By on July 3, 2015

What would Hunter say? (courtesy’s time to shut it down. Go home. Pack it in. It’s time to wrestle up the family, pets and vacation implements, hit the open road and leave the Internet behind for a few days.

Since a number of commenters and writers wished myself (along with Tim and Brendan) a Happy Canada Day earlier this week, I wish all our American readers the best this 239th Day of Independence. (Eds Note: Only a Canadian would say “Day of Independence.” — Aaron)

Those of you stuck at your desks for the rest of the day, consider this comment thread all yours. I’ll be enjoying the most American-Canadian car possible – a Charger – and enjoying a little bit of what I haven’t been able to do much of since joining TTAC: actual driving.

We will have a trickle of content over the weekend before normal service resumes Monday.

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20 Comments on “TTAC Open Forum: Go Celebrate Some Independence. We Are....”

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    Yup, that’s the reason we came home; to celebrate the 4th at home.

    Have a happy fourth, yawl.

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    Happy 4th everyone! And down with the British!

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      If you enjoy driving miles, not kilometers, drinking pints, not liters and grilling steak by the pound – thank the British !

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      Without British there would be no July 4th to celebrate. And without July 4th British Empire would cease to exist in 1950s. Now it is a virtual empire by different name which soon will transform into a new reality. I can assure you that when AI will be finally created it will speak and think in some form of English, like Java or C++. It will officially declare all other languages obsolete (well, used only by humans in their road to extinction ahem communism).

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    Burn cheap gas, ya all!

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      I’m hoping to do just that. It’s a very pretty drive on the back roads from Boston to Albany, NY, where my best friend lives.

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        Thats definitely a beautiful drive. I took my Leaf to Vermont this week and have been exploring the Green Mountain State with it. Lots of new chademo chargers in VT make it easy. Having the latest iteration of the Leaf battery doesn’t hurt. This wouldn’t have been as easy in an early model leaf – especially since I have almost 15k on the odometer and probably have gone through almost 80 quick charges according to the cars telemetry. Dont know what nissan did to improve the battery chemestry, but im not complaining.

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    Most people’s 4th of July will be spent glued to their Facebook profiles denouncing or defending gay marriage, arguing about police brutality, arguing about racism, arguing about gun control, arguing about illegal immigration, or making negative comments about Donald Trump while he sits back and counts his money.

    Facebook has unmasked a silent Civil War between us.

    This war will be fought with memes and LIKES…initially.

    I can’t see the future, but society has become so ridiculously predictable that I can predict it.

    There’s gonna be a RECORD NUMBER OF LAWSUITS filed in the coming years.

    Churches, Bakeries and Wedding Dress makers beware.

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      Speaking of predicting, I’m wondering how much it will take the general public to start fighting for allegedly the most pressing issue of current times and the most important of basic human rights, their new holy cause: the legalization of marijuana. I give it a few weeks, tops.

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    I’m spending my Fourth (or rather, my Third) the only way I can: by watching my Sounders lay the smackdown on D.C. United at CenturyLink! And by playing some ponies online, too.

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    Land Ark

    I had my GTO up on jack stands chasing a rear end noise when I noticed that when in neutral (it’s an automatic – sorry), the drive shaft and rear wheels still spin up to about 4-5mph. Is this something I’ve just never noticed before or something I should be concerned about?

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      Normal. Neutral takes the transmission out of gear, but there’s nothing holding the various components still; in park you have the parking pawl to keep things from moving around.

      The engine idling produces enough fluid flow through the torque converter to let the transmission “freewheel” if you will, but without any gears engaged, it can’t generate any significant force-which is why the car won’t move if you put it in neutral on level ground with the engine idling.

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    I cleared the airbag light in my stepdaughter’s 96 Civic this morning so it will hopefully pass inspection (long story)

    Then Karen and I hit the road. My prediction the other day wasn’t far off. We counted 5 cars pulled over by the PoPo between Suffolk and Lawrenceville, when I expected at least 6. “State of Virginia appreciates your donation, have a great holiday.”

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      Fixed the problem or fixed the light? ;-)

      No joke about VA though. Yesterday I saw a marked police transport van doing a traffic stop on 395. If it rolls, it’s out there.

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    And tomorrow morning is the start of Le Tour de France! Once we catch the first stage time trial, it’ll be grab the Harley and roll down some asphalt.

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    I am going to rent a large white convertible, pour ether on the dash, buy several grapefruit, fully arm myself and drive to Las Vegas. Avoiding the bats…with my faithful attorney.

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    I like to call it Independence Day.

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    I spent Canada Day and July 4 in Nevada and California driving the highways and seeing the sights. Our trusted steed was an excellent rental 2015 Nissan Altima. Wow what excellent seats and 40 mpg (!) That CVT is really good. I was pleasantly surprised. No need to drive a compact car with that kind of mileage and comfort. The ac had no trouble coping with the 116F Las Vegas heat or running full blast while we were stuck in rush hour traffic in LA.

    US has such an incredible highway system. I take every opportunity to head south of the border – we are only an hour from the border here in the west end of the Greater Toronto Area.

    We have celebrated each of the last 10 fourth of Julys touring one of the big US cities and learning the highways and by ways. Only 40 more states to go….

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