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And here they are: the final group of TTAC logos submitted by our Best and Brightest for our mutual consideration. The contest, such as it is, is now closed. The next step: we’ll choose our top ten and put them to a popular vote. Although we reserve the right to overturn democracy, the chances are excellent we won’t. There are a number of entries that are significantly better than what we have now. Which is nothing, but you know what I mean. After the selection process, we’ll offer readers the chance to buy the logo from car tatts. We’ll also put together some unique merchandise, like a branded rescue knife. Meanwhile, once again, I thank everyone who sent us a logo. I appreciate your time, dedication and passion.  [NB: Please click on images twice to defeat the WordPress compression algorithm method.]

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15 Comments on “TTAC Logo Submissions Pt. 6...”

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    I hate to say this, but I think you need to reopen the competition. 3 & 4 are the only ones that even look professional, IMHO

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    Have you seen ALL the submissions? Click on “News” then select “Logo contest” from the drop-down menu.

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    The sum of the efforts invested is beyond significant.

    Is that a chainsaw?

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    tesla deathwatcher

    I looked at these and all the prior entries, and I’m impressed.

    I was once in charge of getting a logo done for a startup company I worked for. We spent a lot of money and an embarassingly big amount of management time to find a winner to replace the logo we started with, that was designed by the founder’s wife.

    After months of arguing and battles, we stayed with what we had. Turned out it didn’t matter, the company only lasted another year anyway. But that stupid logo got more management attention than did our revenue numbers, believe it or not.

    By the way, what is entry number 2? A car key? Or some other part that I should recognize but don’t?

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    No on the Escalade. Heck, it’s not even a car.

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    Holzman: the Escalade is showing how it’d look as a big sticker on the window.

    There are a number of entries that are significantly better than what we have now. Which is nothing, but you know what I mean.

    I don’t know what you mean! Please elaborate RF, preferably not as cryptically, if you could.

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    I like the idea of the license plates, but I’m wondering why the styles shown are ten or fifteen years old.

    Hmmm, probably because most every state’s current plates are all graphics that don’t lend themselves well to a small format.

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    I now understand what I quoted above.

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    Ed S.


    While I applaud the efforts of the contributors I do not believe the right logo for TTAC has yet been submitted. Logos are just one part of a larger branding effort. I can understand if you are hesitant to develop a complete brand identify, however without one a logo will not carry the weight and meaning it is designed to achieve. This is partially why the logos submitted to far fall flat.

    Also, the primary problem with non-creatives designing a logo is that today’s logos are so much more then a simple wordform. Spend a few minutes on Brand New and you’ll see that logos are serious business. Graphics, color, font choice must be finessed to within an inch of the designer’s sanity before they are final.

    On the other hand, the problem with creatives designing a logo for an automotive website is that they might not be able to translate the message you want to send to your core audience. That’s part of what makes logo design an art and not science.

    My recommendation would be to have the BB community reach out to their graphic designer friends…I just don;t think a clear, coherent and modern logo can come without some experience in the field.

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    Re: comment above

    I think it’s most certain that more than one good logo has been submitted, and I think it’s wrong to assume no members of the audience are skilled designers.

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    I like the key, #2. Your site is like a key to some of the best knowledge of the auto industry.

    The idea of a license plate is alright, if a little cliche, but none of these are quite there.

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    Not particularly in this order but the top contenders,

    #2 I have seen the key thing done, just need to shadow highlight the text a bit more and add a bit of color to give it some appeal.

    #4 Nice concept using emblem lettering on a painted backdrop. That has merit and a refined version may take on a somewhat elliptical or oval in shape. One may think that could be a giant cannabis plant on the left in the reflection.

    #8 Very eighties, early nineties but the color is catching and has an appeal to it with the shading and phat phonts, almost asking to be registered.

    #9 is interesting but long term, to everyday, though it has its iconic charm.

    #3 is too gone in 60 seconds, but it only took 5 seconds to see that.

    I am thinking #6 could supplement #4 as a logo that is used in an obscure manner like um, let me get back to ya on that one.

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    well since I do not have permission to edit my own comment, one other thing, #4 could have any number of reflections in the background. Have your people call my people and we can set up a video conference to dissect the brand.

    Logos do go through a metamorphoses during their lifetime, lets get on base since this is your first time up and WTH, a logo is one you can identify when it cannot be read, when its blurry, discolored ect.

    A shape that holds inside, a simple design that is easily identifiable. There’s a couple in that grouping, just need some tweaking.

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    I’m definitely voting for #3. The black and red colors go well with the current website. The font really looks sharp and fits the automotive mentality and the gauge icon really speaks to me as a car guy.

    I also like how they put it on the escalade as a sticker so we could see it in context.

    good job.

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    Ed S.


    Yes, but did you click the link? I presume not, which is fine.

    Personally, I am not satisfied with even the readability of most of the entries. I think trying to integrate the words “the truth about cars” is difficult and the letters “TTAC” even more so. Also, While TTAC is an abbreviation used on the site it is not part of the “the truth about cars” brand. At least not currently.

    Sorry if this comes across as harsh or mean against those who took time to submit entries. The criticism isn’t personal, its about branding the truth about cars in the way that will attract and retain the most online visitors.

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