What's Wrong With This Picture: Can I Get an Amen Edition

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

The Autoblog fantasy living room keeps on growing fuller (and tackier) by the day. And while we may pine for the occasional item from our growing list, most of the time we’re thankful our significant others (or our own sense of good taste combined with our blogger’s budgets) keep us from going overboard.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Theshib Theshib on Aug 28, 2009

    But do the headlights work?

  • Tosh Tosh on Aug 28, 2009

    Get these while you can: Carroll Shelby will have their ass in court by next week.

  • 50merc 50merc on Aug 28, 2009

    Tosh, the website for Statue Decor says nothing about them licensing designs, etc., but I'm pretty sure they've paid fees to Shelby or Ford or both. But get this: their description of the item says: "Just imagine having a copy of that favorite blue Cobra convertible car sitting in your living room. This Chevy features the front grill, headlights and cobra emblem with a glass shelf." A Chevy Cobra? Chevy? I thought it was bad enough to call a Cobra a "convertible car."

  • Tosh Tosh on Aug 29, 2009

    Whew! Then I can wait until Sep for a good deal when the new models come out?