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The Truth About Cars has come a long way since it had zero readers and zero page views. In the last however many years, we’ve gradually gathered a group of the autoblogosphere’s best and brightest. It is your patronage and engaged, informed and passionate commentary that has kept us honest, and made this site a success. As we prepare for a seminal moment in both the history of this url and the automotive industry, I’d like to offer you some stats on our current status. Not to toot our own horn; but as a thank you to all our “stakeholders.” The readers, writers, editors, investors and techies dedicated to telling the truth about cars. (Not to mention our advertisers.) Suffice it to say, those of us on this side of the WordPress platform will continue to do our level best to stay true to the TTAC brand: providing no-holds-barred automotive news, rants and reviews. [Tweeting all the way.] At the risk of sounding ghoulish, the best is yet to come. 

Source: Google Analytics 5/27/09

Number of Visitors per month: 624,492

Visits per month: 1,113,719

Page Views per month: 2,560,282

Avg. Time on Site: 3:36

Traffic from Search Engines: 53.60%

Direct Traffic: 30.56%

Referring Sites: 15.69%

Source: WordPress

Posts (not including this one): 9,792

No. of subscribers: 12,172

No. of comments: 251,869

No. of deleted spam comments: 43,373

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22 Comments on “Some TTAC Stats...”

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    Wow, 43,373 spam comments deleted? That’s crazy! I like Spam. Fried with a little mustard, that’s good stuff! Please don’t delete my spam comment.

    That said, awesome. I enjoy TTAC tremendously.

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    I’m just a reader and a very occasional commenter, and this is by far THE best Automotive Site, Period. Been around since 2005. Keep it up, guys!

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    As an ex-GM employee (and the son of a GM retiree) who had the “company line” rammed up our digestive tracts for years, let me say how refreshing it is to hear the truth about how dysfunctional the management of these big corporations realy are. The stories told here are way overdue to be heard.

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    Aloysius Vampa

    That is certainly a lot of spam comments.

    I’ve been reading TTAC since it started, and I keep coming back. Keep it up!

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    Average Time on Site: 3:36 ???!!!!!

    Three minutes and thirty-six seconds seems impossibly low. Three hours and thirty-six minutes is more believable.

    Hey RF: nice stats! Keep up the good work.

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    Kevin Kluttz

    The fact that you used “Inside My Yahoo!” to market yourselves had to help too! That’s how I found the site. And damned glad I did!!! People still out there buying GM and Chrysler, and we saw their bankruptcies comin’ round the mountain about a year and a half ago!!!

    I would also like to throw a random THANK YOU!!! out there to Mr. Karesh for the True Delta site. I’m a participant, and it has been intriguing to see how it mirrors Consumer Reports; no fluff, just the facts, and that’s what we need!!! (Sorry, GM & Chrysler. It’s all there in black & white!!!)

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    found the site via:
    Michael Karesh (sp?)…

    he’d been posting all over, always linking to true-delta, which linked back to here…

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    Posts: 9,792

    Revised Total Posts: 9,792 – 4 recently deeply mis-guided editorials Perez Hilton would have puked at) = 9,788. (I can’t believe you actually counted those :)

    …Other than those 4 baruthian trainwrecks….a most awesome job!!!!!

    Keep up the terrific work!!!!

    (I agree w/MgoBLUE … 3 1/2 hours is more like it)

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    Congrats, TTAC! I always had an interest in things automotive (but far from a gear head). Finding this site (via Instapundit, thanks, Glen!) was like coming home. Keep up the good work as the business enters a critical phase.

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    Bravo! It’s also GREAT to be able to comment here. I am so relieved that it is policy to delete spam. This is a very enjoyable site, reminds me of the first years of Automobile Mag. A paradigm shifter.


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    Regarding “the best is yet to come”, when is friggin’ GM gonna officially declare bankruptcy? Seems like they’re waiting to do it at the last possible moment.

    And the 3:36 thing has to be 3 hours and 36 minutes. I don’t see how anyone could only spend 3 minutes unless they had an annoying boss always looking over their shoulder.

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    Any browser statistics? :)

    And thanks to all the writes. TTAC is a very informative site.

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    You should be able to get yourself hired as a talking head for some of the news cable news programs. That should help boost your numbers too. Set up a video set at home so they can plug you in when it is time to go live.

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    I know my time on site is more like 3 hours a day, constantly hitting refresh to read the latest “truth”. I’ve been here so long I forgot how I found the place.

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    Love TTAC! i think my average time is more like 10-15 mins everytime i check it though, the car reviews are my favorite part cause the reviews have personality

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    You know what would be great? An easy way for people to browse the (non-review) archives of the site, and for/backward navigation at the top of the page. Other than those this place is golden.

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    Congratulations, you guys do a great job.

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    For stating the truth, we got called a pack of haters; when in truth we wanted them to pull it out of the fire before it was too late. It took Robert & Co to set up a site and say out loud what we all knew.

    Well done.

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    I think that the most telling numbers are the direct traffic and no. of subscribers. It shows how many of us come to this site regularly, and that this is not just some site for random (and usually meaningless) car ratings.

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    Love the site! Checking out TTAC is one of my daily rituals. It keeps me informed about many things automotive.

    Thanks for what you do.

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    I frequently Googled onto the site, but now read it as standard fare. I think it’s great. The quality of the comments is high too which deserves special mention.

    I’m in Canada and love that folks posting here come from all over the place, are well spoken and have a damn good sense of humour too. Here’s hoping that we see more voices from up and coming economies like India as well because we’re living through an incredible global disruption of the industry as we know it.

    and I hate Spam and Trolls…

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    I agree on the comments. This is one of the ONLY blogs I read the comments on, and I read 90%+ of them here.

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