succeed.

    When will GM and their dealers ever realize that this is the single largest hurdle they have to overcome? GM could still get away with making substandard cars if the dealers were prepared to offer much better service and warranty work. GM could probably still be able to earn higher transaction prices if customers had faith in their dealers to actually look after them. But no, once again unscrupulous dealers take any possibility of reforming the dealer image by staying with questionable business practices and unethical behaviour. GM dealers seem to constantly do everything in their power to erode whatever goodwill is generated in the purchase of a new car. GM dealers have alienated an entire generation that now looks to Tokyo and Seoul for their car buying experience.

    I have stood on this soapbox over at Fastlane several times reiterating this point over and over again, but GM doesn’t get it, or ever worse doesn’t seem to care. A few platitudes are thrown out, or GM executives just totally sidestep the hard questions. Nobody takes responsibility for this at GM. Nobody.

    It’s a problem that exists in more than just a perception gap. Visit forums online, whether brand specific or just autos in general and you see the same issues constantly being complained about, to wit, poor sales, service and warranty work at GM dealers, seemingly much worse than the average. I know every other car company has bad dealers, but GM is by far and away the worst.

    The E-Bay experiment just proves that New GM has no interest in distancing themselves from Old GM.


    Rant over.

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    70 Chevelle SS454

    Gotta say, their interpretation of “Buy it now” leaves a bit to be desired. That kind of garbage only works in a windowless finance room, no wonder they have negatives.

    Yeah, I dropped a dime on them to eBay for violation of listing rules. How much you wanna bet the gentlemen who thought up that interpretation of “Buy it now” are paying ebay their cut of the extra charges to the customer? Can you say “invitation to purchase outside ebay” and “nonpayment of listing fees”?

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    Yeah, the feedback is even worse than it seems because “661henryglen” appears to be spamming positive feedback.

    In some cases the feedback was left within minutes of the auction ending.

    GM’s actual feedback is closer to 50%, and hopefully they will be banned soon.

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    Has anyone noticed: Both the positive feedback percentage and the positive tally equals the “mark of the beast?”

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