Ask the Best and Brightest: Is TTAC Too Negative?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ask the best and brightest is ttac too negative

Personally, I crossed the Rude-i-con a long time ago. After some soul searching, I’ve made peace with the fact that telling the truth about cars means poking our collective nose into those dusty hidden corners that are NOT on the official tour. But it’s clear that some of the more recent members of our commentariat are not willing grasp the rake that mucks. They’ve expressed their displeasure at our editorial tone. As usual, I’ve deleted comments that flame the site, or threaten to yank the thread towards introspection, rather than the subject at hand. Also as always, I’ve given them my full attention and consideration. Given the increasing number of “you’re a bunch of nasty negative fucks” remarks, I’m opening this thread for debate re: TTAC’s tone. Yes, yes, we all know there’s plenty of poisonous grist for our editorial mill. Even so, should we ease up? Are we fair but mentally unbalanced? This week, TTAC may crest 1m unique views per month (the autoblogosphere’s SAAR) for the first time in its history. But we can always do better. As Mayor Koch used to say, “How am I doin’?”

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  • Kid cassady Kid cassady on Mar 05, 2009

    It's good to see another reader mention it: please tell your review writers to give the overwrought similes a rest. Extensive simile use is too often used as a mask for a poor grasp of writing technique.

  • Caraholica Caraholica on Mar 05, 2009

    IMO, to coin a phrase you actually do 'tell the truth about cars' and those that make and sell them. It is refreshing and sometimes humorous to have someone (thankgod) to point at the alternate universe of pablum and nonsense dished up by the PR and media folks of today. This site actually has an informed basis for points of view expressed, as opposed to some of the less credible, uh, shall we say extremist, points of view. Having said that, the tone that I infer, because the written word is a pretty inexact transmission of spoken word, occasionally seems argumentative and contrarian for its own sake. Not an altogether bad thing in the balance of things of the blog, and I quite enjoy the independent spirit with which you folks approach topics. Autoblog is happy and friendly, Jalopnik is somewhat bohemian and you folks are the scrappy intellectuals of my blog world. Thanks for spicing up the blogosphere.

  • Bprobinson Bprobinson on Mar 06, 2009

    I had only been viewing this site for a short time and I'd already noticed the dearth of positive comments regarding cars you'd reviewed. Then I came upon this post. The fact that you are self-aware enough to actually ask people is proof enough. However I guess that is part of your mantra: if all you did was wax effusive it would be 'the celebration of cars' instead of TTAC

  • AlexD AlexD on May 19, 2009

    Most auto review sites and newspapers read like giant suck-ups to the manufacturers supplying the car, a full tank of gas and trips to auto shows. I come to this site and read it because of the tone, humour, and - sure - the harshness of the reviews I also enjoy reading the comment threads which is more than I can say about other Blogs. Seriously, there's some solid stuff here, don't mess it up.