Question of the Day: Which American Muscle Car For You?

question of the day which american muscle car for you

Jalopnik managed to stage the picture you see stuck in this post. It's a shot of a Shelby GT500KR, a Dodge Challenger SRT8 and a Chevy Camaro V6. That's right, all three of America's pony cars together somewhere in San Diego. Sure, some people are going to bark and holler that the big 2.8 are several years (decades?) late to the party, gas prices, global meltdown and all that. Personally, I don't care. I love RWD, V8 two-doors. Especially affordable ones.That's my story and I'm sticking to it, come hell or high water (or melted ice cap-powered tsunamis). Now, out of the three mallets in the above photo, I'm obviously taking the Shelby. The SRT8 is a fat pig and I'll pass on the V6 Camaro. But I've heard that the Challenger R/T with its six-speed is much more fun to drive, even though it's down on power. And I'm sure a Camaro with an LS3 engine and a 6-speed would be one hell of a machine. Of course, would either of the challengers to the Mustang's throne be able to come anywhere close to the mechanical perfection that is the Bullitt? I'm thinking no. You?

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  • Ronin317 Ronin317 on Aug 26, 2008

    Some great responses here, sans euro talk (on that end...I love the M3 and the RS4). But we're talking brash, ol'merican iron. For me, it's the Camaro. I love the Mustang, have since the retro re-design, but there is something about that Camaro...It almost looks like what I thought cars in the future would look like when I was a kid 20 years ago. Long, wide, low lines...just damn slick. Give me one in bright yellow with black leather, some brushed stainless rims and tasteful tint (read: just enough to block some heat), and we're in business. The, whatever. I wouldn't touch ChryCo a product this side of the Wrangler with a rusted metal pole.

  • Argentla Argentla on Aug 26, 2008

    Bullit Mustang for me, as well. The Challenger is too big and too ostentatious, and the new Camaro is just plain ugly.

  • Reclusive_in_nature Reclusive_in_nature on Aug 26, 2008

    I'm still holding on to the dream of one day owning a 1987 Buick Grand National. *sigh* One day....

  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on Aug 27, 2008

    Jonny - how can you call the Challenger a fat pick compared to the Shelby? It weighs just as much. The BEST Mustang bet out right now is the Roush - it will hand a Shelby its ass despite having 75 less hp simply due to its 600 lb lighter weight and dramatically superior suspension. Oh, and you can get one for $40,000 too.