TTAC Logo Submissions

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ttac logo submissions

TTAC’s Best and Brightest have taken-up the challenge to design a logo for the site. I’m not going to tell you which one or ones have caught my eye, but I will say this: Car Tatts has agreed to pay us a percentage of the $9.99 price for each TTAC tatt they sell. Which isn’t bad considering all we have to do is update the website 24/7 with rants, news and reviews. But the actual amount means that we’re reducing the previous, buck-a-pop offer to the winning artist (deadline next Tuesday) to fiddy cents. Again, none of these artists have agreed to anything by submitting their design, save the chance to let the B&B have a look see. Send you submissions to And please, NO FLAMING. If you don’t like a particular design, hate the sin, not the sinner. And help us identify the winner. [NB: some of the designs get squeeshed in the gallery. Please click on them twice to see the art in its proper aspect ratio. Or something like that.]

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  • Master Baiter Might as well light 50 $100 bills on fire.
  • Mike1041 At $300K per copy they may secure as much as 2 or 3 deposits of $1,000
  • Sgeffe Why on Earth can’t you just get the torque specs and do it yourself if you’re so-inclined?!
  • Sgeffe As was stated in another comment, the FAA nominee went down in flames. But the NTSB chairwoman certainly didn’t, and she’s certainly not qualified either!Lots of this kind of stuff going on both sides of the aisle—Ben Carson would have arguably made a better Surgeon General than HUD Secretary under Trump, for example.
  • Art Vandelay Interesting, the Polestar 2 I had as a rental utilized Android Automotive which is what GM said it is going to exclusively, yet it still offers Apple CarPlay according to this. Wonder if GM will do the same.