Logo Contest

This Is A Ford Truck

You think only China has a total disregard for intellectual property? Ford filed a trademark infringement suit on Wednesday against a foreign carmaker. The only thing this carmaker has in common with China is their love for the red color. Ford sued Ferrari for blatantly stealing the name of the world’s best selling vehicle, the F-150.

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I Know You’re Sick of This, But Indulge Me These Last, Final Logo Contenders . . .
The “contest” is now closed. A big, hearty thanks to all who put up with this process. We are now going to retreat to a secret location to choose…
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Mad Men

The logos keep coming . . .

Tell us which one(s) you do like but not the one(s) you don’t like. Thanks.

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Logo: a Shortening of Logogram From Gk. Logos "word" + Gram "what is Written."
Additional Logos Under Consideration

Two new logos and one old favorite. Remember, Sunday is the last day for willing graphic artists to submit their ideas! See the first “tranche” (French meaning) here.

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Back to the Drawing Board (So to Speak)

Due to overwhelming (negative) reaction to the choices we made for Monday’s logo poll, we are starting from scratch but this time with professional graphics designers. Several have expressed a desire to offer their services, gratis, for which we are eternally grateful and we hope to provide the winner with something. I’m thinking a permanent, prominent link on TTAC to their portfolio or business site and the glory and recognition that goes with being “Designer to TheTruthAboutCars” or somesuch. I digress.

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TTAC Logo Submissions Pt. 6
And here they are: the final group of TTAC logos submitted by our Best and Brightest for our mutual consideration. The contest, such as it is, is now closed.…
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TTAC Logo Submissions Pt. 5
It’s the last day of our redesign our non-existent logo competition, and the submissions have been anything but non-existent. TTAC’s Best and Bri…
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TTAC Logo Submissions Pt. 4

More artistry from the Best and Brightest. Our deadline is tomorrow night. Send jpegs to robert.farago@thetruthaboutcars.com.

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TTAC Logo Submissions Pt. 3
And the hits keep happening. So this is how it’ll work. Eddy and I and other TTAC writers will select our faves and then submit the finalists to you, o…
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TTAC Logo Submissions Pt. 2
Tuesday’s the deadline for this mission of mercy. Meanwhile, we’re getting the second tranche of bailout money– sorry, I mean, logo actio…
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TTAC Logo Submissions
TTAC’s Best and Brightest have taken-up the challenge to design a logo for the site. I’m not going to tell you which one or ones have caught my e…
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  • SCE to AUX The UAW may win the battle, but it will lose the war.The mfrs will never agree to job protections, and production outsourcing will match any pay increases won by the union.With most US market cars not produced by Detroit, how many people really care about this strike?
  • El scotto My iPhone gets too hot while using the wireless charging in my BMW. One more line on why someone is a dumbazz list?
  • Buickman yeah, get Ron Fellows each time I get a Vette. screw Caddy.
  • Dusterdude The Detroit 2.5 did a big disservice by paying their CEO’s so generously ( overpaying them ) It is a valid talking point for for the union ) However , the bottom line - The percentage of workers in the private sector who have a defined benefit pension plan is almost non existent - and the reason being is it’s unaffordable ! . This is a a huge sticking point as to have lower tier workers join would be prohibitive ( aside from other high price demands being requested - ie >30% wage gain request ) . Do the math - can a company afford to pay employees for 35 years , followed by funding a pension for a further 30 years ?
  • El scotto Human safety driver? Some on here need a human safety thinker.