Question Of The Day: Which Uber-Sedan Would You Buy?

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
question of the day which uber sedan would you buy

First of all, hats off to RF for both returning to car reviewing and getting it so right with his Lexus IS-F review . It’s really a world class car and one I would happily own. Even with the 8-speed paddle shifter, which, oddly, works real well on the freeway and allows the 0-60 mph in 4.2 second car to get over 20 mpg at 80 mph. That’s tall gearing for you. Long story short — LS-F equals awesome. But what about the cars it competes with. Some of you know how I feel about the Audi RS4. In a word, hot sex. I’ve been lucky enough to drive tons of killer metal and that hopped up Audi still holds a special place in my heart even if it only gets 11 mpg. But, ignoring Robert’s plea, we just can’t forget about the new BMW M3. By all accounts it’s the best car in the world. And if it isn’t, it’s in the top 5. But even with it’s 414 hp V8, the Mercedes C63 AMG eats the little Bimmer’s heart. 450 horse and 443 torques mean that the Merc can outrun just about anything. Except the Cadillac CTS-V (I said “just about”). With a totally ludicrous supercharged heart pumping out 556 hp and a rubber-roasting 551 lb-ft of twist, no car with 4-doors competes speed wise. And certainly not any under the $100,000 ceiling. But you know what? The 416 hp IS-F comes close. As does the 420 hp RS4. Oy vey. For the sake of consistency, I’ll go with the new RS4 which hasn’t been released yet. Nya-nya. You?

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  • Sabastian Sabastian on Jan 08, 2009

    Maserati Quattroporte if money is no object... If it is, however... I'd probably spend days in an Audi showroom staring at an S5 and test drive it about 7 times. Then I'd go do the same with a C63 AMG. Then I'd buy an M3.

  • Durangodoug Durangodoug on Jan 08, 2009

    Oh man, nobody wants the M5? Driving to the grocery store would be so much fun with a V10.

  • Mrb00st Mrb00st on Jan 08, 2009

    Pete Moran got my choice - the Ford AU FPV F6 Typhoon. 4.0L 24v I6, Garrett GT35 blower, 6 speeds, 300+kW, fantastic styling. I'll go with that. Or a CTS-V.

  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on Jan 08, 2009

    Driven many of the discussed cars Call me insane I like the RX-8 About as much power as I can use on my 3 mile commute to work, tons of fun for track and autocross, dirt cheap (new ones with incentives can be had for ~$21,000 after negotiation to near invoice + current rebate is $4000 cash), and functional.