TTAC Project Car: My Substitute for Love

Sajeev Mehta
by Sajeev Mehta

It’s been a while since you’ve heard about our project car’s voyage, unfortunately not much has happened. Our man in Germany, USAF Captain Mike Solowiow, is busy saving the world…meaning our Sierra sits and waits for a shipping container to finish the journey to America.

Too bad the Sierra is no longer mobile. Because its UK road tax expired, Mike cannot legally insure it. Therefore, no more photos like the one above. That’s right, the Sierra got its Nürburgring cherry popped! In his spare time, Mike is an instructor (yes, really) at this famous road course, so he can probably get away with such actions with minimal detriment to his “car guy” credibility. So the Sierra sits and waits on a gravel parking spot at the base of the Castle Nurburg…but luckily for me, I have a plan to get him motivated to take action.

Because I have one of Mike’s babies, check out his personal Audi 4000! How did this happen?

Tony Hoffman, our mutual friend and gifted VW-Audi tech, regularly helps me out at the Houston runnings of the 24 Hours of LeMons. When I realized the extent of Tony’s Audi connections…including Capt. Mike’s friendship…I asked for a huge favor. I wanted Mike’s Audi 4000 as a LeMons Judgemobile.

Tony happily fulfilled my request.

Sure, Mike has my Ford Sierra, but I get his Audi 4000 as collateral! And while this 4000’s smooth brown cloth interior is a fair trade from the Sierra (Ghia) Chatsworth chocolate velour, my “collateral” needs a fair bit of work to be driven regularly. So, much like Mike’s German-UK predicament, I shall refrain from driving his car.

But seriously, even though this vehicle’s cosmetics aren’t there, the proof is beyond the pictures: 4000’s are such great drivers! Sure they aren’t/weren’t terribly easy/cheap to work on, they might have been even worse than any other sedan of its size, but the little Quattro has a tight feel and a sporty demeanor I wish we could see again in a production vehicle. Well, maybe the modern turbo Subies are close enough for some people…

And have a look at center stack: a minimalist flat black affair with cool lights on the differential locks? Epic win! How do you feel about Audi’s MMI system now, people?

I especially like the name tag above the HVAC controls. This solves a big problem of mine, chronically neglected in most vehicles. Now I will never forget what I am driving!

Take your time with the Sierra, Capt. Mike, I’ll keep your 4000 in the meantime. Muhahahahahaha!

Sajeev Mehta
Sajeev Mehta

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  • Diewaldo Diewaldo on Oct 18, 2011

    Is the Sierra still parking there? If I have time I might go and look for it this weekend. I actually live near the Nürburg, I can see it from my living room window. :-)

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    • Diewaldo Diewaldo on Oct 19, 2011

      @Sajeev Mehta OK!

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Oct 18, 2011

    The post title, "My Substitute For Love", reminded me of a music critic's assertion that with Beethoven's driving rhythms, crescendos and climaxes (musical orgasms), Beethoven was substituting music for love. If the comparison holds, which will be seen as your "masterpiece", the Sierra or your panther?

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  • Akear I just wish GM could produce a vehicle 80% as good as the crown.I sat in a Trax at a Chevrolet dealership this weekend and was shocked how cheap it felt. GM does not care.GM - what a disgrace!
  • Akear I like the grill treatment of all Mitsubishi products. It is an interesting and original design.
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