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TTAC Commentator Diewaldo writes:

Hello Sajeev,

I didn’t know how to contact you otherwise, but I found your Sierra in Nürburg. It seems to be still in good shape. I have uploaded a photo, here is the link.

Greetings from the Eifel,


Sajeev Answers:

OMG, SON! You offered to do just that in our last installment, and you kept your promise.  Has the Internet made the world that small? The fact that USAF Captain Mike found this car in a UK Classic Car advert online, while living in God-Knows-Where (don’t ask, he’ll have to kill you) and while chatting with me on Facebook during the working hour is your first clue that our world has completely changed thanks to technology.

And my fiduciary promise via Facebook sealed the deal. Mike, his bestest UK mates, and TWO of my dearest friends (one from Somerset, another traveled all the way from Houston to see it, THEN rub it in my face)  have fondled and violated that precious bond of brown paint, Ghia trimmings and honest RWD Ford engineering in some way/shape/form…while I’ve had no interaction with my Rio Brown Beauty. Zip.

Curse you, Capt Solo!


Here’s the fun part: I’ve heard of a couple of mystery decals attached to the Sierra’s chocolate laquer, and everyone kept their mouth shut. “You will know when you open the container” is the usual response to my demands. Thanks to the Best and Brightest, mystery solved!

Now I see the “GB” decal on the Sierra’s slender hatch, and a little reminder of this ride’s dunce-cap status among real car nuts.  This ain’t a Cosworth, it’s a Ghia 5-door. It has plush velour seating, rear sunshades and is finished in Brown, for chrissakes!  Obviously this will be the butt of all jokes, in a nice way.  But who knew I’d get a proper Nürburgring decal showing how you must be a “Novice” if you roll a Sierra Ghia in Nürburg! Since he’s a good sport, Mike must be absolutely chuffed at the ribbing he gets from this car!

So yes, the Internet rocks.  Because it brings TTAC’s Best and Brightest together.  Thank you all for reading, and have a laugh or two at the remedial decal on the glass, the high resolution photo is only a click away.


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15 Comments on “TTAC Project Car: Thank YOU, Best and Brightest!...”

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    Fun stuff. Kudos to everyone involved.

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    I will always love that car’s shape, which is eerily similar to the 1985 Chrysler Lebaron GTS (mine was black):

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    She still looks lovely, and the brown makes it a perfect sleeper. My 14th (or was it 15th ?) Sierra is waiting patiently for me to finish rebuilding the 2.8 from my rustbucket Xr4i. She will also be a sleeper, with a light blue metallic color rarely seen driven by people below the age of 70. It’s a 1984 2.3 GL, with some Ghia bits, and Xr4i bumpers and will also get the twin spoiler (only to help the air flow for economy ;) ). Really looking forward to see this project :)

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    I can certainly appreciate the love of a good Euro Ford RWD chassis. I’ve been enjoying driving my ’88 Merkur Scorpio for the last 3-4 weeks or so. I fixed a minor electrical issue with a new fuel filler door switch and now the only thing that doesn’t work is the A/C. Not bad for a 23 year old German car.

    You’re really going to enjoy driving this car. Just be aware that the front end is particularly sensitive to worn bushings and tire balance/issues. There is a Merkur club (and forum) here in the US that will probably end up being particularly helpful with spare parts.

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    @Sanjeev and @Diewaldo:

    i had the honor of doing 6 laps w/Captain Solo as my co-pilot back in april of this year. on top of that, i helped him come up w/the name for his horrific gold seat sedan: princess vespa! Captain Solo is a great guy and i’m glad the deal is working out as well as it seems.

    @Diewaldo: it’s shane, from california. the tall guy from california. we met the day of the motorcycle rally. :)

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    One big happy family here at TTAC…

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