TTAC's Best and Brightest Profiled

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
ttac s best and brightest profiled

A couple of months ago, we ran a survey to find out a bit about our Best and Brightest. Our opt-in survey (with all that implies) asked about how often you visit and what you do while you're here, your car buying habits, involvement in the automotive hobby and (of course) some of the usual standard demographic stuff. Needless to say, we didn't tell you how to answer it, like your friendly neighborhood dealership service department. The results are in and here they are. The PDF has numeric scores from most questions with a summary of the open-ended questions. It's given us an insight to who our customers are and how we can improve the quality of our product. And believe me… we'll look at every comment you made. Thanks to all who participated. BTW: advertisers need apply.

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  • Kevin Kevin on Jul 19, 2008

    Forget the women thing and the income thing, I was shocked at how many TTAC readers are Internet users ...

  • The Flexible Despot The Flexible Despot on Jul 19, 2008

    Gentlemen (no other salutation applies given these survey results), I'm not surprised by the gender breakdown. Most women aren't auto enthusiasts. Then you have the whole financial analysis side of the site devoted to the money problems facing car companies. My wife, for example, would be bored stiff by it...although it's fascinating to me. I've always kind of imagined the typical TTAC reader being a middle aged male, interested in cars, who probably has some old project car in the barn/garage to tinker with. Not poor, but not some hotshot hedge fund manger, either. So I'm a little surprised by how comparatively wealthy the readers seem to be. That Bentley review last week starts to make alot more sense now that I've seen this survey! Here in Bristol, TN earning in excess of 100 grand a year would make you a part of the local untitled aristocracy. They aren't the types to be resurrecting an old sports car in the garage. Then again, $100K per year won't take you nearly so far in the northeast or west coast. I'm a little surprised by how centered the readers are in the conjested northeast. For all its other charms and attractions, I wouldn't consider it a drivers' paradise. Likewise, what the Volunteer State lacks in some things, it is a good driving environment for the enthusiast with man hills and curvy roads. Life is full of tradeoffs.

  • Blankfocus Blankfocus on Jul 21, 2008

    There are actually some pretty good roads here in New England. I just wish we didn't have so many potholes in them. 100k+ wow! i knew there were a bunch of doctors, lawyers and dentists on here!

  • Tachikoma Tachikoma on Jul 21, 2008

    "I feel like the odd girl at a comic convention!" Katie, you took the words right out of my mouth.