Scion Ad Just a Little Bizarre

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz

Scion is still pushing the individualist, customized youth brand schtick. The melodramatic ad above– which one can only hope is meant in a tongue-in-cheeck tone– once again flogs the tuner car image and notion of a Scion owners’ community. There’s no question that Scion’s lineup has some character– even if the linch-pin xB was diluted beyond recognition last year. But pursuit of the Fast and the Furious set is so five years ago. A company with clever small cars, small engines, decent MPGs, practical hatchbacks, and low no-haggle MSRPs should be selling itself as just that. Or, to quote former Scion exec and current Lexus exec Brian Bolain, “If we could relaunch Scion, I wouldn’t ever have called it a youth brand, because it’s a kiss of death.” So why didn’t the ad department get the memo?

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  • Davey49 Davey49 on Sep 08, 2008

    geezers are better customers

  • SexCpotatoes SexCpotatoes on Sep 08, 2008

    I want to be different! I want to be unique! I want to be... ...just like everybody else!

  • JuniorMint JuniorMint on Sep 09, 2008

    Not to defend this ludicrous ad campaign, but I have customized the living hell out of my '05 xB...I can virtually guarantee that, with no warning or preparation, any one of my coworkers could pick my car out of a lot full of black xB's that all started out the same. There's a hell of a lot more you can do than the average fartcan. ...though, that's an ORIGINAL xB. I've only seen two Gen 2's - ever - that are modded in anyway. How Scion can continue to whore out the Gen 1 xB as the cornerstone of their ad campaign after senselessly discontinuing it is a mystery of GM-like proportions.

  • Njoneer Njoneer on Sep 10, 2008

    "Let's all be individuals together!"